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Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by FeelsBadBro, Jan 2, 2015

is this map already ok?

Poll closed Aug 2, 2015.
yes 1 vote(s) 33.3%
no 2 vote(s) 66.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Dec 27, 2014
    In the poll i mean is this a good begin :grin:

    So as you may know i'm working on a Zombie escape map and BTW sorry for another thread :frown:

    here are some pics

    so here is the spawn area and also the first defence place

    In the spawn area you can go to the other area

    for the defending part you can camp/defend on those structures

    You can go on top of it and later on i'll be putting on floating object on top of it that you can take like a ring or something

    once the door opend you need to cross the gap.
    once you fall into the gap you'll teleported right in front of the truck


    then you need to go on those floating cabins and defend there
    gonna add a breakable wall behind the last boxes so you can only go in those cabins

    here is an inside view

    in the last cabin you can find the teleport but its blocked for 30-45 sec i don't remember it right


    here is the teleport

    also as i mentioned here comes a breakable wall so when the humands are teleported the zombies can travel via those cabins with the teleport or they can run underground


    when you gone through to the teleport you'll end up here

    you'll need to defend here for 45 sec
    you can find the elevator on top of those boxes stair

    so some boxes will vanish so you may watch out

    don't panic cuz when you fell trhough the hole you can go upstairs

    here is a pic of the elevator that left the place

    Ok guys give me pls some advise or comments or suggestions

    pls let me know what you think of it

    thx Feels
    FeelsBadBro, Jan 2, 2015 Last edited by FeelsBadBro, Jan 2, 2015
  2. Feb 27, 2012
    textures. please use real textures. a floor wouldn't be made out of pane glass, a house/building wouldn't be held up by 64x64x96 crates, and lights don't just "appear". You could pull off some of these things in a map, but it just doesn't look right without proper textures and proper detailing. It could be fun, but it just doesn't look enjoyable.
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