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Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by Soft Serve, Sep 11, 2014

  1. Mar 8, 2013
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      Soft Serve, Sep 11, 2014 Last edited by Soft Serve, Nov 6, 2014
    • May 31, 2012
      You already know I like the looks. Did you pump the boss with more attacks a bit so it's more interesting?
    • Apr 28, 2013
      Preferably like your first boss from paper escaper pls.
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      • Mar 8, 2013
        I decided to add an outdoors area (which in turn will require a 3D skybox), so shit's delayed again. :waiting:

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        • Nov 11, 2011
          *ahem* @Kaemon
        • Jan 11, 2011
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          • May 17, 2014
            The Shadow of Colossus part seems awesome. I just loved the bosses in that game.
          • Feb 14, 2012
            The more delayed the better. Rather have a nice looking map with all the bells and whistles sir.
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            • Apr 28, 2013
              Can we say the same thing about Junon and Secret Project.
            • Feb 27, 2012
              Or Megaman. :wink: (i have a new idea i think i will actually stick with, i like it much better than my other ideas)
            • Sep 25, 2013

              But.... actually sticking with an idea is overrated. It's all about having 50 unfinished maps :grin:
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              • Mar 15, 2011
                Hope its fair and balanced for any place to play.

                PS: I still have to work on ze birds. Devious :silly:
              • Feb 24, 2011

                I like the looks of that overview, good job!
              • Mar 8, 2013
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                • Oct 10, 2014
                  Looking forward to testing this out. So far the design looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work
                • Apr 28, 2013
                  Um. You realize I was making a map too except I barely have work done. I still have a LOT to do even for my first project.
                • Oct 22, 2012
                  I like the concept of the map, some places remind me of dark souls with lighting and details. I like that you can see other levels throughout the map, it looks like there is not a linear map. The mapping in general is very cool, you've done a good job. But I expected some epic boss, and when I saw a giant fastzombie from hl2, was a little 'bleh'.

                  Anyways congratulations.
                • Apr 1, 2012
                  Oh yay another WIP ZE map!! Btw have you guys heard about Junon map?
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                  • Mar 8, 2013
                    ze_sunlight_v2_0 is released


                    - Adjusted ZR config: fewer mother zombies, zombies now have slightly less health
                    - Changed skybox
                    - Added/changed some hold points
                    - Boosted boss health slightly
                    - Reduced speed of boss lifesteal push
                    - Reduced boss lifesteal amount
                    - Boosted melon/orange launcher damage slightly
                    - Zombies don't teleport as quickly after each hold point
                    - Changed indoor soundscape to something with less echo
                    - Optional override config: put your override settings in sunlight_override.cfg
                    - Various minor changes
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                    • Crane
                      This message by Crane has been removed from public view. Deleted by Badgriuel, Nov 6, 2014, Reason: Not needed and trolling.
                      Nov 6, 2014
                    • Jan 11, 2011
                      Just checked the map in-game (solo, 4 stages) for the first time. Map in general is really good.


                      - Map layout is quite well done. I like how you can see other areas from other paths (sometimes even while on a different stage) instead of being completely linear. Nice connections that make the map overall feel better.
                      - Most holds are different from each other. Sometimes there is only 1 entrance, sometimes there is 3. Sometimes the entrance is a crouch-walk, sometimes is a crouch-jump, sometimes a jump, sometimes a walk with chasm behind, sometimes a walk straight, etc.... Feels very interesting and unique unlike other maps where all the holds feel (gameplay-wise) as if they were the same one.
                      - The "puzzles" are almost (if not just that) perfect for ZE. They are simple and intuitive (you can do them on first try) and are more about "solving" them right while other people know where to cover than something weird that feels out of place and that you can't do without knowing what exactly you are supposed to do. Also, unlike other "weird" events on other maps, they can be done by multiple people if necessary, instead of having a guy blocking the "puzzle" while trying to solve it (the Hacking in Taboo Carnation) or trolling (intentionally or not) while others try to solve it (the Pad for the Helicopter on that Train map) or not moving the "key" item to the designated position (Mt.Doom's ring and many others). So yeah, great job with those.
                      - Visuals are really good. I'm not a big fan of some texture choices (but even those are really well used and fit no problem), but the map overall is really well made and it does remind you of ICO and SotC.
                      - Special weapons don't seem abused nor over the top and even if I didn't get to see them used against zombies they "feel" right for the map and fit within the map thematic and match between themselves (none feels out of place, as you even have more than 1 "fruit-gun").
                      - Music choice is great, not sure if it fits (I guess it does? :razz:) but I just love SotC music.
                      - Some areas (like the triple-bridge) feel quite epic or (like the final bridge) are very distinctive and special.


                      - Most holds, even if they have very different entrances, end feeling the same... You are always activating them the same way (getting close to them), then you wait the same duration (30 secs in most places, no matter how far the next hold is), until the same door (even in cases where its sightly different it doesn't feel special) breaks... Wish there were more with event/puzzles, or that just felt different/special; like when you wait for an elevator to move or a field force to dissipate instead of always a door/grate breaking... Or even have some path-split that forces you to cover 2 areas (not to confuse with entrances to a hold) instead of 1.
                      - Some areas (but most notably the doors of the holds) seem too small for your average 40+ players server.
                      - Sometimes is not very clear where you have to go... Different stages, with different paths, sometimes traveled in different directions... You did quite a good job closing areas with closed doors or grates, and overall I would say you did better than most mappers would have done, but still sometimes you get a "wait 30 seconds until the door breaks" message and you don't know which one of the 3 doors close by is going to be.
                      - Both the boss (giant zombie) and the dragon feel pretty "meh" and uninspired; they don't really have anything special going for them... No special attacks worth mentioning, no tactics other than "shoot at it" or "try to avoid it while shooting at it". Even the models are re-used and already have seen in ZE (and even HL2!). Not saying you can't use models because X map already has them, but you choose what are probably the 2 most over-used ones of them all.
                      - Not sure if there is some trick against the dragon, but even cheating I couldn't kill him, when I noclipped to shot at it from close range I could swear the hitbox shape is very different to the model shape (could be wrong here, but I get the feeling that most player bullets will just miss because of the differences between the two shapes.

                      A Couple Non-Related Suggestions:

                      - I loved the time that someone has to go down some planks of wood to activate the elevator. Not sure if it was inspired (probably not) on the elevator Luffaren did for a version of Serpentis, but it reminded me of that. Anyway, I wish the planks could crush-kill the player as the elevator goes up, so they would have to dodge them. In this scenario the planks would break individually as the elevator reaches them, instead of breaking them all at once without reason.
                      - The area with the 3 bridges, has a long hole on the ceiling. I wish there was an extra (smaller, so it doesn't reach the start nor the ending) hole on top of that one with a train teleport for zombies, so zombies that felt down the chasm will later appear on that new hole (as in zombies fall from the hole in the ceiling into the bridge). Maybe it wouldn't work? But I think it could be cool (instead of teleporting them to the start of the bridge). If you do this, only for the second stage that includes that area, the time were there is only 1 bridge instead of 3.
                      - If possible I would tell you to add some extra detailing to the skybox, most notably extra towers/similar/whatever so the "temple" looks bigger from the outside.
                      - Since I didn't kill the dragon, I'm not sure what happens afterward. However, being inspired by ICO/SotC, wouldn't surprise me if the bridge breaks or "closes". If it doesn't, it should. I would specially like if you had to shoot down the last zombies (if any managed to cross the breaking/closing area) to win.
                      - Again, didn't kill the dragon so not sure if there is something special or if his base HP makes it too hard if you don't have a minimum of X players, but make sure the hitbox fits for his shape/animations.
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                        Kaemon, Nov 8, 2014 Last edited by Kaemon, Nov 8, 2014