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ze_TESV_Skyrim_v4fix guide

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Hydreigon, Jan 14, 2014

  1. Apr 28, 2013
    HOKAY, to the ppl that think I like v3 better than v4fix, that is true but that doesn't mean I know v4fix just as well and all the hold points (especially the redone stage 3). So to all you "haters" and ppl jelly of me, I am going to make a guide to v4fix and all the similaries/differences with v3.


    Human Items:
    Nightingale: He is your "doorhugger" and person to get the triggers because he is the only powerup to have a speed boost. Right clicking him with the knife will make him shoot an arrow. Other than that, he is basically the same as in v3 except his arrows do 1500 damage instead of 1000 so in some times, he can be useful for defending. Overall he should just go for the trigger.

    Healmage: He will be the "healer" of this map. Left click makes the healmage do a fireball attack which only does 500 dmg to zm (8 sec cooldown). Left click activates his "healing ability" which heals any ct without a skin to 100 hp (40 sec cooldown). He is pretty much useful for the dragon bosses of stages 2 and 5 because of the dragon is a "static" boss unlike the centurion who is always moving around. Other than that, he is basically the same as in v3.

    Dovahkiin: Now THIS powerup is the "major change" and from v3 to v4fix as he has different abilities. Left click activates his sword which does knockback to zm and right click activates his "fus ro dah" shout which will be the following:

    If a level 2 picks up dova, his sword will be on fire and his sword can set zm on fire for a few seconds. His right click ability is a fire breath which can set zm on fire and deal massive damage to zm (60 sec cooldown).

    If a level 3 picks up dova, his sword will be an icy sword which can freeze zm. His right click ability is a freeze breath which freezes zm for about 5 seconds (70 sec cooldown). I find fire dova better because freeze dova doesn't deal any damage to zm and sometimes doesn't work.

    If a level 4 picks up dova, his sowrd will be an electric sword that doesn't do anything besides the knockback. His right click ability is the standard "fus ro dah" shout which pushes back zm like in v3 (80s cooldown). However, the push dova can be only used in stage 5 as I find find that the most useful dova in stage 5 because of how dova was only push in the previous versions.

    Archmage: Basically the "attack mage" of this game. Left click makes the archmage do a ball of electricity which does 500 dmg to zm and knocks them back (9 sec cooldown). Right click makes him do his "fire ability" (which is why ppl call him the firemage) which the archmage stays and does some flamethrower which can slow down while dealing damage and setting zm on fire for 6 seconds (60 sec cooldown). Other than that, he is basically the same as in v3.

    Daedric: He is basically the person do "defend 24/7 and know stage 5 backwards" Left click is melee attack (Pushes and damages zombies). Right click for his "Nuke" (Deals 20k damage in a fairly big radius to zombies, 60 sec cooldown and only 2 uses). He is the same as in v3 as well.

    Zombie Items:

    Now all zombie items are the same in v3 but I will recap them anyway.

    Werewolf: Left click for melee attack(Deals damage to humans,2 sec cooldown). Right click "Roars" (Frightens nearby humans aka slows them down, 25 sec cooldown).

    Troll: Left click for melee attack(Deals damage to humans,2 sec cooldown). Right click "Roars" (Heals all nearby zombies to 10k hp and also heals himself for 1.5k hp,35 sec cooldown).

    Giant: Left click for melee attack (Deals a huge amount of damage to humans,5 sec cooldown). Right click for the "Stomp" (Slows down nearby humans,15 sec cooldown). His melee attack can kill any ct item in one hit and is very powerful but to make up for it, he has a huge hitbox can can be knocked back easier.

    Dragonpriest: This item has no knockback and has 25k hp, so he can avoid the "Daedric Nuke attack". Right click freezes and kills all humans within a small radius. This item is slower then regular zombies.

    The werewolf and troll has to be shot in the head for it to be knocked back. The giant can be shot in the chest or higher for it to be knocked back as he has a giant hitbox region. The dragonpriest (as mentioned above) has no knockback under normal circumstances but is slower. The only way to knock him back is either shoot the "zm controlling the ct", using the level 4 dova shout, or using the archmage's fire ability. However, if the dragonpriest is affected by a speed reducing powerup (either dova's ice breath or the archmage's fire ability) his speed will go back to normal making him a bit faster so watch out for that matter. Also, he has 25000 hp as just one nuke won't kill him.

    Other Items:

    Freeze Staff: This item only appears in level 1 and can freeze zombies if a person uses it (only 2 uses)

    Heal Staff: Heals cts that aren't ct items to 100 hp (20 sec cooldown and only 2 uses). This appears in stages 2 and 5.

    Elder Scroll: This item appears in stage 4 but has to be brought to the end of the stage just so it can be used against the dragon boss in stage 5. Also, a difference is that the elder scroll no longer slows zm down unlike in the previous versions.\


    Now that all the items are covered, lets go on to the stages and all of the strategies recommended for each stage. Also it is critical you by kevlar for this map because the bosses will do more damage if you don't have kevlar.

    Stage 1: The beginning up to the point before you go into the helgen keep is the same as in v3. Defend the gate for 50 seconds and then fall back when the keep opens. Also, have a person pick up the freeze staff as well as it will be crucial for this stage as the hold points are much harder. Things get very different in stage 1 after this point. The dragon in this version actually is flying and will do fire attacks. Not much difficulty may have been added for this boss. but it's cool to have a flying dragon for once. After this point 1 person will have to go for the key as everyone will have to defend the arch. After a ct picks up the key, everyone defending/backpedaling has to fall back once the door to the right fully opens. After this is a crouch hold where you have to defend 25 seconds as there are two ways the zm can get in.. Because of how the holds are set up, a zombie can "jump right in" if he is missed and quick. It is recommended if cts prefire those holds and keep zm on fire so that the zm can't get in as easily. When the door opens, the freeze staff should be used and cts should fall back. The next hold after this isn't as easy as cts have to defend a box hold for 30 seconds. It is crucial everyone prefires and keeps the zm on fire for this point. After the door opens, the freeze staff should be used and everyone should fall back. The next hold after that is two bridges and then a third one which leads to the last point of the map where in about 45 seconds, the last bridge will break and the nuke will activate. Everyone should defend at least the two bridges until either the zm gets over or when the console message says "Fall Back Now". Also, zm can get ppl from the on the bridge and fence on the bottom so NO EDGING for this matter. Once the bridge breaks, the stage ends here and you win stage 1.

    Stage 2: This stage is basically the same as in v3 so there isn't much to say here. The only difference is after the point where cts have to defend 40 seconds, a shortcut opens soon. The best thing to do for now is to just fall back to the end and defend both ways especially if the zm will get ahead using the shortcut to get cts that are behind. After that hold, it's basically the same as in v3 from here.

    Stage 3: Now THIS is where the major difference occurs as this stage is completely redone. It is cruicial if you have a nightingale to trigger and fire dova. Fire dova should either use it at spawn to kill zm or use it after every zm gets a skin at the first hold point. Also, be careful that fire dova doesn't kill all the zm at once because the stage won't advance if this happens. The first hold point is pretty easy which you have to defend 30 seconds while everyone defends at the first hold. After about 20 seconds of backpedalling, everyone should fall back. The second hold is two bridges and some platforms which is pretty easy as well. Also all cts should be at this point because there will be a teleport. 5 seconds before that door opens, everyone should fall back to the door because the tele will be much quicker after that door opens. After the teleport, dova should use his shout there. The next hold requires some cts to go for a switch and after so, the door will open in about 20 seconds while cts should defend some rock and not edge for that matter. After that hold, one ct should go for a wheel which will open a cage that contains a switch to open the next door which opens in 25s after the switch is activated. The hold will invovle a broken bridge where one edge can be crossed while the other side is a hole. After this door opens, everyone should fall back down a spiral staircase. One ct should go for the broken switch and fix the switch to activate it to open yet another door for 25 seconds. It is also recommended that fire dova should be used at the bottom of the staircase to kill off some zm. Once that door opens, everyone should go straight and then right which leads to some giant room. One ct should go for the switch near the next door which that door opens in 30 seconds. It is recommend that cts defend at the point with the rock before the mini stairs in the giant room. After that door opens, fall back. Next is a hallway where a ct has to grab a torch and then light two torches so the door opens much sooner otherwise, that next door is a 45 second hold without the torches being lit. After this is the final hold of the game. All but two cts should defend the top of the stairs as two cts have to go for four switches which opens up a fifth switch which opens the final door in 25s. Dova should use his fire breath on the top of the staircase there as well for support. 10 seconds before that door opens, every ct defending should fall back. The last door will open to the final room where cts should defend the inside for only 5 seconds and then the last door closes. Once that door closes, the cts won stage 3.

    Stage 4: Either dova can be picked up but I think fire would be more recommended for this one. Like in v3, dova should be used at spawn as well. The only difference with this stage 4 is that the cts randomly get teleported to a side rather than having to defend only one side. Then after the two side doors open, stage 4 is basically the same from there which I am too lazy to explain atm. However dova has to be used differently. It's best to use either dova at the part where these is a diagonal rock before at where the pathways split. I'm going to skip to the boss because the next part is basically the same as in v3 except for the boss. Speaking of the boss, he is completely redone as he is slower but more deadly. He can summon mini guardians which can chase after cts as well and will explode if a ct destroys one. Also, cts should avoid the fan that pops our from the wall and the fire that pops out from the ground. After the boss is killed each dova will have a different strategy:

    If the person has a fire dova, he should be used after the arch mage uses the fire ability. As a result, this will kill much more zm making this an easier defend.

    If the person has an ice dova, dova should use his ability first and then the archmage should use the fire ability after the zombies can fully move again. Because of the archmage's fire ability affecting the speed of zm, dova shouldn't use his ice breath after the archmage using fire because it sometimes won't freeze some zm.

    Once the last elevator goes up, the cts won stage 4.

    Stage 5: This is stage is similar in v3 as daedra should have the same strategy from before. However, there is still that darn shortcut from stage 2 to worry about so archmage should be more careful than before. Also any dova should use his ability at spawn and it is overall best if a level 4 picks up dova. Most of the level besides the shortcut is similar as in v3 as that last dragon is still hard as hell so I will only recap on that part. Keep in mind the scroll no longer slows down zm.

    Dragon attacks:
    Grey Breath: GO FORWARD!!!!!!!! His breath is pretty strong.

    Charge: The dragon will go forward but that attack is unpredictable. If he goes forward, everyone has to go to the back of the bridge but not too far because the bridge is broken and you will fall off. Once the dragon goes back, everyone has to go forward but a little closer to him but not too close because he can still bite. He only charges once so keep in mind that.

    Blue Breath: Freezes humans and does no damage. Be lucky the dragon will do this.

    Fire Breath: This will deal more damage than in stage 2 so have a kevlar if you don't want to die

    Green Breath: Another damaging breath like the fire one.

    It is crucial if you have both healmage and heal staff there. After the dragons uses two damaging breaths, someone should use a healing item. And it is important if the elder scroll is used on the boss to deal loads of damage to him.

    After the dragon dies, it is important if fire, dova, and daedra survives the battle. As what @Doctor said and this worked in this version, fire has to be used on first, then daedra has to nuke the zm, and then any dova should use his power. If done correctly, ppl will successfully defend the final hold to mead hall and the cts will win the map.

    NOW THEN, I had to rush some things as I will update this guide soon. If you request any updates, I will do so.

    From Hydreigon.

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    • Mar 30, 2013
      Add picture pliss. Or videos.

      A guide need picture, and video.
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      • Apr 28, 2013

        Ya, That's what I need to do but I had to rush this. Sorry about that. Also, I can't save this thread as a draft so I had to do something to make it saved.
      • Mar 30, 2013
        The next guide to come will be:
        "How to create a guide to a map we like, without looking like a mapfag & tryhard ?"

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Anyway, nice guide :smile:
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        • Feb 3, 2012
          Looks good. Nice work! :thumbsup:
        • Dec 8, 2013
          working on my ze_predator ultimate guide. will be good.
        • Aug 12, 2012
          nice guide, now everyone doing guides for their favorite map huh
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          • Apr 3, 2013

          • Dec 11, 2013
            Is me lol

            I just made this video now.

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