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ze_toaster (W.I.P)

Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by Luffaren, Aug 13, 2012

  1. Feb 24, 2011
    Thought i could make a thread about this while i'm on it.
    Since there's been a whole lot of requests on ZM / ZE maps for CS:GO i decided to join in, considering all the things pF has given me this is the least i could do.

    So, about the map
    It is exactly what the name says, a toaster! And a grand one at that, at around "5500 x 3500" units. There wont be much more than that, other than a skybox of a kitchen. (will probably be a somewhat decent replica of my kitchen at home)
    The concept was suggested by @Peter himself in mumble and don't ask me how that came up, because i don't remember myself. Anyhow, thank you for deeply inspiring me Peter!

    Since CS:GO hasn't really gotten any fixes within different things, such as modeling and particles i'll be somewhat handicapped within my mapping, so there wont be any custom/animated models or awesome particles flying around. It'll be a map of more simpler looks. But that doesn't mean that i'm not going to try!

    Here's a few pictures for you to engulf yourself within before moving on:




    As you can see i haven't created that much yet. I'm mostly setting up the basics and deciding where the main holds and paths will be, as for planning out different events and things i want to include in the map.

    I'll just sum up the things i'm planning to add in the map right here:

    * Dynamic/randomized paths/holds
    * A bossfight, not quite sure what it'll be yet, it's probably gonna end up with some bread-related thing
    * A few different missions, depending on what you do in the map. I might just randomize it
    * items? depends on if they work properly or not, i've heard that the guns disappear.
    * A badass ending! With falling metal pieces and explosions everywhere, with epic music and whatnot. As the toaster is about to "explode", A.k.A, toast toast! (Don't expect too much, i can't make most of my desired effects) :frown:

    Have a good one, i'm off finishing this.
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    • Jun 2, 2012
      Make the boss a Pop-Tart.
    • Jul 28, 2011
      Or Nyan Cat
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      • Jun 18, 2012
        Does this mean well be popping out of the toaster and fly on top of a plate like always happens to me? o:
      • Oct 17, 2011
        Or a waffle or cupcake.
      • May 31, 2012
        YAY! Absurd maps!

        I have my own absurdness in the making.
      • Apr 9, 2012
        Haha the idea is just lovely xD
      • Jul 1, 2010
        LOL, this is freaking awesome Luff! Can't wait!
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        • Feb 24, 2011
          I'm most likely going to put in a few different endings, with this being one of them.
          Expect the unexpected (If everything goes as planned, i don't fully trust CS:GO as it is)
        • Jun 4, 2006
          Thought this was an odd idea coming from Luff, but then realized it was @Peter and it made sense. Love the idea & progress thus far. You never cease to impress the shit out of me.
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          • Oct 17, 2011
            Put peanut butter jelly time song with the banana dancing when you fly out. That'd be cool.
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            • Jan 24, 2012
              Looks awesome! Keep it up :grin:
            • May 27, 2008

              Oh man, I can't tell you how many years I've waited patiently to see my map come around. I'm so glad all that waiting has finally come down to this moment! I feel like I could cry. Luff, you're the man, and I will never forget all the effort you put into making dreams and ideas a reality. Thank you so much for making me such a happy person.
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              • Aug 1, 2011
                Zomg your making a map for me :grin:
              • Jun 3, 2012
                This reminds me of that one revolver map
              • Jan 12, 2011
                I believe the boss should be Powdered Toast Man. Here's something to help you out:

                I'd be very pleased if you could include the toast scraping as one of his attacks. :grin:
                Edit: Also, as per the show, he should fly backwards into the boss arena.
                Edit 2: Changed the video to a longer one with more stupid shit awesome attacks. Things like projectile raisin breath and hyper-corrosive croutons! [IMG]
                Vadleon, Aug 13, 2012 Last edited by Vadleon, Aug 14, 2012
              • Jul 16, 2012
                no. your all going to hit the counter next to the plate and die from fall damage :pissedoff: and for those admin/donators that think they are safe....the human is then going to smack you with a fly swatter. muahahahahaha
              • Mar 12, 2008

                You don't make cupcakes in a toaster you retard
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                • May 30, 2012
                  Nice job Luffaren!
                  I am so happy to see all these mappers are going for CS:GO!
                  ~ I am also on CS:GO SDK trying to complete my first ZM map which should be easy :vampire:
                • Jan 28, 2012
                  How much toasty toast could a toasted toasty toast toaster toast if a toasted toasty toast toaster could toast toasty toast while toasted?