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Insufficient Evidence ZM Admin - legit thread #YourEX

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by kraifect, Feb 14, 2013

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  1. Sep 11, 2012
    Okay so today I'm playing Zombie Mod just like every other day I've been playing for the past how many years, and I spray the same spray I've been spraying as many of you are familiar with (The black girl with the pancake boobies). So I spray it and I get a warning from some admin I've never even seen before, named "Your Ex" saying "Watch your spray". Why should I have to watch my spray? It's nothing below the waste and is completely acceptable to every other admin in the server.

    Than I was singing on the microphone, which I know on my part is illegal for microphone spamming, and she/he gave me a warning that I was completely fine with, saying stop mic spamming. Okay, so I did. Then I was just talking on the microphone to other users and she says "Your on probation, next time you do it your perma banned"...WTF? I stopped microphone spamming dumby! You didn't say I had to stop talking completely!

    So than she/he starts off about disrespecting admins, and I said "I don't know why your so upset and miserable, maybe because your single on valentines day" and I get banned.....is this some bullshit or what?

    PS. I have many players that were on the server that could vouch for me.

    I did say once in the very beginning of the game something similiar to 'Fuck off I like my spray' but really..? Take a darn joke.

    Admin abuse? I think so.
    Abuser: Your Ex

    I joke around with every admin on the server, everyone never has a problem with my spray and finds it extremely gross but funny, and can actually take a joke, not sure what crawled up "Your Ex's" rear end but my ban reason is "Taking a break on Valentines day"...maybe they should take their own advice and relax, life is supposed to be enjoyable not a miserable journey.

    I mean if your trying to run a professional server, with profession admins, don't you think they should give me a professional reason to as of why I was banned? "take a time out on vday" is foolish and very unprofessional from my point of view.

    That is all,
    Love ZM's truly,
  2. Feb 3, 2012
    Okay, I was with your ex at this time and I was communicating with him the whole time. The main reason we banned you was for disrespecting admins on the server.

    His names in the past:
    kraifect [FUCKPF]
    kraifect [FuCkMoMo]

    your ex can explain the rest of this.
  3. Sep 11, 2012
    If I was serious about those names do you really think I would join the server and play for how many hours a day with it as my main name? It's clearly a joke, I mean I guess it's rare now a'days but I have a sense of humor and I am a very sarcastic guy, I understand that you cannot tell when I am sarcastic over the internet as it is very hard to interpret but unfortunatly thats how I am and that is how my personality is. MoMo know's I just fuck with him every time I'm on the server, I'm pretty sure he doesn't give to shits that it is my name, because just like me, he has a sense of humor and laughs things off. If you're just trying to dig dirt on me to ban me over and over again than please just be straight up with me and tell me how it is so I won't have to waste my time here.
  4. Oct 22, 2012
    Dear kraifect,

    first and foremost, we appreciate long term players probably more than any other community. That having said, I have been playing the ZM server for quite some time. Given, I started rather recently to embrace the ZM mod, but I have been online for some time and on a regular basis....thus...I have witnessed the kraifect story, or shall I say stories. So, today, yes, a little prejudiced, but nonetheless, well informed by by fellow admins, I logged on ZM. When I logged on, I warned you after some time (I have better things to do than having "it out for someone") to yes..."watch your spray", as I think it falls under the disgusting part of our rules. Not being sure of it, I said: watch it! Thats not the reason you got banned!

    You have been repeatedly disruptive and distructive with me and Jeezery. We warned you - repeatedly! and kicked you - twice! and still, you continued being disrespectful (to say it nicely) to the admins. Given your history on our servers and your behavior with fellow admins, I take this thead as an opportunity to allow our LSA's judge this short term ban and extend it at their discretion.


  5. Sep 11, 2012
    Well than maybe you "admins" should get together and decide and agree as well as disagree to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, because no one else has ever said anything to me about it except you, for the first time in I can't even tell you how long. Assuming that you are a girl is the only reason that I can come up to as why it offended you so much, but not certain.

    I was only kicked once, the second time was when you banned me, I came back in after the first kick and explained to you that I know my rules on the server and know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, also being honest with you telling you that I do tend to break the rules a lot, which many admins know. Many of the things I was just explaining to you or giving my own reasons to, you got "butt hurt" about, when in all reality I was just defending myself. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I am an innocent angel in this situation but neither are you.

    Don't wory about unbanning me, the ban is only for a day and truly I really don't care, its pointless to unban me now when I will be back on in less than 24hours, the only reason I am posting here is because I totally disagree when a admin is power hungry and abuses there powers in the wrong way.
  6. Oct 22, 2012
    Dear kraifect,

    you know exactly why you got banned from our server. You have been continuously disruptive via mic and chat. We warned you, several times to stop, I even muted you the previous map, only for you to come back and continuing your spiel. What do you expect? You have been warned, kicked, banned. Two admins stand witness. So, please chill, and we will see you tomorrow.


  7. Sep 11, 2012
    Actually that is where you are wrong, if I knew why I got banned from the server I would not be posting here, as "take a valentine break" isn't really a good reasoning and does not give me a clear understanding on where I went wrong, you can tell me to take a break on v-day , and keep on playing, but I tell you that you need a break and your just mad on valentines day, and I get a ban. A little power hungry eh? If players cannot defend there actions without you getting mad than maybe it's time to step down to a regular player and retire from that administrator position as you get offended and angry very easily. Afterall, it is just the internet, and a game.

    Also, please do not try to beef up the story, I was only "disruptive" on the microphone once, for about 7 seconds and you told me to stop microphone spamming, and sure enough I followed your orders like a good little boy. Judging from that I thought I was being very respectful and granting you your every wish. I never once chat spammed, the only time I typed was to write something to you.
  8. Jul 1, 2010
    Okay, so I'm just going to kind of sum up stuff here and whatnot....

    Spray was legal, as was your name. We don't technically have a "disrespect" rule.

    Arguing with admins however is not okay. If you disagree with a mute or something they are saying in admin chat, you need to come to the forums and not argue on the server. Subsequent rule will be below this. Also, they said that you were being very disruptive overall and I would try to avoid this in the future (in the case of spamming). You said you were willing to sit out your 1 day ban, so at the moment I'm just going to leave it at that.


    Do not interfere with admins doing their jobs.

    This includes arguing with admins regarding their decisions. If you disagree with a certain admin's actions, post about it on our forums and let us know. This is the best route you can take. Arguing in-game won't go anywhere but down.
    Warn -> Mute/Gag -> Temporary Ban (1 hour to 1 day)

  9. Oct 29, 2010
    Sorry for the late reply, but as I was brought up, I figured I'd make a short response.

    As the spray is legal and, as Dharkk said, we don't have an "admin disrespect" rule. I would think a day ban is a bit excessive for him simply getting defensive for getting unjustly targeted. As I was not there, I'm not sure exactly what was said and what punishment was warranted, which is why I won't alter the ban; but I would be in support of shortening it, if @your ex would be willing to do that.

    Assuming all that happened was an over-reaction to a misinterpretation of the rules, the 1 hour minimum would seem an appropriate length and would be my recommendation.

    Side-note, I laughed when I heard you were using that bit in your name. After seeing it though, I'm severely offended that you capitalized the second 'm' in my name, how dare you.
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