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Suggestion ZM Mako and Harry Potter

Discussion in Server Suggestions & Bugs started by Joshy, Jul 21, 2014

  1. May 31, 2012

    Would it be possible for someone to grab the ZM portions of Mako and Harry Potter and put them on the Zombie Mod servers? I think both of them are awesome, and I bet the ZM server would totally dig it all.

    Just an idea.
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    • Dec 27, 2013
      lel this sounds FUN !
      but this would be a long work to place spots/cades etc... +balancing.
      But i would like to see that on ZombieMod :razz:
      great idea !
    • Aug 12, 2012
      if that the case, I guess I need to join the ZM server time from time :smile:
    • Dec 10, 2013

      Although it sounds like a good idea, remember Kaemon and others have to fix the original Mako for V6 so you'd have to wait until they can do proper cading spots and all that :smile:
    • Nov 17, 2012
      Eh. The first area of Mako doesn't have many spots and they're all known. Perhaps the whole map :3 Specially since it will be on for 30 minutes with long rounds. Some area's might have to be blocked off though as they would just be too op.
    • Jan 11, 2011
      After releasing Mako V6 for ZE, you let me know if you think the City or a different area (or both) are cool/good enough for ZM and I may edit a ZM_ version.
      I haven't played ZM in forever (and never liked it too much) so I'm not sure what kind of cades and spots you may want. Isn't Mako Reactor's ZM mode "good" enough as it currently is for a ZM mode? Would you require more/better spots or shoot-able cades as a must?
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      • Feb 27, 2012
        Definitely needs cades. If there isn't cades, someone will bitch. So you should add a couple at least. Most of the server should be fine with more hold spots vs cade spots.
      • Mar 20, 2012
        ZM server has unlimited ammo. I guess there will be a few illegal spots then.
        And humans with unlimited ammo and materia? idk....could be a balance problem^^