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ZM Map With Boss Fight, Idea.

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Tony the Tiger!! :D, Dec 22, 2013

  1. Feb 27, 2012
    Last night when the servers were having donator slot issues, @MF JEFF had a really good idea. Basically a ZM map with a boss fight ending, and each level gets harder.

    Mario tried something like that with materias and each time humans won the level, the levels got harder. It was a really cool idea, but he executed it pretty bad. I kinda want to revive that idea in combination with Jeff's.

    Basically so far how it would work is humans would hold their spots just like any other map. Hold spots, cade, red crate, whatever. After they have defended for a certain amount of time, they will all be teleported to fight a boss of some kind (no idea what it will be yet) Then to change levels without glitch winning to the next wave, they would have to do like a 20 second escape or something to a bunker, which would trigger the next level (instead of being on a timer, which Mario's map did) I like trying new things and i ran a couple of votes in ZM, and people seem pretty interested in some of the ideas so far.

    [Source Mod] Vote successful. (Received 65% of 37 votes)
    [Source Mod] The answer to ZM map, with a Boss Fight Ending is: Sounds cool! Make it!.
    [Source Mod] Vote successful. (Received 54% of 28 votes)
    [Source Mod] The answer to Materias in the levels is: that would be cool, yeah!.
    [Source Mod] Vote successful. (Received 45% of 33 votes)
    [Source Mod] The answer to Zombies Interact With Boss Fight is: Yeah, of course!.
    I'm curious as to what other ideas you guys might have? I'm gonna need some ZE mapper help, since this would act like some ZE maps. Also, i don't know how to model so i may need a badass boss. This is just in the idea stage, so nothing is started or promised yet.
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    • Mar 26, 2011
      I think it sounds like an amazing idea, to be done, to be played is a different story. I feel it would still seem like a ZE map, because I mean... yeah lol. I see so much stuff going wrong here. I love the idea personally. I mean but there are players that see.. stuff a lot differently than we do and will start complaining and stating there harsh opinions and this and that. I don't know, I support it though.
    • Feb 27, 2012
      I don't plan on making it a giant escape map. Just the last minute to minute and a half or so, which is the boss fight and the run to the bunker/safe zone.
    • Oct 30, 2013
      so basically similar to the surfing ze map but with cades and a boss at the end. My reason for being aginst this is i see the potential but i feel this sort of thing belongs more in the ze zone i personally dont like having to take time to kill a boss also risk a death or losing the round simply because idiots chose to troll the boss that's another thing, 90% of the time the bosses hp is based on the number of cts and most of the time noobs decide to troll and therefore the boss is failed and in this case would cause humans to constantly lose rounds. Now possibly if there was another option similar to your surfncade map how we could chose different areas and one area could be to kill the boss to maybe reach a secret or a material weapon of some sort that would be much more reflective to actual zm not ze. also if you were to implement zombies being able to interact with the boss aswell or simply kill humans this would not be good for alot of us rank whores to get tag'd simply because we couldn't kill a boss or people failed to defend were the zombies came in. well that's my opinion.
    • Feb 27, 2012
      That is a good point, but when we did Mako on ZM, all the humans that made it to bahamut every time shot it... I'm sure there would be the trolls though, but the boss won't be so hard like on mako where if you miss 1 bullet you lose. Also a lot of ZE rules don't apply on ZM, so i'd have to find ways to counter around that.

      Except not Surfing, classic cading, holding, etc with a boss fight to end the round.
    • Apr 24, 2012
      Ive already said this previously but ill say it again here in this thread. I think this is something best kept in the ZE arena.. I think this will probably kill server population. If someone wants to play something similiar to ze we have a server for that reason right? I see the potential you are discussion here but it's not an idea that has been developed enough. In its current state I think this is best left for the Escapes. My vote at this time is a no-go.
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      • Oct 30, 2013
        but with the number of noobs and trolls that come on zm they would find some way to fuck up the boss and cause all cts to lose the round im sure. that is why i suggested this "ow possibly if there was another option similar to your surfncade map how we could chose different areas and one area could be to kill the boss to maybe reach a secret or a material weapon of some sort that would be much more reflective to actual zm not ze."
      • Apr 24, 2012
        Sounds Way complicated.. Trying to re-invent ZM..Or a hybrid.
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        • Nov 17, 2012
          Please don't put boss's into ZM... Or boss's in any map. So over rated, same old laser twerking, strafe surfing non-sense.

          Instead, put the time into a better ZM map. ZE already has this kinda thing, Voodoo Islands, Escape the Eye Remix (were you hide / cade up), like a Hybrid.
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          • Feb 27, 2012
            I'm out of ZM map ideas, and this sounded pretty original for the ZM server.

            Kind of like a hybrid.

            That's a possibility, but then the same thing happens, everyone just goes to the cade only area... Maybe it's because i executed that map wrong (which i did lol) or just because the surf is boring compared to the cade area. If the map has a specific focus, i kinda want to make it that way.
          • Oct 30, 2013
            That is why i suggested killing the boss eather lead to a secret or a material weapon that way they have some type of drive to actually attempt and kill the boss.
          • Oct 24, 2013
            Cactus boss.:arrogant:
          • Jan 11, 2011
            What you suggest, to me, sounds like "Making a ZE map that I want to be put on ZM". Not because of the boss, but because of the "little escape and bunker safe zone". You can do a 2 minutes ZE map if you want.

            My suggestion:

            - You make a ZM map.
            - The ZM map has a very large area in the middle-ish, with a "Boss" (let's just call it "Creature") on it.
            - The creature doesn't have an event that forces people to fight it or stay in the room or anything, it is just there minding his own bussisnes, attacking humans that try to cross the room or reacting to some he can't reach (because they are high on pipes or something).
            - Humans that choose to can try to kill the creature or leave it alone.
            - Its HP-Bar is Round-Saved; so every time it loses, let's say, 10% HP, that info gets saved and carries to the next round.
            - Eventually, after some rounds the creature dies and enables something (like a new small area, or a special weapon, or his goo/corpse gives players (humans and/or zombies) some kind of power...
            - ?????
            - Profit!
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            • Jul 8, 2012
              I think given the right idea, this could be great.

              +1 from me.

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            • Feb 27, 2012
              I like that idea a lot, actually. The only reason i would do an escape to a bunker or something is so zombies still have a chance to kill humans, and glitch wins (because of being on a timer) won't happen.

              That idea is much better though, it gives me an arena or coliseum idea, but of course with all the holding and cading still there.
            • Jul 8, 2012
              I like it.
            • Feb 8, 2013
              No support from me, thanks.
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              • Mar 30, 2013
                A prop monster for boss :wink:

                - A boss in the middle of a big room.
                - Different way to get to it
                - Some people cover
                - Some people shoot the boss

                If one zombie pass, it will rape everyone. So teamwork.
              • Apr 3, 2013
                Make big map of a levelled/devastated city

                • Middle is the boss platform arena, which rises after a specific time of playing the map
                • Hide for x amount of minutes, go to platform when it's about to rise.
                • There is a weapons shed somewhere, containing a Minigun because why not
                • Zombies are prolly gonna camp the platform, so make the entrance huge or something.
                • When platform has reached the end of its rise, every client that isn't on the platform gets teleported to zombie cage
                • Rotating zombie platforms
                • Boss platform contains of 2 circles. One inner and one outer circle
                • Boss is stationary, Phase 1, fire at him. He may do some magical tricks like Pull CT's towards him etc
                • When boss is damaged enough to reach phase 2, the inner circle is now a trigger_hurt with 30 DPS
                • Go to Outer circle
                • While holding against zombies, the boss will now fire Ice spheres at random CT's. If it touches a CT, it detonates and deals AoE damage to everyone around
                • Just fire the boss
                • When he is damaged enough in phase 2, his ragemode starts.
                • trigger_hurt stops, get the fuck in to the inner circle
                • Outer circle explodes, along with zombie platforms. No need to worry about zms anymore
                • Boss now fires random magic on the ground, which resembles Gravity from Mako. They hurt. I call them Defile from the Lich King fight in WoW.
                • More magic
                • Just fire at him
                • He dies
                • ???
                • PROFIT
              • Feb 3, 2012
                As Nayr pointed out, If there are any bosses in any map, they should be kept in the ZE server. It would possibly kill the population on the server as well.

                I cannot support this.
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