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Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by Kosuki, Dec 9, 2011

  1. Apr 14, 2011
    Hello Ladies and Gents.
    I am in the current workings of a 2 part map. I part will be ZM next will be ZE.
    It will be the same map for both but with a twist.
    The map is a abandoned nuclear waste facility in the old Soviet Russia. Upon the closing of the facility in 1976 the old Soviet Union had destroyed all records of the facility. In late 2004 a group of hikers stumbled upon the facility and were never heard from again. The Russian government decided to investigate and found more then what they barganded for... This was not only a waste facility but a secret research labyrinth.

    The ZM map will take place with the Russian/American team (Played by the very own PF players as the CT' T's) fighting for their life in the facility.
    The ZE version will be a second team who was sent to mop up the first team 6months later and are forced to escape the facility.

    In ZM you will be playing deep with in the facility. on one section of it.
    In ZE you will be starting deep with in the facility and will have to escape through routs you will not see in the ZM.

    It is like the movies Jurassic park 2/3 you see one half of the island on 2 and the other on 3.
    Here is one picture to feast your eyes on ^^

  2. Jul 28, 2011
    So is this one map? Or two maps with the same theme?

    If it's just one map and both of these (camping ZM-style and running ZE-style) are happening at the same time I don't see how it would work. Does one group spawn in a ZM-style camp spot, and the other group spawns in a ZE-style part? Sounds awesome, I just can't imagine how it would work. I mean, what if no zombies spawned in the escape part? Or if no zombies spawned in the camp part?

    Also, which server would this go on? The ZE section of the map would have to be very wide (no narrow places where everyone will cluster and block) if this was on the ZM server, since there is no noblock. Unless you're actually saying these will be two totally separate maps just with the same theme, then disregard what is up thar ^ :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Also I couldn't view the image :shock:hmy:
    DOUBLE EDIT: d'oh