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Legal zm_Krusty_krab_a3_pf1

Discussion in Illegal Spots started by Drunk Cat, Mar 19, 2014

  1. Oct 13, 2011
    Held this spot solo couple times, I'm posting this now because I had to try holding this spot solo more. Red highlighted area is a crouch spot that means zombies can't come fast from forward. Focus right side and win the game. If you're good enough you can solo this by yourself, but 3 players can't hold it. They get stabbed from the edges. Thoughts ?

  2. Feb 27, 2012
    It looks shallow enough to get stabbed once you hit the end of the standing area. Might just take the zombies some practice on figuring out how to get the human there. I'll probably test it out later on tonight with someone else, if nobody beats me to it.
  3. May 31, 2012
    I think it still takes talent, not everyone would be able to hold it.
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    • Feb 3, 2012
      I'll probably be available.
    • Dec 11, 2013
      Agree with it, zombie can kill the human on the box by teamwork or the ladder beside it..... So it's also depend on the human defensive ..... And I don't really agree that is an illegal spot..! :wink:
    • Jan 25, 2014
      I say give it a go with Nayr, Beggar, Michi, Haoward, and Kronus as the zombies....should be interesting !
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      • Feb 27, 2012
        Not illegal. It's shallow enough to stab the human in the corner. It doesn't take a wicked bhop either, really easy little hop. Or even if you get a train going up through the non-crouch spot. Look at my amazing diagram. I should be an artist.
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