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Discussion in Completed Maps started by Noodles, Feb 25, 2012

  1. Feb 12, 2012
    This map is a more modernized lila map! This is now out of beta and updates, FINAL RELEASE!

    Most current version located here:

    Current Version: v3

    Difference between original lila and reloaded:

    -Lighting environment (shadows, lights, etc)
    The lighting on this really looked nice. The map was too bright and didn't have a zombie-like feel to it.
    Added Environmental lighting for shadows and light ground fog. I am trying to avoid extreme darkness, zombies are already darker in color and making it really dark kills the gameplay (kind of like lila_dark)

    -Re-arranged / tactical prop arrangement
    Props have been moved around and added to give it more of a realistic feel. Random items before didn't feel right.
    Arrangement such as red crate, fencing, and barrels give more tactics to the map.

    -Changed Rooms
    The rooms reflect what most people prefer on a large map: Bigger barricaded rooms, more eye-veiw downstairs with windows.
    For example, corner room has been expanded to fit 4-6 people freely rather than 1-2 it held before.
    More rooms have been adjusted so each of them have a fair chance at holding a barricade up.
    Cramped areas have been un-cramped, giving more room for humans/zombies to move freely.

    -No Illegal Spots
    What every mod loves on maps: No Illegal Spots! Every spot has been tested to ensure there isn't room for error and cheating.

    Pictures will be updated as the map comes along, I plan on it being completed within a week, as I started at with a copy of lila rather than from scratch.

    Thanks to Tony Montana for helping me out with some tutorials on advanced lighting and things. :grin:

    :EDIT: Finished map! Test it out!


    Update v3:
    -More annoying fog! :grin:
    -Darker theme
    -Retextured all buildings.
    -Fixed secret spot to make not illegal.

    Update v2:
    - 3D Skybox (Industrial/City Look).
    -Secret Room.
    -Fog Slightly Thicker and color change.
    -4th Floor, Funnel-Style.
    -Prop Rearrangement.
    -Doors sizing, window sizing, and other minor bugs and fixes.

    Update v1:
    -Light Fixtures added, no random lighting (well, noticeable ones)
    -Props are nicely secured to the ground and not floating.
    -Changed main tower props inside.
    -Widened stairs for more flow.
    -Minor adjustments to sizing of doors (to make it fair for zombies).
    -Added a cool sun (I guess).
    -Minor wall adjustments

    Final v0.1:
    -Fixed lighting.
    -Added light props with glow to enhance look.
    -Rooms are now Regular lighting, hallways are a light red.
    -Removed truck on side, replaced with piping.
    -Extended staircase in secondary building.
    -Environment Lighting adjusted, lower in contrast.

    -Version released.

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      Noodles, Feb 25, 2012 Last edited by Noodles, May 3, 2012
    • Feb 5, 2012
      Hey I like Illegal Spots, It's gives me a reason to kick and possibly ban. :smile:
      But I like where you are going here, can't wait to see the map! :grin:
      Hope to also see it on the servers :grin: :grin: :grin:.
    • Aug 8, 2010
      I look forward to seeing your work!
      Good job!
    • Feb 12, 2012
      Alright, here it is!

      Please critique it as needed. I know the lighting is a little funky, I'm adjusting that currently.

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    • titty
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      Feb 26, 2012
    • Feb 5, 2012
      Floaty , floaty props! Floaty Props!
    • Feb 12, 2012
      I believe the props are suppose to float, because the physics are different in the ZM server. correct me if im wrong...

      and im uploading the final in a few minutes
    • Feb 5, 2012
      We'll just have to see it on ZM for ourselves to see if it works or not! :smile:
    • Feb 12, 2012
      Alright folks, this map has been complete! I want to thank everyone who has tested it (sajak most recently :razz:).

      Please feel free to download the most recent version, and hopefully you all enjoy it! I'll be finishing my second project that I tucked away, zm_space_lab. Until then, happy mapping!

      (*Staff can move this to Completed Maps, if possible)
    • Nov 11, 2011
      I'm glad I got to test it. It's a really great map and before this update, I never liked lila :wink: That all changed. Great job Noodles! :kiss: