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Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by RainbowX1, May 12, 2011

  1. Apr 23, 2011

    This is a new spot that I've been experimenting with on novum. At first it was fun and showed a lot of potential but the fun soon ended when I received complaints from some admins.
    With this L shape cade, zombies can only pull the vending machine out. As a response I would shoot the vending machine back into place (picture 2)
    This act of response has been classified as "glitching" the prop. I've been referred to Rule #4

    4. Do not glitch inside walls, soda machines, rocks, or any props while you're a human
    This includes sliding props on top of yourself to prevent zombies from being able to reach you

    As you can clearly see from my screenshots, I am not in any prop or wall.
    I believe that rules are being bent and made vague to include this unique situation
    Rather seeing it as "glitching" the prop, I consider it as fixing my cade

    The timing in creating this cade before zombies spawn is not easy, let alone forming the L shape
    If built right, it becomes near impenetrable but not 100% proof
    Ive witness that front vending machine pop outta place and reconfigure before

    I don't want "excuses" as the reason to this awesome spot being busted down like this

    Lets discuss.
  2. Feb 1, 2011
    There are tons of cade situations that call for the same type of prop management / shooting your cade. I can't see why anyone gave you trouble about this.

    The only scenario that is illegal (so I have heard) is shooting the bottom of a vending machine in a narrow pathway to continuously pull it back in, like under the pipes in the armory room on little_city.

    That's my 2 cents!
  3. Jul 20, 2010
    List i checked it wasn't illegal to do that from what your doing in the screenshots. Your keeping your cade in place by shooting at a corner of it that keeps it in the area you want it. I've used that place before Jzx its a good place takes a while though. If you keep on getting complaints send them over to me.
  4. Apr 23, 2011
    Okay, thank you Badgriuel!

    I just want to add that as strong as that cade may be... after the first round, it becomes extremely difficult to build.
    People either shoot your vending machines away or wait inside your spot while your building. While time is ticking, mother zombies spawn.
    Add those factors together, this cade is something that pays off for your luck of building it.