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Spot Pending zm_novum_v4_sajakfix

Discussion in Illegal Spots started by Kyro, Aug 13, 2016

  1. Apr 26, 2015
    I think this is pretty obvious. GG Beggar. You need the vendys to get up, then jumping from someones head to get to the top of the tree. AFAIK, no other way to get up there.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 50208 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 50216 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 50306 PM
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    • Oct 7, 2007
      it takes a lot of time to get the vendies to work in that way with you. usually zombies spawn by then... btw.. that whole map is "fulla sik sp0tz breh"
    • Jul 7, 2014
      you guys just suck, get better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Jul 13, 2011
      Well normally any spot that that is high enough that you gotta use a prop is considered illegal. We all know it would be impossible to stack that high and for zombies to get props there. At least that is what I heard from Brandon.
    • Oct 7, 2007
      so, youre saying that novum should be taken out completely then? novum is full of impossible situations. as well as a bunch of other maps.
      Post Merged, Aug 13, 2016
      That spot has always been legal, there would be no point in enforcing it now. people will always still go there. you would be creating unnessessary work in a "cade site" that has always been legal.

      The "pyramid" boxes in novum are a definite popular spot since always. Like every other unattainable spot there is a dislike for it... and for that we rely on the spontaneous zombie spawns to try even that out.
    • Oct 29, 2010
      Seems like it fits right along with this spot. My opinions haven't changed.