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Discussion in Illegal Spots started by Harvey, Oct 16, 2011

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  1. Dec 7, 2010
    To all Admins:

    A new version of zm_roy_abandoned_canals completed by our Detonater has been updated on the zm servers eliminating all the illegal spots in the map.

    The old version is identified as: zm_roy_abandoned_canals_new and the new version is zm_roy_abandoned_canals_pf_v1.

    Accordingly the illegal spots page has been updated: http://www.plaguefest.com/harvey/illegalspots/zm_roy_abandoned_canals_pf_v1.html

    For comparison purposes these were all the former illegal spots: http://www.plaguefest.com/harvey/illegalspots/zm_roy_abandoned_canals_new.html

    Thanks to Retslag1 for updating the server with the new version.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.