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Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by Dark_Gunner, Aug 10, 2014

  1. Apr 28, 2013
    Hi People! :grin:
    I recently looked decided to finish up this zm map of mine that I had for a while.
    So what I successfully almost completed this map... just a few tweaks! :razz:
    I would like feed backs to what you think about it, and further improve this map :smile:
    Heres some Pictures that just just took... :grin:

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=298824224 <<CT Spawn
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=298824186 << T Spawn

    I'm almost finished with this map ^.^
    My first zm map that Ive made so don't be so harsh plz xD

    Map Details:
    *So far i have 12 Secrets
    *20 CT/ 20 T spawn point (gonna add more later)
    *No optimization added yet... but fps is good apparently
    *Not in HDR
    *Its a very quiet map (I think sound scape is broken)
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    • Jan 21, 2011
      Looks neat except for the 12 secrets...
    • Feb 27, 2012
      Make sure there is at least 32 and 32!

      You never know that until you have 64 people. Type mat_wireframe 1 and see if there is stuff rendering where you can't actually see. (If there are spots that are rendering from across the map, RIP FPS)

      The map looks really good, which is surprising. Most ZM maps look like complete asshole, and perform the same way. Can't wait to try it out on our servers :grin:
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      • Apr 28, 2013
        well if your concerned.. ill post all the secrets xD

        Indeed :razz: i don't know what happens iwth 64 players...
        Thanks for providing the command xD i just looked and it appears that o.o the compiler did really good on optimizing it for me :razz: probably thats why im getting the full 300 fps xD
        but to ensure good quality i shall add portalarea's into the map for extra safety :razz:

        Thanks Tony! :]
        This actually isnt my first map.. it is for ZM but not in general :razz: have a load of unfinished maps xD

        My Concerns is traffic threw the map xD with 64 people as you said tony :razz:
        tried to expand doors and stuff...
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        • Feb 27, 2012
          You should make sure that the door can fit at least 2 people at a time, and the corridors are wide enough. zm_clouds is a perfect example of what not to do for hallway and door size. I mean, i don't think there was much room to make the house bigger with bigger hallways and stuff, but it definitely SUCKED when everyone tried going into the house.

          This isn't just the compiler doing a good job, this is you doing a good job at building/designing the map :O

          What other maps have you made that you released? Perhaps i've played one of them.

          Keep up the good work! :smile:
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          • Apr 28, 2013
            well this map originally was built for garrysmod rp :razz: and i never was released... so i decided to turn it into a zombie mod map.. so i removed all the standard hl2 doors... and expanded some of them bigger :grin: hopefully it works... then i added secrets/vendy/sofa/some new rooms/new props...

            thanks tony... idk if you play garrys mod but thats where i started mapping ^.^

            anyways i kinda need a bit of question for zm maps
            *does zm maps require the spooky zombie sounds in the background? :razz:
            *do i need any other knowledge for zm maps? (i play zm ofc xD but is thar something in maps that I need to know

            other then that i just gotta plans are
            *add optimize/areaportals...
            *add more spawn points
            *fix errors (not too many errors i see)
            *possibly try to expand doorways much as possible... (already did some)
            *fix impossible to reach spots... ( i think i did well with that)
            *improve secrets... but 12 secrets is enough xD
            *add moving trains (kinda lazy)
            *add sounds maybe...

            and ya thats all i haveta do to finish the map :razz:
            then the question is whar do i give it away.

            oh btw look what i did creative! :razz:
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            • Feb 27, 2012
              Nope, that is built into the mod!

              Make sure you have an even balance of prop_physics(_override) and prop_physics_multiplayer. The prop_physics/prop_physics_override props are non glitchable, meaning players will get stuck in them and cant slide through them. prop_physics_multiplayer props make it so you are able to slip and slide through them. Usually you want to do this to props that will be making the cade stronger. If all the props in a cade room are non-glitchable, it can make some spots REALLY OP. Also, when in single player put in 2 console commands. sv_turbophysics 1 and phys_pushscale 3. Once you do that, reload the map, and you'll have the props act like they do on ZM. This is very handy for trying figure out how good a spot is. For more ammo for your p90 and m249, do ammo_57mm_max 99999 and ammo_556mm_box_max 99999 in console.
            • Apr 28, 2013
              Ah so that explains why some maps you can glitch threw the prop... :razz: goood tip tony ^.^ i never knew that!

              thanks tony! :grin: i already knew about phys_pushscale :O apparently i was right xD i been using pushscale 3 :razz: but i never found out how to push props using E... ^.^ and thanks for the ammo command :grin:
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              • Mar 8, 2013
                I think it's cozy. :arrogant:
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                • Feb 3, 2012
                  Keep up the work!
                • Feb 27, 2012
                  sv_turbophysics 1 and then reloading the map will make it so you can press e on the props to pull them.
                • Apr 28, 2013
                  I'm releasing beta for this map today :grin: But I'm not so sure about posting links on here.. *worried about forum rules with the links* It's posted on my website blog with most secrets shown & ton of pictures.
                  And I hope I'm not "Necro-posting" since this post is its 3 months old....
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