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CS:S Zombie Escape Crashes & Server Issues

Discussion in Server Suggestions & Bugs started by Peter, Dec 26, 2011

  1. Apr 28, 2013
    CS:S Update basically screwed up sourcemod. Same happened with other servers so it's no surprise. I think Kyle knows about this (for a week in advance before the update).
  2. Apr 9, 2007
    Was culled in a clean a month or so ago, Cassandra I guess kept you guys off of that level. This is now fixed.
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    • Apr 24, 2015
      Server is not responding I am unsure of the issue talking around to see what was going on before it went down.
    • Dec 3, 2016
      Ok look. The ZE cs:s pf server is full of problems and I suspect this is why no one ever plays on it, despite there being real interest for ZE from many players.

      1. Predator doesn't work. I don't buy that it's a map issue. It clearly can work on other servers, so what's the actual issue here? I alone was able to populate it with over 10 ppl last night with 24 hours notice and people were starting to enjoy it, but a server crash on the switch to predator killed it. If I have to, I will rotate through all of the maps and see if there are any other crash problems to report.

      2. No !zspawn?? So zombies are supposed to die easily and just sit dead for several minutes each round they are zombie?? Also people joining and having to wait for the round to be over is no fun.

      3. Why do we have to rely on perpetually absent Teemo to organize and start ZE events? Where is the support? People clearly want to play on a non-buggy ZE server.

      Come on guys. ZM and customs are thriving every night. Let's work on ZE!!!!!
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      4: From the main ZM server, people cannot navigate to the ZE server from the !servers menu. So how are people supposed to find it?
    • Jun 4, 2006
      Hard to tell without debug info, which we rarely obtain because no one plays.

      Getting people in ZE to play for an hour or two once in a blue moon is easy, it's getting them to play consistently every day that's always been the challenge.

      Was there really no zspawn or was that only after it crashed? I got reports yesterday that it only started happening after a crash, not before.

      Anyone can make an event or organize a steam group like teemo did. Literally nothing stopping anyone from doing so, and many have tried before teemo. We'll support ZE as long as players want to play there, but if there's no one there to play or report bugs, we obviously won't know what's wrong or needs fixing. Beyond that, most of the time players don't bother to let us know about problems, so thanks for taking the time to post about some potential issues.

      All the servers were recently rebuilt from the ground up, ZE hasn't had any players on it to test for issues until yesterday. Pred could have been a random crash (did you guys try changing to pred again after the crash?), and zspawn not functioning properly could have been from cassandra recovering the server after it crashed. I've restarted the server since then so it should be functioning normally again. If it's not or there's any issues besides !servers (which I hope to have fixed this weekend), please let me know.
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      • Dec 3, 2016
        I just did a nominate and rtv to switch the map to predator. Same issue. The client times out while the server is supposed to be switching to predator.

        Can't test zspawn right now as there is not enough people but last night when people were first joining, there were complaints that zspawn wasnt working. This was way before the map change to predator.
      • Apr 28, 2013
        The broken zspawn is a bug (how ze worked was players spawned in regardless as either a ct if the beginning of a round or zombie if the infect timer has been reached). This server needs quite the work before it can be in a playable state hence why our test last night wasn't all for nothing.

        P.S. Afterwards, there are two more matters I would like to discuss.

        Entwatch: That plugin is much worse than antigrief and a buggy mess. My only suggestion is to rework the plugin from ground up (will take a while). Pretty sure Deto's ItemProtect worked so that only the owner of a special item (the !activator) can only use that item. The hud has also got to go too (dumbed down the meta). Dropping special items on death however can stay because that logic makes sense and the whole items disappearing on death is more annoying as opposed to difficult.

        Bhopping: Yea it's impossible to "reverse the curse" and enable bhop as we had pF fans that prefer no bhopping. The current settings with sv_enablebunnyhopping 0 we will need further testing. Donators with the high jump can bhop easier. Some maps can force sv_enablebunnyhopping to 1.