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Zombie Escape ideas FOR MORE FUN!!! (Repost)

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by SwagOverDoser, Jun 28, 2014

  1. Apr 25, 2014
    To anyone who actually reads this please pass this on to other members. It'd be great if an admin or a high ranking official took their time to read this.
    *Okay now to the point*
    I have come to the conclusion that plague fest zombie escape server is fun. However it can be improved in several areas with some amplification. The maps are awesome, but so many maps are over played. So how do we solve this problem? Simple i have three solutions, two of the three are a bit radical but the other one is more user friendly.
    #1 - No more RTV (to the extent of choosing, of course you can rtv if the map is terrible), instead of the traditonal rtv, let their be an option for either extend or change. Basically if you choose change, the server will choose a random map. This way new maps are played and the rotation is endless!!!
    #2- Okay so lets say #1 can't work for some reason. What about time to time. What do i mean by that? Well time to time will mean #1 but only for certain hours. Lets say the untraditional rtv (2 choices just like from #1 extend or rotate) is from 7pm to 9pm.
    #3- Here is where the players can get a bit more involved. When choosing a map (lets say the time runs out or everyone rtvs) the number one choice FOR EVERY SINGLE RTV is titledRANDOM. This way people are hyped up for the next map, it will excite them. If its terrible well you can always rtv but if its amazing boom!

    - I won't understand if any of these aren't passed to be honest, but if they are not please consider blocking out number 1-3 in the rtv. Most of the time people don't think about what they are voting or just spam number 1 or 7 (extend).

    P.S-I understand my grammar isn't the best in fact i know this please don't judge based on that sole reason. Actually think about the idea, it is to counter replayed maps that are always being played, ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!.
    FEEDBACK Are welcome of course!!!.:cool::cool:

    *Sorry for not posting it here first i'm kinda knew in the posting department so i just copied and pasted my thread from the blog so don't worry i'm not stealing this from someone.*
  2. Oct 13, 2011

    Management is working on this.

  3. Aug 12, 2012
    #1. No, because if we go to a terrible map people will leave and other people just sitting in spec waiting for a good map to play...
    #2 No. read #1
    #3 No. read #2

    Blocking out numbers on the vote would mean less nominations and that no good.

    Even though we usually play the same overplayed maps, that is what keeping the server populated and we do tend to play other maps time from time.

    However, I'm looking forward to the randomization for the nominations if its ever going to happen.
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    • Apr 25, 2014
      Thanks for the feedback but i'm assuming you could increase the number from 7 to what ever number instead of 1-7 it could be 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 still having 7 numbers but represented with different numbers, you get my drift? THX AGAIN!
      Post Merged, Jun 28, 2014
      Number 3 simply suggest there be an option named random for map selections therefore it can be voted for to have a random map THX for the feedback
    • Mar 20, 2012
      People need rtv for mapbugs, when server is empty, when the server is full of trolls...just some examples. Just think about it more than 5 s and you will notice that "no rtv" has way more downsides as to have it.

      They are (I guess, still^^) working on a system which randomizes the vote for people. For example Player 1 gets the vote "Map A" "Map B" "Map C" "Map D" "Extend", Player 2 gets a different vote with the same options just not in the same order.. "Map D" "Map A" "Map C" "Map B" "Extend" .
      Benefits are that there is no 1spam and that other maps than 1 or 2 are winning. People who dont care about the vote actually press something else then the same map.
      Next Point, the nominations, usually the first one on the server spams his nomination bind and has the 1st nomination and a decent chance to get his map voted as nextmap. With this plugin it will all randomize anyway and it wouldnt matter at all.
    • Mar 26, 2012
      Don't we have an issue with server population when the server changes to a not so popular map?

      I admit that maps can be overplayed, but it seems like other maps that aren't popular are liked by a minority. Having both the popular maps and not so popular maps is a good compromise. I still join the server and see that all the popular map have been played so there are times when the only maps to play are the not so popular one for people who don't wanna play the popular ones.
    • Mar 20, 2012
      atm minas is a server killer, nobody wants to play pf hardcore mode on minas

      Maybe it is different between 2am-8am (GMT+2) idk.

      People like easy maps.... doom, nostromo, shroomforest, escapehorizon something like that...!
    • Feb 25, 2014
      Shamefully the majority is always right and this is never up for debate. The only thing to fix are those who spam 1 for being lazy.
    • Feb 27, 2012
      @SwagOverDoser something is already being worked on regarding the map selection system. Don't you worry your pretty little face :wink:

      p.s. why is everyone so passive aggressive :confused:
    • May 29, 2012
      What do you mean with aggresive huh? :angry:
    • Apr 25, 2014
      I just wanna ask then whats the point of all these maps that are never played? Its kinda dumb to play the same map rotation. At least have a time zone when random maps are played please, its such a waste to have maps that haven't been played who knows there might be an awesome map here and there.