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Zombie Escape just hit 100k subscribers

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by JorisCeoen, Apr 15, 2018

  1. Apr 9, 2012
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    • Apr 28, 2013
      Oh I wish ze was doing better here when you posted this.
    • Mar 26, 2012
      Get out of here! ZE? ZM4Life!!!

      I do miss ZE. It is funny how often we see people missing it, but none of us ever go in it. It doesn't make sense to me how people gave on it and you can't really play it with only 5 people on. :frown:
    • Apr 28, 2013
      Too much haters/trolls elsewhere. The whole ze community is bad they don't want to see a community like this. I hope things die down sometime.
    • Apr 9, 2012
      It's true, the requirements to keep ZE running are higher in numbers indeed. Although I've been thinking of getting into ZM to start a series there, we'll see :smile:
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      • Apr 9, 2012
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        • Jul 14, 2010
          Did you need better specs to be able to do this and that's why you recently started, or was it not having a 4k monitor? I don't know much about recording and am not particularly interested, but was curious to know how it works, minus putting in the time and googling it myself ;P

          Hopefully we can get some more pF exposure on here in the future with some new stuff too later on. That ZM video was pretty cool; I was surprised you were able to get good content considering the typical mic users we get and how zm plays lol
        • Oct 25, 2012
          i actually miss ZE
        • Apr 28, 2013
          Don't we all?
        • Feb 6, 2017
          I don't miss the

        • Apr 28, 2013
          Debatable but only if done right. I don't miss anyone who promotes this all the time.
        • Apr 9, 2012
          I had to update my whole computer. I went with the following specs to get this quality:

          • Operating System
            • Win10 Home Edition 64-Bit
          • CPU
            • Intel Core i7 7820X @ 3.60GHz [Skylake-X 14nm Technology] (29 °C)
          • RAM
            • 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1066MHz (10-10-10-28)
          • Motherboard
            • Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. X299 AORUS Ultra Gaming Pro-CF (CPU0) (44 °C)
          • Power Supply
            • Xilence Performance X 750W
          • Graphics
            • 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (NVIDIA) (42 °C)
          • Display
          • Storage
            • 465GB Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB (Unknown (SSD))
            • 232GB Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB (Unknown (SSD))
            • 2794GB Western Digital WDC WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 (SATA ) (36 °C)
            • 4657GB Seagate BUP SL SCSI Disk Device (USB (SATA) ) (39 °C)
          • Optical Drives
            • ASUS BC-12D2HT
          • Audio
            • ASUS XONAR PHOEBUS Audio Device
          • Case
            • NZXT Fulltower 820 Phantom (White)
          • Fans
            • 5x NZXT Aer RGB 140mm (intern)
            • 4x NZXT Performance 200mm (intern)
            • 2x NZXT Performance 200mm (mounted on outside caseholder for PC, custom design and mount by myself)
            • Hue+
          • Mounts
            • Rosewill 2-Port USB 3.0 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
            • COSMOS desktop computer ATX/MATX companion, blank drawer rack - Black (this is yes, literally an empty storage drawer)
            • NZXT Sentry Fan Controller (Black)

          Most people will probably say something like "why do you have some of the strongest components possible, then only take a GTX 1050 TI" which yes I have had the question multiple times, and the reason is $$$. Most of you will probably know about the mining inflation, that skyrocketted prices of the GTX series in general. To pay something like $1100 for a GTX 1080 TI, when the next-generation GPU is about to arrive in September or the end of 2018/start 2019... is assinine. That's it, it's assinine. Instead, I only payed €190 for the GTX 1050 TI that has 4GB of ram, MORE than enough for CS:GO and many other games that I can record at a capped 60FPS with no drawbacks :cool:

          Later on, I will buy the highest-end GPU of the next generation (that is, excluded any 'Titan' versions or anything, which costs €2000+ or something) at a more reasonable price, and that will be that. If I miss out on the first wave of official cards, well, MAYBE by then the prices will have gone up again, and if by then it's still something between €900-€1100... well then at least I will have bought the best card that is available at that time for that price, instead of a GPU that all of a sudden is a generation behind for the exact same price.

          And that's about it. There is more than 8 years difference between my previous build and this one. This PC is without joking, around 7 times faster than my previous one performance-wise, and easliy 20 times faster speed-wise for writing files, loading games and so on. These tiny SSD's that immediatly mount on your motherboard are crazy! And the craziest is that I have 3 slots on my MB for those... 3!!! :bugeyes: I thought about upgrading later on to a 2TB M2 SSD, but then I saw the prices and I was like... I'll wait, for a few hundreds years or so.

          TL;DR Yes, new build to record 4K UHD. Even with my old build that was made more than 8 years ago, adding a 4K screen would probably dip it to 15-20fps MAX.
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          • Apr 9, 2012