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Zombie Myth Busters

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by GRUDGE, Jun 12, 2013

  1. Jul 28, 2011
    Do you have a CSS Zombie myth that you want to be either officially busted or confirmed? Well, you have come to the right place! This is where you can bring a myth of your own to the table. You can either present a myth for others to test and discuss or bring enough proof to debunk one!

    Some other suggested myths to test:
    • All zombie classes are the same speed
    • Facing away from humans as a zombie while you approach them reduces knock back
    • Test to see if specific hold spots can be reached by creative stacking or by other methods

    I'll start to get things rolling. I was going to use spoilers on the images, but spoilers decided they wanted to act funky so you know what? Screw spoilers! Enjoy your lovely supply of somewhat boring enhanced-for-your-viewing-pleasure screenshots!

    The Myth: Using the left-mouse attack with a knife is the quickest way to destroy a breakable wall or window

    The Tests:

    Here are three beautiful yet fragile boxes. They have lived a good, innocent life and know nothing of war or zombification
    Properties of func_breakable: strength: 250, material: rock

    I will slaughter the first box using my p90, arguably the most popular gun in zombie mod.
    Time: 2 seconds*

    Now I will put the gun away and use my trusty knife. For the first test I will use the slashing primary attack (left mouse button).
    Result: 18 seconds

    Now I will destroy the third box using the secondary knife attack (right mouse button).
    Result: 8 seconds

    Ok, now let's change the material to see if the results are different. Do windows break at the same rate as walls?

    Here are two amiable and very relate-able breakable glass boxes.
    Properties of func_breakable: strength: 250, material: glass

    Once again, I will use the slashing primary attack (left mouse button). This poor fella never saw it coming.
    Results: 18 seconds

    Now for the secondary attack (right mouse button).
    Results: 8 seconds

    Other testing showed that a single left mouse attack did 10 damage to a breakable block, while a single right mouse attack did 32 damage. It would take over three left mouse attacks to equal the damage of one right mouse attack!

    *times are approximations and are not exact
    ** No boxes were harmed during the process of testing***
    *** that's a lie. All the boxes were harmed. All of them.

    The Results:
    Myth BUSTED!

    Breaking a wall using the primary slashing knife attack takes almost TWICE as long as using the secondary stabbing attack!

    I chose to test this because almost everybody I see who is attempting to break a wall or window are just holding down their slash attack, while they could be a lot more efficient and break the wall to reach their delicious prize of brains by using the right mouse button!

    TL;DR: use right mouse knife attack to destroy breakable objects instead of left mouse attack
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      GRUDGE, Jun 12, 2013 Last edited by GRUDGE, Jun 12, 2013
    • Oct 17, 2011
      very good and funny information. I used left mouse to break objects and from this you did i learned the fast thing to do from now on. I salut you my friend.
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      • Oct 29, 2010
        Is it true that there's a place on a zombie's head where if you shoot it, it will blow up?
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        • Apr 9, 2007
          Normally I'd call you a leaker, but we're at the point where too many zombies don't know about it (I'd hope the seasoned player already knew, but welp!). Thanks for the comical show!

          • True & False - After HPE broke this in 2010~, the ZE guys seem to like it, so speeds are currently half nuked on ZE, but they're configured for different speeds should this 'nuke' be removed. ZM shouldn't be nuked however and zombie speeds should be different per class.
          • Fact with ZR, not with ZM.
          • Definitely
          Hopefully this helps.
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            Kyle, Jun 12, 2013 Last edited by Brian, Jun 12, 2013
          • Jul 28, 2011
            Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air?
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            • May 31, 2012
              Could you imagine if (a) God came to the Myth Busters and before the show could even begin God would give all the answer? That's what Kyle just did :razz:
            • Jul 28, 2011
              I can just picture an episode of MythBusters like that. Jamie Hyneman just monotonously reads down a list saying either busted or confirmed without any footage of the tests. That'd be great for the ratings!
            • Mar 8, 2013
              I think this is more to do with it being harder to get a headshot on a zombie who has their back to you. This is especially true of crouch spots where the head often clips with the ceiling.