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Zombie Spawn and HP

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by Kyron The Wise, Aug 9, 2011

  1. Apr 29, 2011
    I am asking this on behalf of my friend, Eternal Oblivion, who is making his first map. He is almost done, but he has no idea how to set zombie spawns, or their hp. How would we go around changing the hp and set the zombie spawn points?
  2. AkaDemikz
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    Aug 9, 2011
  3. Jul 14, 2010
    The spawn points of humans are where the zombies are spawned. Zombies are only sent back to spawn points in Zombie Escape which is a server specific script I believe. Zombie HP is also set by the server and can be set map specifically.

    So, zombie spawn points are human spawn points and HP is controlled by the server.
  4. Mar 16, 2008
    Not totally true, some maps control these settings.
    Mako and Predator are examples of HP controlling.
    The island escape is one where they control the spawning.

    *Moved to mapping*
  5. Jul 14, 2010
    My mistake, the server has the HP of zombies set for each zombie. A map has triggers that can change these values. When zombies spawn they are sent back to spawn and a trigger can be made to change where they are sent to. I'm not a pro ze mapper so I'd wait for someone with more knowledge to post here or google some guides/browse gamebanana.
  6. Apr 29, 2011
    So the zombie spawns are the same as human spawns, okay then. How do you change the zombie spawn times (How do you set the time at which some humans are chosen to be zombies, and changed into them) or is this a server controlled.

    As for zombie HP, It is definitely map chosen, and we need to know how to do this. There are vehicles with giant doom weapons, such as tanks and F-22s, and we dont want the zombies dying too quickly.

    PS. Retslag, if you read this, you are probably getting your controllable statue with banhammer,just probably not in this version.
  7. Mar 25, 2011
    If you want to control when zombies are unleashed, you best bet is to have a teleport activate when they are chosen, and restrain them to your hearts desire. I don't think there is a way to change when they are actually chosen.

    I'll play with the health thing for a bit, and get back to you if i figure anything out.
  8. Mar 25, 2011
    Alright, I've found two different ways to go about this.

    Firstly (and more effectively), you can do this:

    Make a weapon_knife->go to outputs->OnPlayerPickup->!activator(will appear red)->AddOutput->Health 9999999 (or whatever you want) Keep in mind you could do this in a similar fashion to tirith and just send all the zombies to the teleport at the knife, and then send them out to wherever.

    Or alternatively:

    Make a trigger->make it a trigger_multiple->go to outputs->OnStartTouch->!activator(red)->AddOutput->Health 9999999 (or w/e you want)

    Now, even though i had the knife way set in the billions, it brought my health to 255, and the trigger only brought it to 127. I don't know if this will be the case in ZE or multiplayer, you'll have to figure that out. Do NOT use addhealth, it doesn't work.

    Alternatively you could just adjust the damage of each "Doom weapon" to fit the zombies health.
  9. Apr 29, 2011
    TY Very Much Cypher. He used your advice and it worked.
  10. Feb 12, 2011
    As for changing the time at wich zombies spawn, you'll have to make an extra script. I have no clue how it works, but I'm sure kaemon will be able to help you.