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Apr 27, 2012
Feb 6, 2011
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    Member, Male

    Wow this place looks different... Apr 12, 2012

    Zombo was last seen:
    Apr 27, 2012
      1. Zombo
        Wow this place looks different...
      2. Zombo
        I haven't even been here for that long but I feel like I don't know anyone on here anymore. Can't imagine what the people that have been here for a long time feel like.
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        2. Peter
          Don't know who the fuck any of these people are. But I still yell at them.
          Aug 26, 2011
        3. brownieapple
          Aug 26, 2011
        4. Doom5565
          At least some people I know are still here
          Sep 8, 2011
      3. Zombo
        Back from vacation finally. Hopefully I can play some vidja games now.
        1. Pac
          Hey Welcome Back Man
          Aug 23, 2011
        2. tallahassee
          welcome back.
          Aug 23, 2011
      4. Zombo
        I need to play more. Work sucks.
      5. Zombo
        Fuck LulzSec.
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        2. PeNguiN
          Jun 14, 2011
        3. [31Bravo] Ray
          [31Bravo] Ray
          They'll get arrested. Anonymous members are getting arrested left and right. I'll Lolz @ the LulzSec kiddies when they get arrested too. Dumbasses.
          Jun 14, 2011
        4. taurah
          I hope they do, and they get their shit pushed in at their local county jail.
          Jun 15, 2011
      6. Zombo
        GET ON GG
      7. Zombo
        New internet :D
      8. Zombo
        Anyone pick up Terraria? Ill start a server for it if there is any interest.
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        2. Pac
          From What I see it is Pretty Similar to MineCraft....Just Different
          May 17, 2011
        3. Zombo
          Yeah I'm a few hours in now and it is a little like minecraft. The differneces it has with minecraft are for the better. Much more defined goals, NPC's, tons of enemies, bosses, and a sort of RPG feeling.
          May 17, 2011
        4. Icee
          May 17, 2011
      9. Zombo
        I hate when CSS gets updates. On one hand I don't think people should be pirating the game, on the other hand we lose like 30% of the player base for a couple days.
        1. McKay
          If you steal the game, you have no rights to complain about anything. I have no sympathy for any of them.
          May 6, 2011
        2. Peter
          You dont have three hands
          May 6, 2011
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