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Site & Forum Rules

Acceptance of all rules on this page is required to use any portion of this site.

PlagueFest.com strongly believes in free speech. Whenever possible, we attempt not to moderate or censor individuals without reason.

The above being said, this is a private site. You are not entitled to anything. You do not have guaranteed rights. You have privileges. They can be removed at any time. Much like your favorite local bar, if you get too loud, obnoxious, or abusive, you will be bounced.


You remain solely responsible for the content of your posted messages and actions. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this website, any related websites, its staff, and its subsidiaries.

General Guidelines
  1. Please keep posts in their proper forums. Read the descriptions of each forum before posting. If we have to continually move your threads to the appropriate forum you will be warned and/or suspended.

  2. No Necro-posting!

    This is when you post within a long dead (old) thread, especially without contributing anything of substance to it. If you must contribute to an aging thread, be damn sure your contribution makes it worth the read, and the thread is still viable. If it's many months or years old, you may want to consider starting a new thread (and you can point to the old one if needed). If you're posting something inane, or posting to a thread in which a situation may no longer be viable, then you're necro-posting and will be warned or suspended.

  3. No Double-posting!

    This is when you post successive replies without editing your previous post. This is especially frowned upon if it's a regular occurrence or within a short time of the previous post.

  4. No Abusing the Post Ratings

    Do not ask or tell others to rate you in a post. Do not ask for ratings whatsoever. E.g., "Rate 'Agree' if you think cheeseburgers are delicious". Alternatively, do not spam ratings on other posts, use them only where applicable. Users who ask for ratings or spam ratings will be warned & suspended.

Racism, Discrimination, and Hate Speech

This is not permitted on PlagueFest.com. Any posts that we consider to breach this are subject to removal by our staff should we deem it appropriate to do so. The result will be swift, no warnings, just an immediate ban.

Warez, Illegal Distribution of Copyrighted Materials

No "warez" talk or anything relating to illegal distribution of copyrighted materials such as movies, games, emulator roms, software, music, television programs, website designs, pictures, artwork, and so forth. Debating these issues is permitted, however directly incriminating yourself and your activities via your posts (whether using a link, or directly attaching or including it within the post) subject the post or thread to be removed or edited at any time for your own protection, and ours.


No posting of pornographic pictures, avatars, videos, profile pictures, or outside links are permitted on this website. Suggestive PG-13 is fine (such as cleavage or a thong), but no specific nudity (including, but not limited to: bush, hole, nips, or pole!)

Spam and Links

Promotional links with referral or affiliate ids, etc. are forbidden and will be removed immediately. All personal website links can be added and displayed via your profile. Even in that area the link(s) may be removed for any reason.

Spamming is not tolerated anywhere on this site, including (but not limited to) threads, posts, comments, conversations, profile posts, custom titles, status posts, etc. If you spam any area on this website your account is subject to suspension or a permanent ban.


Deliberate attempts at ruining story lines (such as from a book, TV show, movie, game, etc.) are not tolerated. When posting any information that divulges a surprise, such as a plot twist in a story, the use of Spoiler tags and/or explicitly declaring spoilers is required.


When posting images, please consider adding them as attachments or using a free hosting service such as Imgur or other. Linking directly to images hosted on other sites can be considered as bandwidth theft and is not good practice, as any linked images can be changed or removed from the host site at any time, resulting in unexpected results or broken links.


Signatures are limited to the following conditions:

  • Max Links: 6
  • Max Images: 2
  • Max Emails: 1
  • No Media Embeds

If your signature violates any of these conditions your signature may be truncated and/or edited. Signatures should be relatively small in size and not contain obnoxious material.

User Accounts
  1. You are permitted to have ONE PlagueFest.com account ONLY. If you need more than one, please contact us to let us know why. We have various methods of investigating this, so we recommend following this rule. If you do not, both accounts are subject to removal at any time. If you made a typo in your original name, you may change your username via your Account Settings.

  2. You are permitted a username of up to 26 characters. However, a variety of usernames are not permitted such as racist names or names similar to moderator / administrator titles.

Members who attempt to post personal information about themselves do so at their own risks. This includes websites, e-mails, instant message account names, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth. Any member who takes it upon themselves to post information of another member because of personal vendettas or other are subject to removal.

Thank you for your cooperation, and taking the time to read the site & forum rules.