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Server Admin Rules

All Plague Fest server admins are bound by these rules.

As an admin, you are the face of Plague Fest. Admins must be mature, respectful, professional, patient, use common sense, and so forth.

Bearing that in mind, please ensure you've read and understand all of the following admin rules.

  • Do not impersonate another player or admin on the server.

  • Do not teleport yourself or other players/admins unless it is necessary.

  • Do not argue with other players/admins on the server. If you have a disagreement to work out, please do so in private so it does not affect others who are not involved.

  • Playing music over the mic is never allowed.

  • Self-bans are not permitted. These are considered a form of admin abuse as they are useless and serve no purpose, as well as clog the ban logs.

  • All admins must keep the same name in-game with either [pF] added to their name or their group set to the Plague Fest Admin group "[pF] Admin".

  • Before handing out any bans, make sure you have all the information you might need (Steam ID, Name(s), Demo, Information, etc) and add the applicable information to your ban on SourceBans afterward.

  • When posting about abuse of another admin, post it in the "Server Admins" section of the forums. This is considered an internal affair and should not be public.

  • As an admin you must enforce the rules of the server. If you refuse to make use of your admin responsibilities (enforcing the rules, giving out warnings & punishments when you witness rule breaking and so forth) and instead only reap the benefits, your admin status will be reconsidered and ultimately can be removed. We are a community; we all have to do our part.

In short, just have fun on the server and play like you're a regular player. Admin commands don't need to be utilized unless it is necessary, so we shouldn't see logs flooded with messages of admins doing various actions without reason.

Thank you for your cooperation, and taking the time to read the admin rules.