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A few improvments

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by professor chaos, Dec 6, 2007

  1. Dec 6, 2007
    1st off I think we all know respawning as a zombie sucks. Nobody wants to be randomly chosen as a zombie only to have to run into bullets for the next 7 minutes, dieing several times, and have nearly no chance of actually winning the round. I think most people would agree that respawning as a human is much more preferable. I read some of the other thread regarding this and it seems most people were worried about spawn killing. That can easily be fixed with zombie protection which makes you invisible/invulnerable for 20 seconds or so while you get to a hiding spot.

    To even things up there obviously needs to be more zombie advantages. It's hardly fair that a single human with a p90 can singlehandedly hold a spot against multiple zombies. A few improvements the zombies could get is lower knockback, faster running speed, auto heal (it heals about 15 hp every 3 secs or so), or even the Predator zombie class which is about 90% invisible.

    Edit: Also, how about making the zombie change faster. As it is now everybody can comfortably walk to their hiding spots without fear of hitting hit in the back by a zombie.
  2. Dec 30, 2006
    Well for the respawning as humans we have discussed this alot and most players and admins are comfortable with once your a zombie you stay a zombie. It makes it more challenging and more awarding if you can survive as a human. This has not affected player count and actually player count as been up since we implemented this. Also this really fixed the balance equation with zombies and ct winning. Zombies have alot better chance. We also reduced round time because of the once your a zombie you stay zombie.

    I wouldn't mind having the zombies health regenerate as they roam around. Im not sure if that is possible or not but I like that idea. Ct still have a overall advantage against zombies so its not like zombies with regenerating health is going to mess up the balance.

    We have been discussing different zombie models and there advantages. I believe they are still getting worked out.

    ty for the suggestions though, we really need players to post on stuff they want to see changed or improved.
  3. Dec 6, 2007
    The problem I see with this server is you think of the game too 1 sided. With the Unlimited ammo, late Zombie spawn, high knockback, low Zombie health, and low Zombie speed, it's all about Humans winning and holding the Zombies back. For any Zombie server to be fun it needs to be challenging. People shouldn't just be able to pile into a room and spray the un-caded doorway for 5 minutes and win the round. Once it's actually hard for Humans to survive and somewhat easy for Zombies to get a kill it will be good. Until that happens the half of the server that's a Zombie isn't going to be having that much fun.
  4. Jun 4, 2006
    We've been going through configuration after configuration for almost 2 years now, keep that in mind. With the server at 33 tic, the registration isn't so hot, thus lowering the knockback would be a BAD idea. If anything we would RAISE it, can you believe that?

    We ran HLStatsX for months counting human wins and zombie wins and the numbers were dead close, no team was ahead of the other by more than 20 rounds at any given point in time, the configuration was about as balanced as it was going to get.

    Since then, however, we've changed servers which have prompted us to alter the configuration. We would not implement auto-heal. It is possible to be done ck, but we would never use it. I disagree that a single human with a p90 can hold off an entire team of zombies, if that's the case, those zombies need to learn better tactics because god damn that is pathetic.

    We were cautious when we switched from Zombies respawning as Humans to zombies respawning as zombies. It makes far more sense for a zombie to respawn as a zombie. First off, its HUMAN SURVIVAL. If they can survive "X" amount of time without dying, they win, hallelujah. Once a zombie is infected, I don't see how it makes sense for them to be reincarnated as humans... this isn't Buddhism. Zombies are a blood thirsty, human flesh striving cult who CONSTANTLY attempt to bring the human race down.

    I have yet to notice a pattern of human or zombie advantage in any particular way. It appears pretty dead even to me, however, I do say it is leaning on the ZOMBIES having the advantages, not the humans. You can pound bullets into half-zombies and they'll keep on coming at you, almost as if knockback isn't even present (which hopefully, will be resolved when we upgrade to 66 tic, we shouldn't have to edit knockback at all if we raise tic)

    Though your suggestions are more than welcome and appreciated, I doubt you'll see any significant changes any time soon.
  5. Oct 22, 2007
    the worst thing also about respawning as a human is that people like to spawn camp because they don't know how to get kills. So what does it do? It screws up people having to spawn run like hell just to be stabbed because they where followed by a butt load of zombies. Besides this it's nice not having to take action on people spawn camping anymore. Which i think has helped with the server being full all the time as well. If there is less for the players to to break on rules also it makes life alot easier and enjoyable for the others.
  6. Mar 23, 2008
    plus if u spawn as hman a zomb can camp and gain ranks while u lose ranks