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Admin abuse by 2 admins/other issues

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Guest_UnFriendly_*, Aug 22, 2008

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    Been on this server for about a month, and over the past week or so have noticed an increase in spamming, racism, and admin issues, and wanted to report them here.

    Regarding Spamming:
    This happens every night, with basically no effort by admins to curb it. EVERY night. Whether it is "buttplug", or some 12 year old talking about his balls dropping with some other 12 year old, it happens ALL THE TIME. Note: spamming is not limited to players- admins spam the !sound menu as well.

    This is another constant problem- with racist sprays from at least 3 players, and the name changes such as "obama is a terrorist" or ect.- and many people scremainf n*gger before a map change just because they know the admins wont do anything about it.

    Regarding my personal issue with 2 admins:
    Was playing ZM server at about 730 tonight, and [PF] Henry and Peter Griffin were on. Was giving "aggressive advice" (lol) to some noobs on how to play the game, because I know better then them, and the next round both of them change their names. Peter Griffin Changed his to Un|imagayfag, and henry to Un|faggot. Now, I can understand why they would want to be me, seeing as I'm ranked #1 on the server and have almost 2x as many kills as anyone else, but disrespecting me in such a manner is truly unbecoming of an admin, especially when in your section about becoming an admin, it mentions the fact that admins should respect all players at all times. I looked at this when I was considering PAYING for admin, but I don't know if this will happen at this point. As a side note, they both ridiculed me with attempts to humor things I mention as a concerned player. Henry called me a whiny bitch on multiple occasions tonight as well, for apparent reason other then the fact that I was addressing concerns with spots that have been fixed (i.e. teleporter placed) before.

    Is that respect?
    Probably not.

    From another thread:
    "This is the last time I see an admin insult a player without punishment." - [PF] John

    Hopefully these issues are resolved in a manner consistant of a well managed and exceptionally administered server.

  2. Mar 16, 2008
    Are you sure these two were the real admins? we have had reports of people going under admin names today.
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    Please wait for the reported admins responses.
  4. Jul 31, 2007
    I dunno about you, but I kick/mute/ban spammers all the time, music especially, What I don't do is ban 12 year old for talking like everyone else, even though YOU and numerous other people instantly begin to insult them quite harshly if they even say a word.

    Don't really see "obama is a terrorist" as particularly racist, and theres nothing we can do about people screaming at the end of the round as by the time we've heard them their names already gone, or the map has changed.

    Ok, this really pisses me off , every time you've been on you ususaly insult me with british stereotypes and assault dani with sexist comments, you're a deuche to everyone under 20 on the server and almost everything you say contains curses or trash talk. You give all this shit out on a daily basis and don't expect anything back in return? Give some respect before you demand some. And you WHERE whining about the TP because I put a TP in your spot, everything you said was basically "You put a TP in my spot so why not put a TP in THEIR spot too." which I don't know about you but that sounds like whining.
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    K... umm...

    Pebble. Respect unfriendly. Unfriendly..respect pebble.
    No more bitching, no more whining, no more fighting.

    Good enough? Sound good?

    Waiting on an answer from the 2nd admin.
  6. May 27, 2008
    I don't care if you are rank #1, Plus, the server reset, you would be at least rank 100+ if they hadn't been. You are totally mean to the other players, and no one does anything about you. You disrespect everyone. Even the admins. You yell at Pebble constantly, which leads me to believe that you don't like British players on the server. I hate how all the people that get so pissed off, that they come here and say, "I was going to buy admin as well! I DON'T THINK SO ANYMORE! WAHH!" You've yelled at me in the past as well. For everything I've seen/heard you do, I really do not want to hear or see you on the server. And I am not afraid to say that. I honestly cannot stand you. You are so full of it.
  7. Jun 4, 2006
    Been seeing name changes left and right lately.. ie:

    [pF] Peter Griffen has changed his name to [pF] Da_Punisher2 or however Pun does it, don't know if this was Pun or Peter or neither but it's getting a tad confusing and knowing me I'm too damn lazy to check ma_admins so I just leave the game and piss on it.
  8. Mar 12, 2008

    and peter only gets mad when someone really makes him angry enough to go that far. you must have pissed him off pretty bad it seems, un|friendly.

    something tells me you aren't telling the whole truth. i also demand screens of said abuse. and a demo. also send me some moar whine?

    oh and sauce, petter says it was him changing his name. just to dick around i suppose O.o but as i always, and forever will say...

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    Thread closed. Admins, stop changing your names for lulz/to confuse other players.

    And please, from now on..Do not post in an admin abuse thread unless you are:

    Head admin trying to solve the situation
    The person who made the admin abuse report
    The admin who was reported
    An eye-witness
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