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Admin Abuse

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by (805)Ridah, Feb 7, 2007

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    i would just like to know who gave umbrella corporation admin cause he was in the server on feb.6th and he was spamming the mic talking shit to everyone and being a real asshole to people on the server. he would mic spam and just chacing people off the server. and today on feb.7th. sauce helmet is on and he's not saying a word not talking shit, but when there's no other admins on he's an asshat making people leave the server. i would just like this to be addressed and taken care of. thank you for your your time.

  2. Feb 3, 2007

    Well i wasnt really mic spamming, i was just going over some of the tracks playing small parts and stuff. Having a good time with everybody else on the server. Even with some pF admins at that time. The whole point of zm servers is to have a good time and i sure do that. If you feel that i spam the mic at any point im sorry. It wont happen again. Be good and hope to see you again on the server.

    Umbrella Corporation Soldier
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    I don't recall him talking shit at all Ridah. :blink: