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Back to school

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by inworb, Jun 23, 2009

  1. Feb 23, 2009
    Thinking of going back to school, taking suggestion on which school to go to.
    (preferably somewhere with a good Astor physics department)
    I've already done my generals in Hawaii and don't really want to go back there.
  2. Jan 5, 2007
    Forget astro physics, become a murse!

    Apparently it's all the rage these days.
  3. Oct 22, 2007
    don't be mad cause i see hot girls on the floor and never have to worry about the economy cause people will always be sick, haha.
  4. Jan 10, 2009
    hot girls on the floor passed out and shitting themselves! real hot there viva!!

    el oh el im just kidding <3!
  5. Dec 17, 2007
    http://www.uwo.ca/ check this out bud. not sure how far out of the way South Western Ontario is to you but fine school, plenty of world class programs and super fine ass Canadian hotties. Western is classey baby!
  6. Mar 12, 2008
    Nurses should just get paid in gold bars rather than cash.

    the amount of money they make, and the overtime is always plentiful. i think one time i saw a figure of $30/hr for overtime, and $18 or so regular pay

    if you don't mind being a murse, you'll be rolling in cash.
  7. Jan 5, 2007
    They're overrated.
  8. Mar 12, 2008
    you cant go wrong with that.

    i want to make a trip to canada SOOOO bad!

    *free health care
    *canadian hotties (because im a 'foreigner' they should be all over me, right??)
    *just canada in general.

    though i estimate that it will cost somewhere in the thousands just to go for a week or two, because im teh scurred of flying.

  9. Feb 23, 2009
    its an easy drive for me im only about 5-6 hours from the border been there many time and been deported once.
  10. Aug 8, 2008
    I heard the Health Care is Bitch to get since it's free

    Everyone Hates America :grin:



    I'd go To Like...Some crappy third world Country with like 50 bucks and be rich there.