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CS:S Bad Santa

Discussion in Server Updates started by Brian, Dec 24, 2018

  1. Jun 4, 2006
    From now until the end of the year, donators and admins can play as Bad Santa on the Zombie Mod server. Just type !zclass and select the Bad Santa human class.

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    • Mar 26, 2012
      Hopefully this is something we can do for the whole month next year? This is awesome.
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      • Jun 4, 2006
        Yeah we can do that. This year was pretty spontaneous.
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        • Dec 17, 2007
          Already tried it, pretty cool
        • Oct 1, 2017
          LOVE IT hope we can rotate other skins in also
        • Feb 18, 2011
          Ofically kicking off the movmenmt to rename the skin to bowling_bastard
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