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Blowing up stuff is fun!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Dani, Oct 20, 2008

  1. Sep 14, 2008
    Alright haha, the other night we had a lot of fun on customs. We decided to take some demos of the players blowing themselves up on the Office Shottie Mania map. It was awesome and I took 3 demos of the hilarity!

    Thanks to everyone involved!!!! Thomas, ck, |Junkies|John, Kitty, Rawr/Slayth, Bob, F@ce/Tanar, Pacman Spliff, (Albatrocity) Sparks.

    Boom 1

    Boom 2

    Boom 3
  2. Aug 26, 2008
    how do i play this lol i downloaded it but im confused
  3. May 25, 2008
    You will have too look around to find the instructions, but I believe you have to load them through the console in counter strike.
  4. Mar 30, 2008
    that was fun
  5. Dec 30, 2006
    Great videos dani.

    If anyone wants to make a tutorial and post in in the faqs section on how to play, record demos and what to do with the files that would be great.
  6. Apr 9, 2007

    Copy paste the demo to your cstrike folder ( C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\HOLYFLUX\counter-strike source\cstrike\)
    Open up CSS and your console then type in "playdemo heh" without the quotes.