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Ck's Abuse/fail thread.

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Taters, Jul 31, 2008

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    all my demos expired. Re-ups only by request.

    anyways this is for anyone that just fails so hard it needs recognization.

    ANYONE. just make sure that you catch the moment, haha!
  2. May 24, 2008
    Fail Moments, By Ck.
  3. Posts
    AWW Poor ck. He's like everyone's little brother that get's pushed down and has mud rubbed in his eyes :frown:
  4. Jul 1, 2008
    Then when mom asks what happened all she can do is laugh at his muddy face =)
  5. May 24, 2008
    Then some kid passing by on a bike screams epic fail, then that kid hits a pole and ck is happy again.