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Discussion in Admin Abuse started by flamer XD, Jul 29, 2010

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  1. Jun 22, 2010

    and theze are some of the spots where coolbeans no clips or teleports him and other admins 2....
    i hope something will be done...
    tank you guys :confused:
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    Didn't we JUST discuss teleporting yourself to spots? :confused:
  3. Jul 25, 2010
    inb4 flame war
  4. Mar 7, 2009
    Hmm i Dont have teleport powers.. But Flamer.. How bout today? You leave to avoid being zombiefied for like 5 times or more Disconnecting and Connecting back and forth. Hmm How bout Earlier You Kept Calling a Princess a Whore. Blah blah blah so i gaged you. You Go ahead and Ask Skiptron or Coolbeans . Seriously Everytime i come in the server i ALWAYS have to deal with you...
  5. Jun 4, 2006
    We'll let coolbeans defend himself, screenshots don't show much other than location. For all we know he could have been chilling there and moved out when the number of humans remaining became slim.
  6. Jul 14, 2010
    i dont see a problem if he dies when hes the last one left
  7. Jul 25, 2010
    This spot is legal... you can jump there I did this today with him.

  8. Mar 7, 2009
    Oh yeah This Spot Is legal I jsut saw Coolbeans Jump there today But its kinda hard D:
  9. Jun 26, 2010

    i second this. i did too.
  10. Jun 22, 2010
    i called her a whore bacus she asked for it
    she started raging agenst me with all u other guys .... so do not bitch agenst me please..
    so as i understand she can i am a bitch,a dog,noob,that i have a lil hairy dick and stuff?
    and i say one fucking thing and ge gagged
    and coolbeans rages agenst me all the time beacus i got optic commando get banned
    is that it? got anything more to say u ...
  11. Jun 22, 2010
    i kno sorry i posted wrong one :s but the other were illegal! and dont say i lied..
  12. Mar 2, 2010
    You're just trying to stir up drama, and you know exactly what I'm talking about. I've already heard about what you said to Coolbeans on the server earlier. You need to watch yourself. Attempting to intimidate a player OR admin is against the rules. That includes threatening to get him permabanned from the server. Also, if you continue to mic spam--you'll be gone from the server for a couple days too. I've warned you enough, and if you've got enough time to post on the forums about someone being in illegal spots, you've got enough time to read the rules and see that it says whistling is mic spam. You just need to simmer down from whatever happened earlier that's got your panties in a bunch. It's not getting you anywhere.

    Edit: You also need to stop saying that you're the one that got Optic banned. Secondary banned him for other reasons besides you, I'm sure.
  13. Aug 8, 2008
    First one =IDK who it is cause you didn't target them right.
    second one= Legal
    Third one = IDK who it cause you didn't target them right.
    Fourth one= It says you're specing coolbeans, but all I see is a black screen, he might of been standing in a corner.
    fifth one = There's a zombie and a human, from what I see the zombie kills them human and there is no Problem. Hell He might of teleported a zombie in to Kill him to end the round. OH YEAH I STILL CAN'T TELL WHO IT IS.
    Thus your arguement is invalid.

    Maybe if you had a demo showing that he was the last person and wouldn't tele out, it's abuse, but every admin that I've seen who tele to a spot unreachable by zombies always either kills themselves or teleport out.
    And nice Triple Post, L2Editposts. Don't come on the forums and spam as well.
    TL:grin:R You Have fail Screen shots, Nothing really conclusive. So It's your word VS a bunch of admins who think you're just trying to stir the shit pot.
  14. Jan 5, 2007
    Haven't checked the screenshots myself yet, but... It doesn't matter if he willingly dies when he's the last one left. If he's teleporting or using noclip to gain an advantage it's a violation of the rules. It doesn't matter if he's not shooting zombies, if he just wants to watch then he should move himself to spectate.
  15. Jan 5, 2007
    Look a bit closer at that location and compare it to the first screenshot. It's outside the map glitching under a wall so I'd say yes, Coolbeans was somewhere he shouldn't be.
  16. Apr 4, 2009
    These screen shots must be old, there is only 1 self teleport in logs for 7/29/2010.
  17. Jan 5, 2007
    Not saying who it was? And what about yesterday?
  18. May 27, 2008
    Why don't we purge the kid? It's just another ant on the face of the earth, really.
  19. Jun 4, 2006
    you have a very pessimistic outlook
  20. Apr 26, 2010
    It was probably me.... Let me explain. We were playing on little city and I was a zombie and wanted to see if you could walk around on that spot with the red crates by the 3 story house.... Needless to say you can.

    As for coolbeans, I've never seen him do stuff like this, or anything against the rules really.

    He must be super sneaky!

    Or, he's not doing it.

    /2 cents
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