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E3 Gaming

Discussion in Gaming started by Sushi-X, Jul 15, 2008

  1. Jul 1, 2008
    Well for those of you who watch G4, and know what E3 are you may already know all of the new games, movies and other media entertainment that is coming out but for those of you who don't know... I'll explain...

    E3 is also known as the Gaming Con, but it is really a business press conference, while the main point is gaming they also talk about there sales, how much better they are then there competitors because they are a business and a lot of people don't see game like "Halo", "Super Mario", and "Kill Zone" as products, they see them as a game and thats it. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are called the "Big 3" at this event since they are the largest game producers ever, yes more then steam, to them steam is just well... steam lol. But now that you know why the convention is there and what purpose is serves now you can take a breath for the new releases this year.

    Hot Titles

    1. Final Fantasy 13 (Xbox360)
    -While some people right now are saying... "LIES!" others are going "eh, idk". But what some don't see about this is that a FF game going to the 360 is HUGE! FF has always stayed with Sony and even Nintendo, now they are branching out to Microsoft and the graphics on the game are going to be awesome.

    2. Fable II (Xbox360)
    -Now Fable started a "sub-genre" of a type of "sandbox/FFA" mode in RPG's, in Fable I you controlled your Fate... you could replay the game 100 times and each time have a different result at the end, it's replay value was enormous and may people wanted to see Fable II sooner but the longer we waited the better it got. They now have a Campaign (Co-op), I know what you're think... OMG! HOW!?!?!?! Well I am here to explain that, while you're in the game, moving around, killing monsters talking with townsfolk, you will see purple orbs... go up to one when your connected online... press a button and it sends a request to you're friend who is also online to come join you're game, if he accepts he will appear at you're side and now it's co-op'd went from Single Player to Co-Op with 1 press of a button, and thats not even the best part... you can literally "live" in fable II, in the game you can buy a house, start a family choose your fate and with multiplayer (Co-op) you're quests, family, town, and character all respond to that, it's a whole new game and all he has to do is be there.

    3. Gears of War 2 (Xbox360)
    -Now Fable was long... I know but they did a lot, Gears... not so much... yes it is one of the most anticipated titles of the year but other then they continuing the story, adding a few new weapons and better moves/cinematic there was not that much new, though now you can pick up downed enemies and use them as shields and if they some how live thorough it... it's neck snapping time =D. Now there new engine not only is more powerful but there are multiple... and I mean... a @#$% load of enemies on the screen at once... with no problem. Also you can have a 5 MAN CO-OP OMFG! GO ahead and cry now... I know you want to... =D

    4. Halo Wars (Xbox360)
    -I have wanted to hear about this game the most... I will tell you now... it's not an FPS, it's a RTS now. Don't hate it cause it changed platforms, it's still halo, it take place 20 years before the first Halo "game" so you won't have "more" but "more of less" if that makes since... anyways there is only 1 resource in the game you don't build "out" like in Command and Counqure, you have a large base, and within those boundaries are pre-made building site, where you build and create units, tanks, air units, marines... and of course... SPARTANS! And you may even recognize some of the maps :wink:

    5. Resident Evil 5 (Xbox360)
    -=D=D=D I find it quite appropriate to list this as this is a zombie server. Now RE is a well known franchise and has always delivered great games with a mix of action, adventure, puzzle solving, shooting and of course ZOMBEAHS! Now the new RE takes place in africa, you start out with a man by the name of Chris Redfield, I think... now while you still have the FPS aspect of the game, you also get another character that can be used in a co-op mode and you will have to use both characters to solve puzzles... and stay alive, also there new graphics acceleration hardware... O.o it looked so beautiful on the LCD-HD Wide screen TV they had... *cry*

    Ok they released a lot more then that but I don't want to type out everything so... I just went through the top 4, now I am a Microsoft fanboy and I admit it, but so far only Microsoft has done there pitch so Sony's and Nintendo's will have to wait.

    Ok the 360 is staying, there is no Xbox 180, there is no Xbox Revolution and there is no Xbox Beyond. The 360 is staying but they are going to change they way you look at the system interface, there is a new avatar system, changed gamer cards, and even easier invite menus, now I am not gonna go into all of it but you can expect to get the system update within a few months.

    And for my final word I have to say is, if you have no idea what I am talking about... well get out from under the rock you live in. And I am sure you all would like some release dates for the games, well I will add them in when I re-look them up, and these are all game that ARE coming out and the release dates ARE CORRECT, they come from the word of the creators themselves.

    And to watch the conference for yourself incase you don't believe me, there is a link you may want...


    And so that it on the Microsoft Spotlight, if you want to hear all of it go the the link above and they even have a HUGE... HUGE update for Xbox Live... ;D
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    God damn, the Halo series fucking sucks major ass. I don't see what's so great about it. It's a repulsive game, generic first person shooter. IMO the only people that play and like Halo are the ones that never played a real FPS game before.

    And I'm also fucking pissed off. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 was supposed to be featured there but Valve called it off.. Sigh.
  3. Mar 12, 2008


  4. Jul 1, 2008

    I like the halo series since it was the first FPS I played, but I agree repetitive -_-

    And that pissed me off when steam called off HL:E3 I fell your pain.
  5. Mar 23, 2008
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the so far release date is Friday the 3 MARCH 2009.for some thats not far, but to a hardcore gamer, that seems like for ever.

    G4 had many interesting games they showed, but i couldnt watch the whole E3 coverage. also , I thought E3 ment electronic gaming company, not gamer con, becuz it was orignally major companies only, then it got to big as public weny in then , the made it private