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Guess Who Has the Highest Medical Claim Rejection Rate?

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by SuperDave1685, Oct 7, 2009

  1. Dec 17, 2007
    Guess Who Has the Highest Medical Claim Rejection Rate - Linky

    And all these fuckheads running around wanting universal healthcare....

    Let me give you a personal story on "Universal Healthcare." I am in the Marine Corps. The military has universal health coverage. The *only* reason it even somewhat works is because of the military's relatively finite size. I had problems staying awake at work in December 2005 - Jan 2005. I went on base to see a dr about it. He referred me to another Dr 45 miles away in Bethesda, MD. I went to MD to see this Dr and he told me I could abnormally large tonsils or poor O2 saturation while sleeping. He scheduled me for a sleep test. Its now June 2005. 6 months down the road!! I had the sleep test done in July. I had to go back 2 weeks later to get my results. Turned out my tonsils were closing off my throat and I quit breathing every 5 minutes or so for ~20-30 seconds each time. I could either get a machine to help me breathe or have surgery to take my Tonsils out. I elected for surgery. I had to go for a pre-op screening in August. I was having some chest pain that day, so I marked it down on the systoms sheet. My surgery got denied cause of a simple chest pain.. yes I know. Gay. I had to go back again to see a heart dr to check my heart. Everything checked out fine. Its now the end of August. I had to go back to MD AGAIN to see my original Dr who ran the sleep test just to have him tell me I was on the surgery list now. Thats 5 trips already. He told me he'd call when I was 2 weeks away from surgery. I get a call in NOVEMBER. I have to go in again for another pre-op screening to check my tonsils and to meet the surgeon who was going to do the surgery. So finally, I had my surgery the first week of December. So it took roughly a YEAR just to get a sleep test, decide on treatment and get my tonsils removed. All very relatively easy medical procedures. It took a YEAR!!

    Keep that in mind if you want "universal" health care. Have fun waiting in ER's and for simple surgeries. People in the UK have died from infections simply waiting to get a bone set. How pathetic is that! They are pulling their own teeth out because the wait to see a dentist is so long. Cancer patients are being denied potentially life saving/extending drugs simply because they're old and some board has determined that their life isn't worth saving because of the cost to life expectancy value isn't high enough. You think it can't happen in the US? Think again.