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Help Help Help

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Shifty203, Oct 12, 2008

  1. May 25, 2008
    I haven't been able to log into the server since the new maps were added last night. All I keep getting is missing map errors. I have been looking around all day but haven't found a solution. Can anyone help?
  2. Apr 9, 2007
    You and Scarface... Everyone else who I saw was able to download them fine.
  3. Sep 9, 2008
    i can't download the atix map when its on.
    where could i get it?
  4. Oct 22, 2007
    you can go to fpsbanana.com and get them from there. just have to unzip or whatever and drop them in your maps and poof they should be good to go with out dl from server.
  5. Apr 9, 2007

    You must unzip it before you place it in your maps folder.
  6. Jul 5, 2008
    you shouldnt have to go download it yourself.. its their fast downloads that are erroring...
  7. Apr 9, 2007
    Works Great for me, And everyone else. So I have no clue what you are talking about.