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I am not a Crook

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Mx Paladin, Jun 21, 2008

  1. Mar 17, 2007
    Yes I'm still here, alive and lurking around <_<, visited the server. Had some fun with kitty the other day. Wondering where jessica is but I see her always playing COD4.

    Believe it or not I've been very busy with runescape, tried WOW hate running chorse. CS:S is just my breaks from the mindless grinding B)

    When I do feel going into the PF server, I look at the map and it a new one, figures.

    So I enter the server and quickly spec around and see there are no barricade!!!

    I enjoy maps with barricades, and escapes maps. I figure it a bit too easy to play with unlimited ammo, while camping on high areas with only limited ways to reach the human.

    So in closing, I'll be in and out more and for those who plays Runescape add me user in sig.
    p.S. Attempting to reach 99 attack by the end of the next two months.

    Add more barricade maps, and escape maps :grin:

    I don't think this post made any sense but go figure :lol:
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    I thought you were dead man.
  3. Mar 31, 2008
    aw man, i didnt know people still played rs
    and i would also like some more barricade maps :grin:
    i hate sitting there and spraying z.z''