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Increasing The Server Traffic

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by taurah, May 12, 2009

  1. Sep 21, 2008
    Okay, so we have a new server IP now and thus its taking some time for the traffic to go back up.
    Anyways here are some ideas to increase server traffic.


    1. Join the server and sit in spec and minimize css. (when your afk or doing other work on your pc)
    more players = more of a chance people will join.
    your friends will see you in the server and may join.

    2. Lets have more server messages prompt people to add the server to their favorites. (green ones, not admin prompts)

    3. Lets get a css plaguefest group going if there isn't one already.

    4. get rid of zm_lila_panic_pf and any other maps that players dislike.

    Everyone's Input is Welcome.
  2. Jun 7, 2008
    I agree with all of the above

    and we should add gigabyte's wtf hax and survival. Also we should add lila_office back since a lot of players loved that map.

    A plaguefest group would be good :\ at least something where players can choose a skin. I know that would attract a lot of noobs and noobs are number!
  3. Mar 16, 2008
    1 - Done it in the past
    2 - Done
    3 - It's been up, I need people to invite others, message me on steam if you have not been added
    4 - Done
    Survival is added, wtf - done
    Office has been restored.

    I've done the skins in the past, nothing happened so it was removed.
    Updates will be announced soon
  4. Mar 15, 2009
    i personally havnt played much because everytime i am going to join the server is always on the same maps so it gets rly boring x.x
  5. Mar 16, 2008
    New maps are welcome to be submitted. I just have to see that they will work for them to make the map list
  6. Aug 27, 2008
    Didnt PF have a HUGE friends group? post events for EVERYnight spam peoples steam with it
  7. Mar 12, 2008
    we still do, but we haven't had an event invite sent thru it for a very long time.

    actually we have a few different groups, to be honest :lol: