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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by ORLY!?!, Dec 11, 2008

  1. Sep 7, 2008

    “The internet is not as helpful as one might think†Kevin French Mission Hill

    The topic of this thread is simple. Post a link to a site and explain what it is about. I have a huge arsenal of stuff I’d love to show, but I’m sure the admins would look down on porn sites (damn there goes 75% of my arsenal). I will be posting a 3fer this time around, to share some great sites and show what I’m looking for. Also, this is for me to share, I would enjoy the favor back in return by others sharing as well. It all will increase your knowledge and mine of the vast ether of the internet, enjoy!


    This site is an epic win! I shown this to space douche bag a few week ago, and he loved it. As we all know about mic spam on our servers, this is in the same boat as that. The only difference is it’s on ventrilo and with a bunch of WOW (world of warcraft) nerds, and most of the time there is no admin specin these chats, so it does get epically entertaining with all the upset and pissed whinny bitches. By the way, the site does act up time to time. It just needs to be refreshed or the site is being worked on. This site is definitely something you will want to bookmark for future reference. Take a look for yourself!

    A few recommendations when viewing this site, go to *video list* first off. Page 1-10 returns, world of warcarft nerd. Don’t be afraid to view each one because most of them are really funny. Page 11- 20 Rodney Reynolds (returns too), Powerhouse Edition (omfg epic rape!) and Deliverance - Banjo Attack. Page 21 – 30 Lindsey (returns too), Dr Franklin Ruehl. Page 31 – 40 the all so famous Duke Nukem Forever. That one has to be one of the best VHs ever! Why? Well it gave birth to Peggy! 51 – 60 Chris Hansen ( and 2) plus CDi. 61 – 70 Omfg, Peggy forever is the recycle of Peggy flipping out on Duke Nukem forever. I’ll stop there you get the picture now, just some good recommendations of viewing. Let me know what ya think too! I am sure the feed back will be great.


    This site is the future of the internet today! No more waiting in line or having to deal with talking brats at the movie theater, thank god. Perhaps not for you, but for me every single time I sit down in a chair to watch a movie I paid for, some kid or jackass seems it fitting to start talking during the previews and movie, don’t you hate that!

    Anyways, this site hosts an array of movies, T.V, anime, documentaries and sports shows. The movies are even uploaded while they are in theater. I know some of you download movies, T.V or anime but this is all done by buffering. It is 100% legal and can’t get you in trouble by copyright infringement, which is a load of hog wash anyways. In a way, this is a lot like you tube. It does offer you a link to you tube and other file sharing sites of the same nature. It isn’t about making money, it offers people free entertainment.
    Yet, there is on this site a host of harmless popups. No biggie there, these people have to make some money to keep the hosting fees paid off. Just go ahead and search a movie in or out of theater and perhaps they will have it. Chances are they will, this site isn’t 100% complete but try the other ones there too, they might just have it. In time, these sites will have every single piece of media for viewing right at your finger tips.


    Last by not least, saving the best for last! What would a tribute to the internet be without the epic 4-chan within it. This site is basically a forum, a proper forum in my opinion. It is always updating threads and automatically deletes old ones. Within this small mirror reflection of the internet is where mostly all internet fads start.

    My girl friend and I have fallen in love with the /f/ - flash section of 4-chan. The flashes are sectioned into 6 different tags. Those being Hentai [H], Japanese [J], Anime [A], Game [G], Loop [L] and Other [?]. And you’re never going to expect them to be tagged or explained in those dimensions truthfully, so keep your speakers down low at first.

    I also like the /w/ - Anime/Wallpapers. If you are into anime or just want new wallpapers for your desktop, 4-chan can help you out. But that’s not all folks, a huge array of 4-chan is gone into /b/ - random, /t/ torrents /r/ - request. Nerd it up on /g/ technology, /o/ auto, /v/ video games and others! Or just fap fap fap fap it up on… well, you go on ahead and look for yourself. And please don’t blame me for you new addictions to whatever you may come across. Hate the game, not the player, heh.

    There are even other sites that have branched off to catalog all the media, pics and photoshops. This is because 4-chan deletes the older forums to keep space free, moving and open. View these two sites for some old and new 4-chan related material. http://macrochan.org/search.py?tag=Themes%3AShows%3ALazyTown I’ve taken the liberty to shoot you straight into it with some silly and smexy lazy town, pics not related lulz! http://jj.am/ copy and paste this one into your address bar. Enjoy these two sites as well!

    I hope you enjoyed my short tour of the possibilities of the internet and what it can wield. I come across a lot of people not knowing of these sites, especially surprisingly 4-chan. One would think if they did have a connection at home, they would eventually come across these sites, not at all. Most of these sites I came across didn’t come from a google or yahoo search, they came from sharing with others and them returning the favor, which is what the internet is all about, file sharing.

    So please feel free to roam the ever and forever expanding universe we live in and mirrored effect of the internet. The only thing that is wrong with the internet is it is limitless by authority or anything and everything. That is what the internet is: it is everything, yet it is nothing.

    *bows and backwards wave*
  2. Aug 8, 2008

    dan Ball powder game

    Powder game is well a game with powder. like the falling sand game but alot cooler IMO. there's alot of effects you can use. check out the other games, they're pretty fun.

    Digital Wasteland

    This site is for airsoft fans. the girl/guy does good reviews and has WAAAYYYYYY too much money and guns. I envy her/him.

    and of course Counter strike fags

    Videos fo the most epic fail times in counter strike.
    It's pretty funny.
  3. Jul 29, 2008
    Ive been watching video compiler for a long long time now, any ways though
    ever heard of NEDM( not even doom music)

    According to the NEDM Investigation YTMND, "HelterSkelter", a forum user at Ogrish.org posted a link to a video in July 2005, which featured a man setting a live cat on fire. Although Ogrish.com is dedicated to unpleasant and disturbing multimedia, the video struck a nerve with other forum users, and they demanded action be taken against the people behind the video. After tracing the video to a Belgian ISP, Ogrish.com administrators alerted the authorities and PETA to the situation, and offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible. Eventually, the teenager who first uploaded the video was arrested and shortly afterward the man who actually burned the cat turned himself in.

    The Happy Cat image featured in many NEDM YTMND's can be originally traced to Happy Cat, a Russian cat food company.

    [edit]Origin of the Fad
    Following the arrests, authorities shut down all possible links to the video on the Internet. However, footage of the burning briefly resurfaced when a YTMND site was created by user Baron. The site featured images from the video and music from the computer game "Doom". The site was deleted within hours of creation, but not before many YTMND users had voted on it. However, the comments on the original cat-burning YTMND disappeared with its deletion. Outraged that anyone would give to a site glorifying cat immolation, user Titanium-Gecko began to downvote all sites created by users who had five-starred the burning kitten YTMND.

    The site was upvoted by a number of people. Among them was user Spotz. After noticing that all of his sites had been downvoted by Titanium-Gecko, he explained that he only upvoted the burning kitten YTMND for the "irony of using the Doom bunny music", not because he condoned or approved of the actual burning of the cat as seen in the image. Even though Spotz explained this on one of Titanium-Gecko's sites, on April 12, 2006 Titanium-Gecko left the now-legendary comment on Spotz's test site: "Okay Spotz. Since you do not "condone" burning kitten your sites have been 3'D until further notice. Still... nothing justifies 5'ing burning kittens. Not even Doom music."

    Inspired by this altercation, YTMND user moheevi began posting "NEDM" as a comment on many ytmnds. Others would follow suit, few even knowing what he meant by it. Later he would create the original NEDM site using Jean Claude Ades's remix of We Interrupt this Program, followed by several others. At first, NEDM sites simply featured the cryptic letters "NEDM", with no explanation given as to what they meant, such as AwesomeBob's "NEDM is coming" Eventually, moheevi created a site using the happy cat image, which Stratos-the-Bratos saw and used for the third NEDM site. After seeing one of StarOnion's sites, Moheevi updated the original site to include this picture, with the infamous 'chapstick' quote.

    Few people understood the joke behind the NEDM sites until Spotz explained it on the YTMND forums, and revealed the story of the now-deleted burning kitten YTMND, and Titanium-Gecko's one-man crusade against it. Since then, the NEDM fad still remains somewhat misunderstood. The creators of the fad state that it in no way supports animal cruelty. It simply means "Not Even Doom Music can get you a rating of five stars" (because the site is usually bad or random); NEDM can be applied to anything, not only animal cruelty. Because of this, the fad is one of the most varied on YTMND.

    Later, Titanium-Gecko then released his own satirical version of the NEDM story, NEDM: Revelations.

    The music used in the fad (Coburn's "We Interrupt This Program") was taken from a previous rave site by the user Nabeshin from 2005 called Dokuro Super Rave Remix. Nabeshin made a site called "NEDM Song Origin Revealed" that explained the origins in detail and took a shot at those that did not credit him for the original loop. However, it was explained that the original site did not use the loop, and it was stratos-the-bratos who took the loop from moheevi's site where moheevi had properly credited the song.
  4. Jul 29, 2008