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Items - Where to use them.

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by 3DG, Mar 5, 2011

  1. Feb 12, 2011
    Mako Reactor Materias

    Fire Materia
    Fire materia is possibly one of the best materias currently in the map, the best places to use them are during holds, or after holds open to slow zombies down and give slower teammates more time.
    Most used locations :
    - During the superior door hold, use it either when zombies are attacking the hold or after it opens, if needed, wait there so all zombies get on fire.
    - When crossing the bridge, near the corner, it is very hard to hold the bridge with a rush of fast running zombies, so slow them down if your fire materia has recharged.
    - If you are in the elevator it's good to use it since you will have some time to recharge after it, since you won't see zombies until after you die, probably.
    - (On hard or X-Treme) Use the fire materia on the boss if you have less than 20 people, or atleast 2-3 people who are using snipers or doing nothing, if that isn't the case, use it on the zombie cage to slow them down for slower teammates.
    - Some experienced players might prefer to wait with the person who has earth on top of the pipes to put them on fire, for an increased slowing effect.
    - The last room, obvious shit. (If needed, drop your fire on the ground so even patient zombies get on fire.)

    Ice Materia
    Ice materia is one of the weaker materias compared to some others, but when used right, it can slow zombies down a fair bit.
    Most used locations :
    - If people are holding the tunnel, go there and use it so that they can escape with no zombies being right on their tail.
    - The room after the superior door is a great way to use ice materias so people that didn't notice the door opened have some time to escape.
    - The bridge, same as fire.
    - After going down the elevator, you wait there with earth and use ice before you think they break through, incase the person with earth is abit slow and uses it too late. Or if you don't even have earth at all.
    - Use ice when you are going into the reactor room for people that fall off.
    - Ice the zombie cage.
    - The end room, in some cases this is the best materia there.

    Healing Materia
    Healing materia is only of a good use when having level 0, or level 2 heal, the 1st level is practically useless.
    Locations where you should heal:
    - At the first, superior door hold.
    - when zombies are breaking through a hold (only level 2)
    - In the elevator
    - When you're at the boss point.
    - Back in the elevator when going up.

    Wind Materia
    Wind materia is AMAZING, if used right it can guarantee a win.
    Most used locations :
    - At the start, it really doesn't matter where aslong as you don't push zombies into humans.
    - At the bridge, it's really nice to push the zombies back regardless of the level.
    - To protect the elevator. (Before it goes down)
    - Before the boss arrives to slow the zombies down and stop them from getting humans.
    - At the end room, if you're level 2 wind, wait till the door opens and drop your wind while it is activated to ensure zombies getting slowed down.

    Electro Materia
    Electro requires the least skill of all materias, get it if you aren't *pro* with materias. It can have 1 to 3 charges and will only regenerate when all charges are used.
    Use it where?:
    - Anywhere you like, anywhere near the electro burst fields the zombies get the speed like they are on fire, so use them if you need to buy humans more time.

    Earth Materia
    This materia is a MUST, it is possibly the best materia other than ultima, maybe even better!
    Spots you MUST save it for :
    - After the 10 second door opens (After the superior door)
    - When you are going DOWN the elevator, if you are down you wait with earth near the bottom of the elevator, use it after the top vent breaks.
    - At the tunnel leading to the reactor, if you used earth late you will have to use it there.
    - On the top of the pipes after the boss fight.
    - On the elevator or vent, listen to what the team suggests.

    Gravity Materia
    This is what you can use when earth wasn't taken or died.
    Spots you should use it :
    - All spots of using earth
    - When you DO have earth the only spot you should use it is on the jail after the boss fight, to buy slower people more time.

    Ultima materia
    What can I say, slays all zombies, however tactics can differ in wether you are on extreme or hard.
    Spots on Hard :
    -When the boss is coming (If theres less than 5 people)
    -The elevator, when it is halfway (Count to 5 after it started going up and then use it) When this is done, it is prefered that the person carrying ultima helps with the buttons as he doesn't have a materia anymore.

    Spots on Extreme :
    - At the boss, when theres less than 8 people.
    - At the final room, activate it when it says 60 seconds left and THROW IT ON THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM ( This is CRITICAL) As zombies can just go out and back in after the ultima blew, if you drop it more zombies will die and zombies have to retreat further to not get blown up.

    How to get higher level materia
    Higher level materia is easy, everytime you pick up an upgrade based materia your magic level will increase and your materia will upgrade one more.

    -At the 2nd hold after the superior door you should stand on the box and jump OVER the door as it is opening, this will get you up front of other humans by 2 seconds, and that's 2 seconds less they have to fend off zombies.
    -If you have 225 health from someone with ++ heal, JUMP DOWN from the pipes when you're near the ladder and save valuable time.

    Any other item guides on maps can be posted here, but since this is the one that probably needs it the most, I've made this one.

    Posted by kaemon, the locations of the materias.
  2. Mar 7, 2009
    High Recommend Reading this if you are new to the mako reactor map. Great job 3DG :thumbsup:
  3. Feb 6, 2011
    Really, really nice tutorial. Should be a required reading for all of the Mako newbies :razz:
  4. Mar 4, 2011
    Should pin this :thumbsup:
  5. Feb 12, 2011
    If some spots described are unclear, PLEASE, reply so I can add some screenshots, with help from cazador.
  6. Feb 27, 2011
    Where are these items located? :razz:
  7. Jan 11, 2011
    Materias spawn randomly, being only Ultima (that doesn't appear on Normal) and Earth the only ones that have their own spawning spots (2 each).

    Ultima can appear behind a breakable window on a second floor of a house that can only be reached with the fire escape stairs outside it; this building is at the other side of the Last Big Bridge in the City Area, that has the first hold position on one of his sides, and the building with Ultima on the other.
    The other spot, is after going out of the elevator the first time; the path is on the right, going down some stairs; in front its a big water deposit, and left of it, there is a ladder with Ultima on top of it. Both spots are quite tricky and you usually need cover to get Ultima without being zombified, specially the second one that needs at least 1 materia holding zombies inside the elevator room.

    Earth can appear in the "Wood House" (near the first Ultima spawn position). Its on the second floor, in a room with 2 windows (one blocked with wood planks). Most of the time people will get it and head to the first Hold Position in front of the 30 Secs Big Door; but you can also wait in the Wood House wich has 3 posible exits closed with metal grates that open at the same time that the big door does.
    The second spot for Earth its well known; before reaching the second Hold Position (the door that takes 10 seconds and opens to "Sephiroth's Bridge") there are some pipes that allow you to climb up and go to a ceiling you usually are watching for zombies. It spawns there, on the left just before jumping down to the hold position.

    All the other materias can randomly spawn in multiple spots; not every materia can spawn in every spot, but its almost as if they did.
    Those are all the spots for the materias that are not Ultima nor Earth, mostly in order of appearance:

    City Area Materias:

    - When you leave the Train Area (spawn zone) and enter the City Area, go to the left instead of the right (to the zone where slow/afk people get teleported) there is a Metal Door there that can be broken. When you pass throught it (if you are a human) you will activate a Train Event that you can jump in to get faster (if done properly) to the last bridge (that has a rope) and the First Hold Position. If you don't jump, there is a truck in that area, behind the metal door and some crates, one materia can spawn in that truck. Sometimes you have to consider the best way arround zombies if you went for this one (most commonly Wind, Heal or Fire).

    - Under the Middle Bridge in the middle of the City Area, in the same side of the First Hold Position. You can go here jumping after the Metal Door, jumping from the Middle Bridge (both of those will cost you fall damage, and the second one doesn't give you knowledge if there is a materia that round) or from the stairs that lead to the Grate Door that closes the first hold position (the middle entrance). If you chose this one, its usually a good idea to press the button for the door first so it starts opening. Do it if you see you won't be abble to get the materia before someonelese (most commonly Fire, Heal and Electro).

    - On the middle of the Last Bridge (that connects the first Hold Position and the building that has Ultima inside). This is one of the best known positions, since its visible from almost everywhere, quite obvious, and its the first materia you can see. The fastest way to this materia is using the "Secret Train Event" that gets activated when you break the Metal Door on the left path; but people from everywhere can get it. If you don't use the rope from the Train Event you will need to jump to this big stone border using your brain, jumping from the upper side of the bridge to the lowest part of the stone border, since the jump its too high to do it normaly (most commonly Fire, Gravity and Ice).

    - On a little low roof between Middle Bridge and Last Bridge, in the left side (opposite to Hold Position) area of the city. The most common (and fast) way to get this materia is to go through the first bridge after entering city area (middle bridge). On the left, there is a red ladder that allows you to climb and get the materia fast and easy, without taking any risks. Its specially obvious when its ice, since its "aim sprite" floats in the middle of the street (most commonly Ice)

    - There are two materias inside the "Brothel House". The brothel is that house with red insides and many little rooms that separates the middle path and the right path to the first Hold Position. You can go through this building to the first Hold Position. There is a door that will break after 7 seconds of touching it in the first floor, but you should stay away from it, since it will just give advantage to the zombies over the people who went to the second floor for the posible materia; unlike going the upper way, you are vulnerable to zombies if just standing there waiting for the door to break. Also, if done properly, the upper route its a second faster. The first materia appears on the first room of the second floor (just on top-right of the stairs) (mostly Electro, Heal, Fire and Wind), the second appears on the last room, on top of the scenario with a dancing pole, you can access it form a breakable part of the wall on the second floor, or jumping on a table and then into the scenario; sometimes its worth checking this spot even if you went throught the Cinema Route (the one that the NPC Cloud shows) since its fast to check and get; and unless someone opened the 7 seconds door you should be safe from zombies (most commonly Ice, Wind and Heal).

    - The last Materia on the city area can spawn on the roof of the "Warehouse". This one, as the Truck one, is one of the less known materias, and is a little tricky to get it (aswel as more dangerous zombie-wise). The Warehouse is the big building on the first corner (to the right) after you enter the City Area, and its in fron of the "Brothel" house. To get to this place you need to follow the NPC Cloud up to the "Cinema Street", on the right of that street, there are a pair of ladders that lead you to a roof, from that roof you can jump into another, then to a electric pole and finally to the Warehouse roof where the materia is.
    While doing all this, depending of the settings or if people covered the path connecting City Area and Train Area, the streets may be already crawling with zombies, so its important to think about wich path its better to rejoin the humans as happens with the Truck materia. Also, the zombies (and only them) can break the bottom door of the Warehouse and get to the roof from the ladder that its inside; this is mostly an isue in the ZM rounds; but take it in mind.
    Don't be afraid of using the materia to save yourself from the zombies and rejoin the humans, but if its wind, there are big chances that you end pushing a zombie inside the humans holding, so be carefull with that. I recommend checking if this materia is available while you head for the Brothel House, change your way if its worth it (most commonly Wind, Heal and Electro).

    Pipes Corridor Area only contains a single posible materia spawn (without counting the Earth on the upper way):

    - After the first Hold Position (Big 30 Secs Door) opens, there is a materia that can spawn just on the left, before jumping the over the first pipe. You can check if this materia spawned from the hold position itself, climbing the red ladder and checking throught the metal fence. Since usually zombies overrun the area as soon as humans leave (wich its as soon sa the door opens) its a little dangerous to get this materia, since it needs two jumps and a little detour; this, along with giving the slow humans some extra seconds, its one of the main reasons using materias while leaving that first hold. Don't be afraid to use the materia just right away to make it alive (most commonly Fire, Gravity and Electro).

    The next two materias spawns are on "Sephiroth's Bridge". At this point the only materia you have 100% sure (if you didn't fail) its Earth.

    - The first materia can appear just to the right (from your point of view) of the final door (on the opposite side of the bridge). This materia its usualy easy to spot (but many times its gravity wich is harder to see) and usualy is not a big problem to get it unless bridge is lost fast to the zombies. Usually only one or two of the fastest guys should go get it, while others cover. Usually Earth will cover aswel, but sometimes the Earth user will fail. Take in mind that Earth here should be used when you notice zombies are starting to advance because the lack of human fire, instead of right away since human bullets quickly destroy it before people can notice. If zombies get the to the intersection before you come back, try to use the materia to stop them and making safe to the humans, unless its wind and they realy get to the intersection before you, since you will just push them into the humans... Sometimes you need to take one for the team (most commonly Gravity, Electro, Ice and Wind).

    - The second materia on Sephiorht' Bridge is under the bridge itself, just at the entrance to the Mako Reactor. Most of the time you can see it from the same second you enter the area, but its from hard to imposible to notice it if its gravity. You can go under the bridge from both sides of the handrail, but you can only come up again from one side (Left one if you are looking to the Reactor from the Bridge). This materia isn't really dangerous to get (zombie wise), but take care of not going all the way down into the void (most commonly Gravity, Wind and Heal)

    - The first materia inside the Mako Reactor itself its really easy to spot. Its on the room with the Elevator and the Vent, right in front of the Vent Entrance. On Normal and Hard you will need to jump some obstacles to get to it, on Extreme the zone will be empty without any zombie barricade on it). Its probably the harder to miss materia; since everyone is there and most people will rush for it, so you can have a hard time getting it (most commonly Wind, Fire and Heal).

    When you go down with the elevator you go into what I'm gona call "The Big Room". This room has many stairs that you need to go down for the Reactor Room. There are 3 posible materia spawns in this room, 4 if you count the Ultima that can spawn on top of the ladder.
    Also notice that sometimes no one might get the materias in this room because the people that known about them have already a materia or are busy with their thoughts somewherelse, so don't be shy to get it in your way up after setting the bomb if they are still there.

    - First materia in this room is just to the left after leaving the elevator, on the crates before the jump that leads to the Vent Exit. You need a fast reaction with this one: go straight for it, but turn inmediatly if you see there is not there or zombies will catch you (specially if there is no one covering the Elevator with Earth, Gravity or Ice. If you get this materia, you also need to react fast to what you just got, if its Gravity or Ice you can use it right away to stop the zombies that are going out of the elevator, specially if no one blocked it (most commonly Gravity, Ice and Heal).

    - The second materia in this room is on the middle way down. Just before the second set of stairs, in that in-between floor that gots some computers. Its right behind the big steam-thing, just in front of where the second stairs down start, in the corner of that floor and the wall. Notice that most of the time its better to just rush inside this area droping the gun instead of wasting time checking if there is a materia there that round (mostly Wind, Ice and Fire).

    - The third and last materia of this room is the least known of the 3 because was added on the last version of Mako Reactor; but its already pretty famous because its just in the middle of the path and if you miss it on your way down, you probably will see it on your way up. Its just under the last steps of the last stair, just before the "Tunel" that conects Big Room with Reactor Room. Usualy, as the previous materia, the best thing to do is to just jump in there with the hopes of getting a materia instead of wasting time checking if there is one in there. Aswel as the previous materias, there are big chances you have it ready for use, and the Tunel its a key place to use them to give extra time to the people that take longer to go down the pipes, so use it wisely (mostly Gravity, Wind and Heal).

    The two last materia spots are on the Pipes and Beams Area that lead to the Reactor Bridge where you fight against Bahamuth.

    - The second posible materia in this place is one of the best known, since its hard to miss its shiny appearance on the way down and I won't explain it too well since its hard to descrive, but its right there in a pipe in the middle of the area, but you need to make a detour of some metters to get it. Usually the best way its to just jump over the hand rail of the little floor on top of it, instead of going down the "hard ladder" and going the "wrong" way (mostly Fire and Heal)

    - The first available materia in the Pipes and Beams Area its probably the least known of all the random materia spawns available due to many reasons: it was added on the last version, its the least frequent spot where a materia will spawn, its in a hard to see place in a moment when you are just rushing about not getting cathed up with the zombies and thinking about not killing yourself on the way down...
    As you enter the zone (just after the little Tunel that connect with the Big Room), instead of jumping, look at your right. There is a big beam there that goes all the way to the wall of the other side... In that corner, a materia can spawn. Its usually hard to see because you are in a rush and its in the very corner, also its hard to get it without getting zombified, and its risky even if Earth blocked the Tunel. If you get this materia, you need to jump first the Handrail and then a second beam that its on top of the big one; and I recomend you (if you are getting it on your way down) to jump from the big beam directly into the inclined ladder; instead of jumping the handrail again back to the beggining.
    Personally I recomend checking (only checking) if this materia spawned on your way down of the inclined ladder; and get it on your way up if you don't have a materia yet and you are one of the fast guys, since its much safer. Anyway this materia spawns only on a few occasions, so most of the time it won't even be there (mostly Gravity).

    And those are all the materia spots on Mako Reactor...
    Take in mind that my "Mostly X Materia" are the ones I personally see more frequently, but doesn't mean they are the only ones, and they may even not be the most frequent ones. The exact formula for their spawn is a little weird by itself; but if you keep checking the spots you will soon learn wich materias can spawn in wich spots (some materias will never spawn on some spots, no matter what).

    For those that still don't know, the only materias without levels (are allways the same) are Ultima, Earth and Gravity, and all materias (except Ultima) become usable again after 40-50 seconds).
    For those that still don't know what color is each materia:

    - Ultima is bright green, and can be used only once.
    - Earth its orangish/brownish (mostly orange).
    - Gravity is black.

    - Wind is dull green with small floating pices on it.
    - Heal is white with light beams arround it.
    - Fire is red with little fires.
    - Ice is light blue and gots a second particle (blue aswell) for aiming purpouses some metters away.
    - Electro is bluish/purplish with electric bolts.

    Ultima can only be used once, and takes 20 seconds to charge before his big explosion. This materia is a MUST on 99% of the Extreme Rounds for the Final Stand on the last room.

    The most dangerous on non expert hands materias are Wind (can push zombies inside the human group), Earth (can block humans) and Gravity (wich is dangerous if used on closed rooms or melee range, since it kinda pushes the zombies a little arround, its better used for making them staying back.

    Both Ultima and Fire can hurt Bahamuth (not Red Boss). Ultima does the same as 1.000 Bullet Hits, and Fire does arround 100-200 + 100 extra over time (the 10 seconds Bahamuth is burning).
    Both materias will hurt him from anywhere, you don't need to go close to him or make him stay in the Fire/Ultima radius.

    Heal++ makes appear a "You are Inmortal" message on the bottom-right of the screen. While you are inmortal you can't get zombified or killed by Bahamuth's Mega Flare (take in mind that Mega Flare on Extreme will kill instantly if you are not Inmortal, and that the Inmortaly time its quite short, so Heal++ needs to be used at a very precise moment (before he shots) to give some extra seconds to finish him if you didn't kill him fast enough.

    Sometimes the particle of the materia won't show... Its a known issue, happens specially with the materia under the stairs on the Big Room, before the tunel, but can happen with others aswel. So check if there is a pistol floating in the place; if there is one, read the console message to be sure of what materia you picked up.
    You will have no problems using it, and when it recharges the first time, the particle should start showing correctly.
  8. Feb 27, 2011
    Out of reading all this, i could only find 3 spots were materia were :razz:
    on the bridge, by the train tracks, on on top of a building (which i couldnt figureout how to get onto.)
    oh ya, and after the door opens to the left.
  9. Mar 14, 2011
    Epic thread. And thx Kaemon for that, I discovered a couple of places I didn't know :grin:
  10. Feb 17, 2011
    now i can pwn even more in this map! i think! haha
    this map is awesome so thanx for 3dg for taking the time to make this damn good post!
  11. Apr 9, 2007

    Great job guys!
  12. Feb 12, 2011
    Since people are having alot of strategy issues on mako again (mainly with materias). I'll just throw in a bump.
  13. Apr 17, 2011
    You do gotta put about getting Ultima after Bahamut or before (assuming if Earth used on Elevator)

    Nice guide though =P
  14. May 11, 2011
    I can't believe I just read all of that.

    Great job guys. Repped for amazing, aw darn, can't rep =(
  15. Jan 11, 2011
    3DG you should edit the use of Fire Materia on Bahamuth. You should ALLWAYS use it, after he lands.
    On the current version (this may change) the combat duration is more or less exactly to get the Fire Materia recharged for when you reach the Zombie Cage (this changes on NoReload servers, but those wouldn't need to use Fire on Bahamuth for starters).

    Also, since Bahamuth can only ignite once, he won't ignite a second time when you ignite zombies in the cage; avoiding the annoying "Humans Slowed by Fire Ticks" that happens when you ignite Bahamuth for the first time while he is flying with humans under him.
    I also hope Electro starts hurting Bahamuth aswel on a future version; making this materia more useful...
    (Right now only Fire and Ultimate hurt Bahamuth; fire for 100-200 + 100 over time, and Ultima for 1.000)

    Also, Heal++ makes you inmune to Zombification or Extreme Bahamuth's Mega Flare for a short period of time; so timing it nicely can be a life-saver (and can be useful even in the last room, while going to Wind or waiting for Ultima to explode).
    Also I have saved sometimes the lives of people that failed jumping into the 2nd Hold (the one before the bridge) and that were getting knifed in their asses while trying to come in.

    And a last thing, about upgraping materia.
    Each time you get a Materia; you gain a level (first is normal, second is +, third is already ++, the maximum).
    However, you don't gain level for neither Gravity nor Earth (which are materias without levels themselves).
    Also, getting Ultima will give you ++ directly, regardless of what was your level.
    Then, beating Extreme as a human (gaining the Red Buff of Extreme Speed) will count when getting materias as if you were ++, not matter what your level was when you beated the map.
    And a last thing... If you have the Red Buff of Extreme Speed, and you get Ultima, his ++ will override your buff; and you will have lost it for all the remaining rounds; so avoid Ultima if you are an Extreme Winner.
  16. Apr 7, 2011
    Great guide 3DG but I would like to add something to the list:

    This materia should be used every time we face Bahamut. I defeated Bahamut on my own with nothing but ++fire, dualies and a nade. So it is very useful especially when there are players that are not shooting or using weapons with low rate of fire(eg. awps and auto snipers, but whoever uses them on this map should get a slap across the face)

    Other than what have been stated by 3DG, ice and gravity should be used to cover the earth materia guy if he is earthing the elevator. Use it at the entrance to the core. This is because the zombies can come from the vent route. Also, using these 2 materias on the zombie cage should be as a last resort. Unless there is earth, using ice(especially lvl 0 and lvl 1) and gravity on the zombie cage is not really a good idea. Reason being is that it makes the zombies faster(zombie's speed goes up to 120%-125% from their original 100%). Not to mention ice(lvl 0 and lvl 1) and gravity do not last very long.

    A very useful but very under appreciated materia. Places to use:
    -In the room after the superior door(before the 10 second door), players can choose to go to the top or to the bottom. Place electro near and on the tank where zombies can climb up to get to the top. This is helpful to players defending to make sure the zombies do not get to the top so that players waiting at the 10 seconds door do not need to worry about zombies dropping from the skies xP. This is especially important in hard and extreme level.
    -In front of the elevator. This is very important if the team do not have wind and/or fire. Electro in front of elevator slows down zombies trying to do a sneak attack and bhopping zombies.
    -The entrance to the core(the place where players jump to the other side) This will slow down zombies and making a jump to the other side impossible. This applies for the return trip too.
    -After the Boss fight, use electro in front of cage(help players that can't climb ladders fast) and on the big pipe next to the big yellow ladder. On the big pipe, electro right at the place they have to jump onto the small pipe. Priority is electro at the jumping place near the entrance to the core. So if you have a lvl 0 electro, use it there.
    -On extreme level, when humans usually hold on the tanks in the final room, electro at the place where zombies try to climb up on to the tank. It makes defending on the tank (slightly)easier.
    Like any other materia, electro is very important too. Used correctly and you can save many of your teammates.

    3DG basically sums it all up. But I would like to add that one should jump up when using earth to make the earth higher. This is so that zombies can't climb over it(making earth useless) Also if someone has already used lvl 2 ice on the zombie cage, earth guy do not really need to stay back to earth because ice lvl 2 will last for quite some time. If you wait for the zombies, you might miss the elevator(unless you are confident that you wont miss it).

    Other than the places stated by 3DG and in the ice materia section above, gravity can be used right after the superior door opens(especially if there's no fire). This is very helpful if zombies are very close. And if you are planning to use it at the bridge, point your gravity to the side of the bridge. This will decrease the risk of having zombies flying towards you and killing you(and your teammates). You should do the same thing if you are using it on the pipes. Key to not failing when using this materia is to know where to point it at.

    Usually(and preferably) used in the final room. Used differently under different circumstances. If your team have many other materias, you can use it as soon as you reach the final room. This will decrease the chance of your team dying because they don't need to defend that long. If your team is lacking of other materias, use it at 60 seconds like mentioned by 3DG. I have actually seen people use it so timely that even in extreme difficulty, ultima went off right before the last door is opened. This is best not to be attempted unless you have a good strong team that is willing to(and is good at) defending the vents and the elevator. Not to mention you must be a bit crazy or brave enough to take a risk. Dropping ultima on the floor also let the players see the zombies clearly when they defend on the tank.

    The key to winning is good team coordination. It will be a waste if everyone uses all their materias at the same time. A good team should have members that take turns using their materias.