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[Jul 16, 2016] CS:S ZM Fun

Discussion in Events started by PeNguiN, Jul 11, 2016

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Counter Strike:Source Zombie Mod
Confirmed Attendees: 7
Start Date: Jul 16, 2016 08:00 PM
End Date: Jul 16, 2016 10:00 PM
Time zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT
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  1. Jul 14, 2010
    Where: The zombie mod server on CSS. (connect zm.plaguefest.com)
    When: July 16, 5:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM EST, (July 17, 12:00 AM GMT) (Feel free to post for timezone help if you can't figure it, otherwise try and use google to convert).
    What: The goal of this event is to give ZM some attention as it hasn't had a fun event in awhile and just change things up from the same daily play. I will be using vote commands to see what players are interested in throughout the maps, and we can flip back and forth through them, there's no designated time slots. I think we should play each map for atleast 30 minutes unless it really turns out boring or stale.

    We are gonna play some maps that are not commonly played or on rotation. These include mg_battle_slider, a map where t's and ct's start in 2 separate areas side by side and slide through an obstacle based map where they would commonly shoot each other and fight at the end. The mode is zombies though so zombies will turn mid-way through. It is not made for this, but usually some fun is had and we can change a bunch of settings through out the rounds to make it interesting. Low grav, zombie scale sizes, transparencies, etc...

    We will also be playing an old classic map that was removed from the server, but has a very different play style called zm_wwt_twinsteel_v8. The map is nothing special, just a bunch of containers, a few cade spots, and some cannons, but it offers a very different pace of play. With some setting tweaks too it will be a lot of fun to mess around on. Bhoppers love this map.

    A third map we plan on playing is zm_megabox. This map is literally just two floors with open space and has skating and low grav implemented in it. The walls kill you. We probably don't need to change too many settings on this map as it is fun on its own, but we'll see what happens!

    Fourth map could probably be red_40_crates which is literally a bunch of red crates in a circle. I have heard about possible issues with this map but not seen any myself so might need to discuss this one more.

    A fifth possible map is zm_momos, which most of you will recognize as a re-skin of a certain map :wink:

    These are 5 maps off the top of my head I know we can easily do, and I'm sure there are more we can vote on in game and setup.

    As for messing with server settings: The goal is to not break the server or crash it, but just make things fun and interesting but things might not go as expected all the time so be prepared for possible interruptions.

    Since this event is on a bit of a short notice, I am not sure about any custom or fun plugins being setup, but I will look into some with the help of Tony and Brian, but we don't wanna put any shitty plugins on the server that break things. Feel free to ask any questions and plan on having fun.

    All server rules apply for this event, with the exception of some griefing if we decide to allow teamkilling via the settings, but that'll take place with votes on the server most likely. Don't be an asshole. Management is highly encouraged to come play as they have a lot of knowledge of what is appropriate abuse and what isn't. Admins should keep it to a minimum unless it's generally harmless. We don't want to single out anyone and make them feel uncomfortable playing in the event.

    Prizes: I am not sure how to do any prizes for this event as it is mostly for fun and not to win anything competitive but some options are giving out donor/admin to players interested who help make the game fun and are following rules and being funny. This is obviously subject to heavy bias when choosing a winner but we'll see how it goes.

    Note: This event could be canceled or re-scheduled at anytime due to unforeseen real life events.

    Random: I tried looking through old screenshots for random pictures of things like these we used to do but it's all on my old pc and I'm too lazy to go get them so if you have old screenshots of any of this shit going down before, feel free to share for the hype.
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    • Aug 7, 2012
      I'll see if I can make it, Saturdays are open for me.
    • Jun 11, 2012
      Now that Brian confirm. I'm down for the big/small characters. Unless a bbq comes up.
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      • Jul 14, 2010
        Bump. This is tonight and we are prepared!
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        • Jul 8, 2012
          Hell yes!

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        • Aug 7, 2012
          AND HERE WE GO!
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          • Jul 14, 2010
            The event is over. We started on battle_slider, played zm_momos, 40 red crates, mako, dust2, cs_italy, and finished off with zm_endless reverse knockback. Had some large and small resizes, low grav, drugs, Brian rocketed about 100 people on mako, tony was a soccer ball, etc... Was a lot of fun. Maybe we can do this again next weekend, or in a couple weeks, or on a week day or something or on another server. Was definitely a lot of fun. Congrats to @DaveM for winning atxdragon's donor contest to stab Tony 1 round lol. And thanks to everyone who came on!
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              PeNguiN, Jul 16, 2016 Last edited by PeNguiN, Jul 16, 2016
            • Apr 26, 2015
              Anyone up for getting another ZM Fun event going?