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Late Night Zombieing

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by c4, Sep 21, 2008

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    I'm not sure how things work here but do you guys normally do this - warn someone under an alias with no tag then when they don't yield right away you pop a name w/ tag and temp ban them?

    I'm all for keeping the server ordered but consider the situation:
    1) It's late and only 4 players were in the server at the time
    2) He wasn't rude when you, under an alias, commanded him to move
    3) He yielded when you had tag on
    4) He only blocked 1 of 2 entrances to the room

    It doesn't pay off when the server goes empty, as it did 10min. after banning him - kills the playful mood.

    I respect your [Darks] resolve to keep the rules enforced but loosen your grip on an otherwise friendly server at late hours.


    Time of Incident: hour ago from post
    Player: GrilledCheese
    Incident: Blocking as a zombie
    Admins present: PAIN ([pF]DarkRace) and someone else
    Ban Length: 700min. as stated by Dark

    I just want to ensure Grilled can return. Don't know him but we had fun playing 1v1 before his ban.
  2. Jul 31, 2007
    Sounds abit OTT in my view, especialy the 700min ban, 5 minutes MAX for something this slight.

    If you can get him to post his SteamID I'll unban him.