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Leave of absence.... :(

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Nebraska, Dec 18, 2010

  1. May 11, 2010
    Side note to begin: Wow, there are a bunch of new admins in the last month-6wks since I've been active. I tried to post congrats to you all, but if I missed someone, my bad. You can poop on my chest some other time.

    Now to business: As some of you may have (not) noticed, I've dropped off the face of the pF planet. I've been working 12-hour days for UPS trying to bank some money before I leave for Air Force basic training on the 28th of this month. There's a chance it may be pushed back to the 14th of January, but I'm hopeful to leave sooner to get my wife and daughter on military insurance. Anyhow, BMT plus tech school means I'm probably not going to be around for another 6-9 months. Sad (I missed training you newbs) but necessary. You can bet on me being back as soon as possible, but just figured I'd let the people who care know where the hell I went for so long.


  2. Jul 14, 2010
    good luck with ur life, plaguefest shall miss u
  3. Jul 14, 2008
    Nebraska, you will be missed man. There is people here in pF that cares about u :3

    Come back as soon as possible or visit every once in a while =P

  4. Sep 6, 2010
    Good luck, man! I hope that you enjoy your training. I might join military too.
  5. Aug 25, 2009
    Good job. You have made the right choice. I am also joining the military as well. Marines. I have a cousin in the air force. Let me know where your being stationed bro! Also, lemme know how you do on the ASVAB :wink: ..personally I hate that god damn test.
  6. Nov 30, 2010
    Thanks for serving and protecting this great country! I'm very proud of you! Stay safe!
  7. Nov 11, 2010
    Take care ! We'll wait for you .
  8. May 27, 2008
    Ah man I was just about to let you go to third base with me too. And now you do this to me?