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Logitech F510 Mapped Axis/Clicks problem!

Discussion in Help Desk started by grindorf, Jan 1, 2011

  1. Nov 25, 2010
    I got this controller for Christmas this year because I needed to upgrade from a broken-down $5 dollar gamepad I got not too long ago. But it turns out that I can't play CoD4 using the profile in the Logitech Profiler! When I try to aim or look using the mapped axis or clicks of a mouse on my F510 nothing happens, but when it's a keyboard mapped key it works which means I will be walking around Quake/Doom style with no free looking by default without being able to shoot/or in the case of CoD4, aim!

    Do I need an extra driver? or do I need to remove and re-install the F510 driver?

    thanks for any actual help in advance~