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CS:S Map Suggestion Thread CS:S

Discussion in Server Suggestions & Bugs started by Pebble, Mar 12, 2008

  1. Jul 31, 2007
    This thread is to make a nice, simple, easy list of the maps YOU would like on the server so the admins can find and play test them easily.

    To make things nice and simple, please ONLY USE THIS TEMPLATE

    Map name:
    Creators name (If known):
    No. of Spawn Points (If known):
    Map size (in mb):
    Download URL:
    Short Description:

    Tag @Tony The Tiger

    Tag @retslag1

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      Pebble, Mar 12, 2008 Last edited by Tony The Tiger, Feb 11, 2016
    • Mar 12, 2008
      a stable thread! i can post my creations here!!!

      heres my newest release meant for the customs server.

      Map name: CLASSIFIED
      Creators name (If known): [pF] Taters. (me!)
      No. of Spawn Points (If known): 24 spawnpoints
      Map size (in mb): CLASSIFIED
      Download URL: CLASSIFIED ----------------------up for ONE WEEK. get it while its hot.
      Short Description: CLASSIFIED
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        Taters, Jul 14, 2009 Last edited by Taters, Jun 27, 2013
      • Apr 4, 2009
        Lets see if we can get this going.

        Map name: zm_desert_fortress_v2
        Creators name (If known): angerfirst and Natalya[AF]
        No. of Spawn Points (If known): 60
        Map size (in mb): 7
        Download URL: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/45929
        Short Description: Desert theme, looks like good spots to cade in and a lot of rooms/spots
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        • Aug 8, 2008
          Map name: MegaBox
          Creators name (If known): Calvin Calvin Calvin Klein!
          No. of Spawn Points (If known): Infinite
          Map size (in mb): 3.14 Terabytes
          Download URL: N/A
          Short Description A Mega sized Box.

          Make it a vote option, put it as zzzmegabox so only the 1337 can find it in the maplist.
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          • Apr 9, 2007
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            • Sep 22, 2010
              Map name: ZE_FFVII_Mako_Reactor
              Creators name (If known): Hannibal[SPA](Rafuron)
              No. of Spawn Points (If known):
              Map size (in mb): 68.3
              Download URL: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/143887?qpost=5830455
              Short Description: ZE map, follows the first mission / stage of Final Fantasy 7, highly detailed.
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              • Oct 10, 2010


                a packman
                a laser knife/weapons
                3th entrance to vent spot
                alternate way to water high spot

                get it here

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                • Oct 10, 2010
                  pretty good FPS optimized by me
                  removed secret button on washbox spot

                  dl here
                • Apr 9, 2007
                  A new temple?! I love you!
                • Oct 10, 2010
                  yes i try to adjust maps for unlimited ammo servers
                • Aug 13, 2010
                  o_o legit moonlight.
                • Aug 13, 2010
                  Sorry for double post

                  Map name: zm_papys_secret_project_v2
                  Creators name (If known): balik
                  No. of Spawn Points (If known): I have no idea.
                  Map size (in mb): 7mb
                  Download URL:http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/123650
                  Short Description:This is a barricade type map for zombie mod with a lot of secrets.
                • Oct 10, 2010
                  you can be sure
                • Aug 13, 2010
                  Map name: zm_airport_panic_bobpoblo2
                  Creators name (If known): Bobpoblo
                  No. of Spawn Points (If known): 64
                  Map size (in mb): 10mb
                  Download URL:My link
                  Short Description:I took this from the description.

                  Zombies have attacked the local city and some residents have taken hold inside the airport. The zombies soon attacked from behind the Airport coming from the runway and over took the back side of the Airport. Get ready the zombies are coming!

                  Unfortunately the original no longer works after the patch. I had to make several changes to update the map to work with the latest patch. Please enjoy!

                  The map is a lot smaller now because I deleted most of the back half of the Airport. I also added more spots in the front section.

                  - 64 Spawns
                  - 3d Skybox
                  - Cubemaps
                  - Optimized even more for better FPS
                  - Plenty more secret spots
                  - Overview radar map
                  - Soundscapes
                  - Buy Zones

                  Secret spots include: vents, illusionary walls, teleport locations and breakable walls.

                  Many things have been changed and added into this second version, a few things include:
                  Added some more connector vents to speed up getting around the map.
                  Removed one of the two planes from the 3d skybox in order to reduce skybox lag.
                  Made dozens of ‘tweaks’ to camping spots, both with cades and no cades.
                  Widened the door on the plane.
                  Added multiple Soundscapes
                  Removed some props and added others in various locations around the map.
                  All breakable glass that was previously set to 5,000HP has now been reduced to 1,000-1,5000HP.
                  Modified most crouch spots to be more balanced/ less overpowered for humans.

                  And many more changes that I won’t list.

                  This is the Second version, please enjoy, comment and rate!
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                  • Aug 13, 2010
                    Map name: zm_ATIX_apocalypse_b6
                    Creators name (If known): ATIX
                    No. of Spawn Points (If known): N/A
                    Map size (in mb): 21 mb)
                    Download URL:Link
                    Short Description:I took this from the description.

                    I am proud to present The Replacement of my past ATIX helicopter!
                    An Updated version of my classic map IN BETA with the following features:
                    -5 Random escape styles
                    -Sewers leading to a boat escape
                    -New helicopter model for escape
                    -Subway train station escape
                    -Garage Anti-Zombie truck for escape
                    -Admin secret button
                    -Around 15 camping places
                    -Approximately 20 hold out spots
                    -2 Ladders for the platform
                    -Additional climbing boxes for platform
                    -At night with my custom 2d surrounding skybox
                    -Easy in and out door shops
                    -Classic ATIX helicopter included
                    -Custom textures
                    -same map but extended Overall 2.5 Expansion and detail
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                    • Feb 21, 2007
                      i think that one is bugged ^^
                    • Aug 13, 2010
                      AIRPORT :grin:
                    • Nov 23, 2007
                      Map name:

                      Creators name (If known):

                      No. of Spawn Points (If known):

                      Map size (in mb):
                      28 mb

                      Download URL:

                      Short Description:
                      - CRASH PROBLEM FIXED!!!
                      - Adapted for new update!
                      - Many weapons use the new particle system of the new source engine update!
                      - New starting modes.
                      - New monster (Pyramid Head)
                      - New items (erendil light, the crowd, the wall carrier)
                      - Huge list of changes (more than 100, I can't list all them)
                    • Nov 23, 2007
                      Map name:

                      Creators name (If known):

                      No. of Spawn Points (If known):

                      Map size (in mb):
                      1 mb

                      Download URL:

                      Short Description:
                      1 heli
                      1 elevator
                      1 secret driveable car

                      In my option is the very good map.

                      3 ways to the heli
                    • Nov 23, 2007
                      Map name:

                      Creators name (If known):
                      Butterknife aka Jaekto

                      No. of Spawn Points (If known):

                      Map size (in mb):
                      10 mb

                      Download URL:

                      Short Description:
                      Pretty much just a map of Jurassic park with moving dinosaur props.

                      Map Info:
                      Custom Textures

                      Fixes from previous Version:
                      *Fixed all leaks (skybox error fixed)
                      *Fixed water
                      *Fixed textures (overlays)