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Map trouble

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by Bomber, Mar 16, 2011

  1. Sep 23, 2010
    Keep getting this message, it says missing map disconecting and its on panic beach. i've played it before.
  2. Jul 14, 2010
    try deleting it and re-downloading it.
  3. Sep 23, 2010

    This is going on right now on the server. zm unlimited ammo
  4. Sep 25, 2010
    It's either your internet connection or because of the server, Ray has to look into this. The best you can do is look for it on gamebanana.com or download it from somewhere else.
  5. Apr 9, 2007
    Works for me (just downloaded it). However, if someone goofed and replaced the map without changing the name. You will get this error.

    zm_lila_panic_beach_pF was modified March 4th. Either this has been an issue for a while, or it's an issue on your client.

    The map is internal.
  6. Dec 17, 2010
    This is what i have, if these aren't exact, then delete whatever you have that does not match mine.
    Then when the map changes to lila_panic_beach, (whenever it does) you should be able to play it because it will automatically download the right version.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\cyberwulf_931\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps


    I had this same problem so they told me to delete the map ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and rejoin the server.
  7. Sep 23, 2010
    Thanks for the help i will be sure to backstab you when i see you in game.