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Medical advice

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Dani, Aug 4, 2008

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    Hey everyone! So this is how it goes. My mom just got home from the hospital last Wednesday and we've been having some trouble with her. She wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, scaring the crap out of everyone in the house. She talks to her self at night so I'm up a lot worrying, haven't been sleeping at all. She has some crazy nightmares and stuff where she thinks she can get out of bed or move her legs, she's parapellgic btw. This morning was the kicker though. She said that she had woken up about 11:30 PM and thought she saw people downstairs in the living room with her, unfortunately its where she sleeps. And she was scared. She even thought me and Starcell were on the couch whispering and she was trying to talk to us and for some reason we were telling her she was dead.

    Now I'm starting to get more and more worried about this situation. I wish I knew what it could be. It seems to be getting worse by the month and I'm afraid this keeps up, she'll either end up in a nursing home or in the hospital the rest of her life... What should I do?
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    Ok so my mom just called me at work stating that she was still having illusions and she stoped breathing...Could the illusions be an early sign of dementia? I'm not sure how that works but I'm getting terrified...
  3. Feb 21, 2007
    you said she stopped breathing......I know OSA-obstructive sleep apnea can cause very scary nightmares, in an attempt to wake u up. OSA is basically where u quit breathing for a short period of time while sleeping. Not sure if when she stopped breathing she was awake or asleep.

    Otherwise....I think she needs to go see the family doc. I wouldn't suspect that dementia would cause such things. I might be wrong, but it just doesnt sound like it to me.
  4. Feb 1, 2007
    PF's resident doc has spoken.

    DO IT.

  5. Jun 29, 2007
    Hey bro my sincere thoughts and prayers to you Keep on keepin on is all i can say. Messed up situation bro keep us updated i cant recommend anything to you but some calm words to your mother tell her she will be alright and to remember take it step by step.
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    Hey Rain thank you for the kind words, I really appriciate them a lot. And btw I'm a sis not a bro :razz: haha
  7. Feb 1, 2007
    Who put this in my post?
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    Not sure but just a bit of an update. My mom was put back in the hospital lastnight. She has blurred the lines of what's real and what's not...She didn't even remember my brother speaking with her earlier in the day...So I hope she can go back to normal...because right now I think the worst part is that she'll stop remembering who her kids are.
  9. Jul 16, 2008
    so sorry man hope she gets better
  10. Apr 9, 2007
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    No clue.
  11. Mar 12, 2008
    dani is a GIRL

    shes been called a man in the same thread twice?
  12. Feb 21, 2007
    It was Neo in the matrix...lol

    But lazy was right, I has spoken.

    Keep us updated dani :/
  13. Feb 1, 2007
    I'm 43.8% sure I didn't type that.
  14. Jul 16, 2008
    i know that lol :razz:
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    OOOO Update time I guess. Well we finally know what is wrong. She has an extreme bladder infection, so I guess whatever chemical that gets released went into her blood stream which is causing the hallucinations. So good news is she can get better with medication which makes me so happy! SO YAY MOM!
  16. Jul 16, 2008
    hmmmmmm bladder infection wouldn't of thunk of tat lol well eny way YAY COOKIES FOR ALL
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    Hmm yes...cookies for all.... *laces cookies with drugs*
  18. Jul 16, 2008
  19. Feb 1, 2007
    Good to hear everything will be fine.
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    Thank you to everyone for their support. I really appreciate everything you all have done for me