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Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Subhuman30, Jan 7, 2009

  1. Dec 13, 2008
    [pF]Mike was playing today. and he said fuck pf it has gone to hell. and he was the only other person in the server that had admin. and i was banned shortly after. plz un ban me and ban mike for abuse
  2. Jan 5, 2009

    no need to lie you little prick,

    i wasnt in any PF servers today until 4 PM

    i was sleep from 8am to 4pm pacific time

    and prior to that i was

    in a foreign UK server and G6 Gun game.

    i can get people to vouch for that
  3. Mar 16, 2008
    I banned Mike by steam id,
    You and one other person got banned at the same time. I unbanned yours right after when I looked at the logs for steam id's, not sure how you went with him

    sorry about that

    I have the logs mike
  4. Jan 5, 2009
    it was someone else, i never got banned

    ??? show me the logs. cause someone might have used my name.

    EDIT: wait, i cant perma ban, i never had access to that.
  5. Aug 18, 2006
    Please provide us with the evidence.
  6. Dec 13, 2008
    then someone was under your name. and that person was the only one that had the tag. i am sry if that was not u.
  7. May 27, 2008
    Depending on where it was, Mike wouldn't have admin.
    He just got admin on Customs a few days ago, and has lost it, for helping out another player. [Ck or Ray, PM me on steam]
  8. Feb 21, 2007
    before everyone starts pointing fingers, subhuman you need two things. You need to provide some kinda of screen shot or demo of the event, and you need to provide your steam ID if you want to be unbanned, and which server you need to be unbanned from.
  9. Sep 14, 2008
    Yeah...its not nice when someone blames you for something you DIDN'T do.....
  10. May 27, 2008
    Look, I told him to tell you he was sorry for being an ass. I know if I was new, and had my admin pulled on the spot I'd be blaming everyone. It's human nature.
  11. May 27, 2008
    It always gets off topic. But yeah. it seems to be resolved. No proof has been posted, and I see an apology to Mike. So. I'd lock the topic, but my LSA seems to run off somewhere..
  12. Aug 8, 2008
    when you banned mike, did you ban the steam id of the guy who is in gave through the logs, or did you find mike's and ban his?

    if you banned the admin who was in game, then it was mike, if not mike, find and ban/remove admin of that admin.

    p.s peter, tater put something up about removing his admin powers, so you might of lost yours too? Idk, I think you guys are brothers maybe?
  13. Mar 16, 2008
    Here it is,
    We were on 4waytunnel at the time. I changed his name since I did not know of a admin mike and he didn't show up on the list
    [pF] Mike killed ImTHEBest with p90.
    LOst -=xIsAx=- :  lol
    LOst -=xIsAx=- :  ahhaahah\y
    LOst -=xIsAx=- :  hahahaha
    ZEITGEIST killed HyperSystem with mp5navy.
    LOst -=xIsAx=- :  bye hope u guys have a nice life
    ] ma_admins
    Current Admins with 'admin' flag List
    Name						   Admin Name
    Simmons						[pF] Spar13				   
    {pF} Death Bringer			 death bringer				 
    [pF] Redclaw				   redclaw					   
    Caedo Omnis died.
    LOst -=xIsAx=- :  cunts
    OINKFEST killed [afy]king with zombie_claws_of_death.
    [pF] Mike :  GTFO MY HEAD
    Du4LxCoRe (Qc) killed [pF] Mike with zombie_claws_of_death.
    [pF] Mike killed Simmons with zombie_claws_of_death.
    noclip ON
    noclip OFF
    [ZOMBIE] You are now a zombie. Eat some brains!
    ] ma_cexec mike name =pF= Mike
    Ran name =pF= Mike
    {FW}Mako killed Mert (Qc) with p90.
    ThE InFaMoUs WoP killed =pF= Mike with mp5navy.
    ConcreteCheese killed † §?PS???? † with p90.
    IamCLUELESS connected
    ZEITGEIST killed Simmons with mp5navy.
    Player: Simmons - Damage Given
    Damage Given to "ROLEX" - 222 in 6 hits
    Damage Given to "LOst -=xIsAx=-" - 22 in 1 hit
    Damage Given to "HyperSystem" - 597 in 10 hits
    Player: Simmons - Damage Taken
    Damage Taken from "ThE InFaMoUs WoP" - 770 in 15 hits
    Damage Taken from "ZEITGEIST" - 771 in 25 hits
    Damage Taken from "ConcreteCheese" - 510 in 10 hits
    Damage Taken from "{FW}Mako" - 570 in 15 hits
    Damage Taken from "taurah" - 91 in 4 hits
    [ZOMBIE] You are now a zombie. Eat some brains!
    taurah killed v?????? with mp5navy.
    jackie chan's son connected
    Type !rules for a list of server rules.
    Supplyin' Hell connected
    ConcreteCheese killed darklegend23 (|°.QC.°|) with p90.
    ZEITGEIST :  abused
    [pF] Mike :  FUCK YOU JOHN
    [pF] Mike :  YOU PIECE OF SHIT
    disturbia (low sound) connected
    [pF] Mike :  AND FUCK PF
    darklegend23 (|°.QC.°|) :  rank
    Player darklegend23 (|°.QC.°|) is ranked 16/2118 with 1466 points, 463 kills, 349 deaths, kd ratio 1.33
    ZEITGEIST killed Du4LxCoRe (Qc) with mp5navy.
    Current User List
    A Ghost Name				Steam ID			 IP Address	   UserID
    {FW}Mako			STEAM_0:1:5247743	 669	
    [L5G}LaosGirl4Life  STEAM_0:1:20810441   632	
    IamCLUELESS		 STEAM_0:0:5534843	 713	
    l>R@G()N			STEAM_0:0:3968008	611	
    OINKFEST			STEAM_0:0:8874031   693	
    HyperSystem		 STEAM_0:1:18926062	478	
    Octavarium		  STEAM_0:1:10233019   710	
    *	   Simmons			 STEAM_0:0:3254127	 563	
    ThE InFaMoUs WoP	STEAM_0:1:16084982	657	
    bondedbyblood	   STEAM_0:0:19821583	 711	
    jackie chan's son   STEAM_0:1:4201462	714	
    [afy]king		   STEAM_0:0:20846754	  597	
    St.Cloud Thug	   STEAM_0:0:22025321	  673	
    Supplyin' Hell	  STEAM_0:1:11369383	715	
    disturbia (low sound) STEAM_0:1:19073831	716	
    =pF=Subhuman30	  STEAM_0:1:13318328	 689	
    Mert (Qc)		   STEAM_0:1:701784	593	
    [pF] Mike		   STEAM_0:0:3450402	 698	
    Kill Or Be Killed   STEAM_0:1:21144632   659	
    ZEITGEIST		   STEAM_0:1:2087990   638	
    -FN- Achmed		 STEAM_0:0:13461764   576	
    nolaz			   STEAM_0:1:8051001   588	
    ImTHEBest		   STEAM_0:1:20222870	258	
    BAMF				STEAM_0:0:20089173	675	
    *	   {pF} Death Bringer  STEAM_0:1:5917335	694	
    Deeeetroit PISTONS  STEAM_0:0:4000403	 513   
    Undercoverbuddy	 STEAM_0:0:14356593	664	
    §§™Sm0k3y707	STEAM_0:1:20379949	682	
    Du4LxCoRe (Qc)	  STEAM_0:1:12119861	  616	
    mr-shotgun		  STEAM_0:0:3450486	667	
    [GGG] Jewish Juggernaut STEAM_0:1:15768895	 678	
    darklegend23 (|°.QC.°|) STEAM_0:1:21991906	 586	
    bullet proof rambo/kill roy STEAM_0:0:6365469   680	
    [plankton]holladay  STEAM_0:0:13883672	605	
    =(e)=â„¢s13silviA   STEAM_0:1:15036353	 516	
    taurah			  STEAM_0:1:2692249	674	
    ConcreteCheese	  STEAM_0:0:12181002	  692	
    Corey			   STEAM_0:0:22130160	 519	
    myjoosus tex		STEAM_0:0:18057246	  686	
    v??????  STEAM_0:0:7142557	  619	
    crazo			   STEAM_0:1:20089989	620	
    [pF] Mike :  ITS GONE TO HELL
    taurah killed {pF} Death Bringer with mp5navy.
    =pF=Subhuman30 killed crazo with zombie_claws_of_death.
    darklegend23 (|°.QC.°|) :  top16
    =pF=Subhuman30 killed §§™Sm0k3y707 with zombie_claws_of_death.
    taurah killed HyperSystem with mp5navy.
    (aka magical flying donkey) connected
    §§™Sm0k3y707 :  wtf happened
    {pF} Death Bringer :  !ztele
    {FW}Mako :  rank
    Player {FW}Mako is ranked 52/2118 with 1169 points, 242 kills, 189 deaths, kd ratio 1.28
    crazo :  !ztele
    =pF=Subhuman30 :  i got on ur roof
    ] ma_ban STEAM_0:0:3450402 0
    (ADMIN) Simmons: banned player =pF=Subhuman30
    (ADMIN) Simmons: banned player §§™Sm0k3y707
    myjoosus tex :  topeatmydick
    [pF] Redclaw connected
    ThE InFaMoUs WoP killed Kill Or Be Killed with mp5navy.
    {FW}Mako killed =(e)=â„¢s13silviA with p90.
    taurah killed [plankton]holladay with mp5navy.
    (CONSOLE) : two permabans spar
    [L5G}LaosGirl4Life killed bullet proof rambo/kill roy with mp5navy.
    (CONSOLE) : really?
    Simmons :  same id
    nolaz :  !ztele
    ZEITGEIST killed l>R@G()N with mp5navy.
    † §?PS???? † connected
    ZEITGEIST killed Du4LxCoRe (Qc) with mp5navy.
    ZEITGEIST :  abused!
    Player † §?PS???? † has entered rock the vote, 16 votes required to trigger map vote
    [ZOMBIE] Humans have killed all the zombies.. for now.
    Player: Simmons - Damage Taken
    Damage Taken from "world" - 22 in 1 hit
    † §?PS???? † connected
    {FW}Mako :  rank
    Player {FW}Mako is ranked 50/2120 with 1175 points, 243 kills, 189 deaths, kd ratio 1.29
    [afy]king :  rtv
    Player [afy]king has entered rock the vote, 16 votes required to trigger map vote
    [ZOMBIE] ZombieMod is enabled, run for your lives, the game is HUMANS vs. ZOMBIES.
    [L5G}LaosGirl4Life voted zm_vc2_office_redone_b1
    HyperSystem voted Extend 20 minutes
    Mert (Qc) voted Extend 20 minutes
    ImTHEBest voted zm_moonlight_v2
    nolaz voted Extend 20 minutes
    jackie chan's son voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    =(e)=â„¢s13silviA voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    ConcreteCheese voted zm_moonlight_v2
    Octavarium voted Extend 20 minutes
    (ADMIN) [pF] Redclaw: hi console!! i wove u !! :p
    ThE InFaMoUs WoP voted Extend 20 minutes
    darklegend23 (|°.QC.°|) voted Extend 20 minutes
    crazo voted zm_vc2_office_redone_b1
    Corey voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    taurah voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    disturbia (low sound) voted Extend 20 minutes
    ZEITGEIST voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    mr-shotgun voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    Du4LxCoRe (Qc) voted Extend 20 minutes
    Deeeetroit PISTONS voted zm_moonlight_v2
    Welcome to Plague Fest Zombiemod!
    † §?PS???? † voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    Kill Or Be Killed voted Extend 20 minutes
    BAMF voted zm_vc2_office_redone_b1
    l>R@G()N voted Extend 20 minutes
    {FW}Mako voted zm_moonlight_v2
    [afy]king voted zm_vc2_office_redone_b1
    IamCLUELESS voted Extend 20 minutes
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: look at their id's I perma'd the guy who was going under an admin name
    {pF} Death Bringer voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    Supplyin' Hell voted Extend 20 minutes
    [GGG] Jewish Juggernaut voted zm_vc2_office_redone_b1
    (Counter-Terrorist) Kill Or Be Killed :  !ztele
    [plankton]holladay voted zm_mall_beta_b1
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: it isn't my fault they are all "STEAM_0:0:3450402"
    disturbia (low sound) killed Supplyin' Hell with zombie_claws_of_death.
    -FN- Achmed voted zm_moonlight_v2
    disturbia (low sound) killed [pF] Redclaw with zombie_claws_of_death.
    Results are in, 31 votes cast
    Option 'Extend 20 minutes' has won the vote
    Map extended by 20 minutes
    taurah died.
    BRICKS connected
    myjoosus tex died.
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: if your gonna act like i'm abusing then look at the logs
    (ADMIN ONLY) [pF] Redclaw: o i must of missed somthing
    bullet proof rambo/kill roy died.
    Corey died.
    Voting not allowed at this time!
    {FW}Mako :  broken again
    jackie chan's son died.
    .DasVoid connected
    taurah killed † §?PS???? † with zombie_claws_of_death.
    taurah killed [GGG] Jewish Juggernaut with zombie_claws_of_death.
    taurah killed {FW}Mako with zombie_claws_of_death.
    taurah killed St.Cloud Thug with zombie_claws_of_death.
    taurah killed [afy]king with zombie_claws_of_death.
    † §?PS???? † :  rtv
    Player † §?PS???? † has entered rock the vote, 15 votes required to trigger map vote
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: I changed his name from [pF] Mike to =pF= Mike
    [GGG] Jewish Juggernaut killed ZEITGEIST with zombie_claws_of_death.
    ZEITGEIST :  !ztele
    [GGG] Jewish Juggernaut killed Kill Or Be Killed with zombie_claws_of_death.
    Donations and admin purchases keep this server alive. Order at www.plaguefest.com
    (CONSOLE) : actually i was just luling...sorry
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: he then changed it back and cussed out the server and left
    (CONSOLE) : damn
    (ADMIN) [pF] Redclaw: lol
    Da Clown connected
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: i'm just saying what I did
    (CONSOLE) : i know
    (CONSOLE) : that guys a dick
    MoonRun connected
    taurah killed ImTHEBest with zombie_claws_of_death.
    {FW}Mako :  !zstuck
    taurah killed mr-shotgun with zombie_claws_of_death.
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: the three of them I guess were under the same id
    taurah :  !ztele
    (ADMIN ONLY) Simmons: 
    myjoosus tex killed [plankton]holladay with zombie_claws_of_death.
    [afy]king :  rtv
    bondedbyblood killed bullet proof rambo/kill roy with m249.
  14. May 27, 2008

    Pertaining to this, not to Mike's view on certain people in the server.

    He had the admin tag on because he was admin in Customs. Not on ZMod.

    Problem solved, Mike is to be clear of all charges made against him, considering the ban wasn't made by him, which is clearly seen in the logs.

    Guess some people don't understand how "human nature" works. Here's a lesson.
    Let's say a kid gets a brand new toy. This toy gets knocked on the floor by a bully. He ruins it. The kid is either going to do one of two things. Cry, or get angry.
    Apply that to this. John took admin away from him for unbanning someone, who is most likely going to get re-unbanned after the 40th time. John gets angry, and takes admin away from Mike. Mike gets angry and at this point, flips out.

    Two totally different stories, this was made on the assumption that Mike banned subhuman. That has been solved that "Simmons" banned him.
  15. Mar 16, 2008
    I thought I said that I was the one who banned him (still don't know how) and then unbanned him in my first post?
  16. May 27, 2008
    Yeah. That does seem weird, but the problems have been solved, it seems like.

    And I used "Simmons" in quotes because I was teasing you.
  17. Mar 15, 2008
    This Simmons?

  18. Mar 16, 2008
    I was going under this simmons since another admin was Sarge and Donut