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MOTD Logo Competition

Discussion in News started by Sauce Helmet, Mar 5, 2007

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    Contest: Make a PlagueFest logo image for the MOTD on the server.

    Winner gets their name on the MOTD in a corner somewhere or near the bottom if it is chosen to be used on the server.

    Size should be something around 650 pixels wide and 300-500 pixels high.

    Post entries here.
  2. Mar 1, 2007
    is there a time that this should be completed by? and any other specifications cause im most likely going to be starting this sometime tonight..
  3. Jan 27, 2007
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    No real time limit or specs, pretty loose competition.

    You could make a 6000x6000 MOTD for all I care, not that it would present itself more or less usable.
  5. Jan 21, 2007
    [IMG] [IMG] took me 1 hour
  6. Feb 9, 2007
    took me 20 minutes :grin:
  7. Mar 1, 2007
    mine after 3 guinness and some free time....
    prolly going to do something else too.....
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    haha torse what the hell is that shit in the background? Lookin' forward to any other entry you might have.
  9. Mar 1, 2007
    intestine... pic was taken at a slaughter house, thought it might fit..
    thanx too! I'll see what else i can come up with tonight..
  10. Feb 9, 2007
    thats cool.... i cant really think of anything cool to make besides basic grunge
  11. Mar 1, 2007
    I used to make things like this all of the time, but haven't in a while.. seemed like a good time to try it out again...
    i watch alot of zombie movies and have tons of zombie-like stuff so drawing on inspiration wasn't to difficult.. when i get home tonight im going to see if i can whip another one up...
  12. Mar 1, 2007
    I'm going to try to get maybe 1 or 2 differnt ones done sometime this week, but when are we going to know who won and see the change to the logo?
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    As soon as you see it on the server's MOTD!
  14. Mar 1, 2007
    that would make perfectly good sense...
    any requests for other logo's or anything like that? plenty of free time and i wouldn't mind contributing to the site and plague fest..
  15. Dec 30, 2006
    I wish i had a few adobe programs. Than i could make a logo. I wish i was rich :frown:
  16. Mar 1, 2007
    not everything needs to be paid for though...
    what kind of logo would you want? I could prolly make something for you...
  17. Mar 1, 2007
    one more i had..saved a while ago and feel like posting it now..
    strange designy feel to it.. simple, almost looks like it belongs on something else, maybe a makeup ad in people or something like that..
  18. Jan 11, 2007
    Is plaguefest a new kind of red lipstick?

    No wait! It's a skin lotion, right?

    The logo seems a bit ambiguous. I liked your first one better... But then again, who am I to judge? Both are miles ahead of anything I could design...
  19. Mar 1, 2007
    probably a lotion/cream dunno.. bored and for some reason i thought this up.. i have a few more ideas taht i'd like to work on so i'm hoping that i'll have the time between now and the weekend to get them out and up here..i/m assuming that the gore is requested and what is going to be liked by many, correct?
    plenty of slaughter images to use then!!! :grin: :blink: :grin:
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