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Movies you've seen in 2010!!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Conker, Jul 24, 2010

  1. Mar 31, 2010
    - Toy Story 3 (i cried so much... best of the series and best animated movie ever!)
    - Inception (this movie is just OMG insane!)
    - Shutter Island (devastating ending, incredible movie)
    - How To Train Your Dragon (sooo cuteee)
    - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (filled with cliches, but who cares - it was so much fun!)

    9/10 - 9.9/10
    - The Ghost Writer (loved the final twist :grin:)
    - Cyrus (laughed my ass off throughout movie)
    - City of Life and Death (so horrifying - a gem of a movie)
    - Soul Kitchen (funny, full of life - this is a sure-crowd-pleaser)
    - Hachiko: A Dog's Story (i cried :frown: - what a sad, though beautifully done movie)
    - Baaria (this movie has a great deal of comedy and drama, but it's the nostalgic feeling that makes it what it is...

    8/10 - 8.9/10
    - Hot Tub Time Machine (once again, nostalgia kicks in! and also quite funny)
    - Despicable Me (super cool and fun all at once!)
    - Winter's Bone (ultra realistic, keeps you on the edge of your seat! great performances!)
    - Iron Man 2 (quite a fun movie, and very funny at times!)
    - Chloe (mm tastefully done! what an erotic and sexy thriller! the performances are top notch)
    - Dear John (i'm a sucker for movies like these. the techs were nice, and the movie was a charmer)
    - Kick-Ass (this has action, comedy, suspense! it was kick ass!!)
    - Agora (great epic film about something religious that we HAVE NOT heard before! great performances, and pretty interesting stuff!)
    - Get Him to the Greek (this was quite hilarious at times!)
    - Green Zone (great suspense/thriller/war movie! always on the run, and never gets boring!)
    - Fish Tank (very realistic, and with great performances -- the last third went kinda downhill, but who cares!)

    7/10 - 7.9/10
    - Date Night (quite a fun movie, though forgettable)
    - Brooklyn's Finest (good action/thriller a-la-Crash, though the religious aspects kinda took away some realism and impact..)
    - The Karate Kid (a fun movie, no doubt - but it was way too, too long...)
    - Legion (a good action movie, though it leaves you wanting more...!)
    - City Life (fun movie about an Italian family in NY, though it was too predictable and the ending was just dumb)
    - A Nightmare on Elm Street (a fun horror movie, though it was not scary whatsoever. but the performances, what a suprise!)
    - Clash of the Titans (okay this is the dumbest movie i've seen all year long, and I love it because of how fun and hilarious it was. It's so bad, it's good...)
    - Mao's Last Dancer (good dancing flick, though too cliched, too predictable, the performances were adaquate, nothing more, and you're left wanting much much more...)
    - Heartbeats (great first half, funny, romantic, etc. the second half drags like there's no tomorrow. it's too bad, this could've been something else!)
    - The Joneses (great twist, though I wasn't fond of the story at all. nonetheless, you'll have fun watching this)
    - Daybreakers (great action/suspense for the most part, but those last 10 minutes killed this movie. it was rushed, dumbed-down to an extreme, and for that I was pissed!)
    - From Paris With Love (what a bad performance by jonathan rhys-meyers, though this is a fun movie. very predictable, and the ending was just uhhh lame)

    6/10 - 6.9/10
    - The Crazies (was it scary? no! was it fun? not really. BUT, it was interesting - the concept and the acting made up for it.)
    - She's Out of My League (not really funny, but it's a charming movie to see once and never again)
    - Robin Hood (what a dumb turd. this movie could have been so great, but instead I don't know what got in the head of all those producers, actors, and yes, Ridley Scott - but this movie just fell flat on its ass)
    - Nowhere Boy (yawn, I've seen this type of story so many times, and with the same type of dumb ending. watching this brings you absolutely nothing; talk about what you can do about a pre-Beatles movie...)
    - The Concert (this movie was all over the place. it was filled with unanswered holes, and the ending was so far-fetched and dumb, it completely evaded my mind)
    - Harry Brown (oh boy... michael caine?! what the f*** made you want to do this movie? the screenplay is hilariously bad, I laughed out loud at the world premiere at TIFF 09: funny thing is most of the audience joined along)
    - Solitary Man (the screenplay is good. the acting is good. but it's so empty. and it feels empty. in fact, you can sleep through most of the movie and still get it. no wait... you can simply watch the TRAILER and get it...)
    - Dorian Gray (oh boy. this was fun, in a dreadful way. ben barnes really thinks he can act?)

    5/10 - 5.9/10
    - Ondine (apart from the leads, this movie is badly acted.. so bad, that you can't even admire it's great twist at the end... poor Colin, at least he's trying nowadays)
    - Edge of Darkness (Zzz.... Zzz.... Bang! Bang! Talk! Talk! *cue predicable scenes, including baby girl at beach saying 'hi daddy! look at me' What a stupid movie)
    - Shrek Goes Fourth (this is a disgrace to animation. a disgrace to Shrek - mind you the 3rd was too... but thankfully, it was SHORT! yay!)
    - Get Low (this movie has 1 redeemable quality. a great one too: it cured insomnia to a whole bunch of us. pharmaceuticals should take note!!)
    - Triage (oh boy. if there's a movie you'll want to shoot yourself in the back of the head for the casting choice and, uh, everything else: this is it! great potential, and f***ing wasted!)

    4/10 - 4.9/10
    - I Killed My Mother (i felt like killing myself after watching this boring shit)
    - Alice in Wonderland (oh my god, what happened to Tim Burton. he must be mad or something. the movie is so embarrassing, i was cringing half the times. my nails turned blue!)
    - Please Give (please don't. this is a load of crap. pretentious, snotty, and so stupid)
    - Life During Wartime (ever see a movie where a mother tells her son "you make me wet", or a man kisses a woman after she tells him "i'm a monster!", or when a woman discusses about rape with her boyfriend? This is one serious demented movie.)
    - Grown Ups (I feel, errr, a lot dumber now.)
    - Glorious 39 (oh boy. stupider than this? this felt like a made-for-TV movie, but only 20 times worse... the ending is so laughably bad, and cringe-worthy, you want to punch a kid)

    3/10 - 3.9/10
    - Cracks (the only redeemable quality this film has are Eva Green's tits. otherwise, avoid this "going-nowhere" movie. it will bore the crap out of you)
    - Defendor (this is why I tend to stay away from Canadian films (excluding Quebec) for the most part: it's garbage. wait, that's way too friendly to bring it on the same level as garbage. this is below garbage, far, far below)
    - Cop Out (i wanted to shoot everyone while watching this non-funny, disturbingly bad movie)
    - Rampage (oh great, let's show the world a movie on how to get away with a psychopathic murderer! let him shoot anyone he sees on sight, and let him get away and make it seem like it's nothing at all!)

    2/10 - 2.9/10
    - Predators (too bad they didn't come kill me...)
    - The Vintner's Luck (another insomnia curer, except with a flaw: you'll get up with a blasting headache, and wonder "why?")
    - Leaves of Grass (words cannot describe how inexcusably bad this movie is. it's worse than a CANADIAN MADE-FOR-TV movie for Christ's sake!)
    - The Greatest (yeah, this scene will sum it up for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyOJCJLFMRI - lulz!!)

    1/10 - 1.9/10
    - Crazy on the Outside (if there's a reason for depression in this world: it's for movies like this)
    - The Warlords (ever felt like knowing how it feels like getting stabbed repeatedly. the endurance of it all? how painful it is? well this is worse..)

    0/10 - 0.9/10
    - Hadewijch (wonder why you haven't heard of this movie before? great, now move along...)
    - Mother's Little Helpers (they should make merchandise for this movie. especially like dart boards or something -- even maybe host an evening where we can target practice with the cast and crew volunteering as boards - since they wouldn't know any better...)

  2. Dec 20, 2008
    I like to think I inspired this with my question.
  3. Mar 31, 2010
    Lmao, you actually did. :biggrin: I'm a huge film fanatic, and thus, I felt the need to see if there are any others like me in here!!!

    Are you a film fanatic?