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Music Stream

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by wrecker1, May 24, 2008

Should I?

Yes 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Ban Punisher 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Mar 30, 2008
    Alright, as of late my credit card has been turned off. I can't donate, buy admin, etc.

    But I am known by quite a few in the server, and I was wondering if there is a possibility I can stream music even though I do not have any admin privs.

    Lemme know!

    ~ =pF= <~*Rawr/Slayth*~>
  2. Mar 12, 2008
    i'll support this

    rawr should be allowed. He IS made of candy, after all.
  3. Mar 30, 2008
    I also have candy in my van, get in :smile:
  4. Mar 30, 2008

    Did a trial run last night
  5. Jan 11, 2007
    I was there briefly...

    ...the music selection leads me to believe Slayth should be permitted to continue streaming. It was some good songs and he happily took requests and tried to please the masses.
  6. Mar 30, 2008
  7. Feb 21, 2007
    this could be a good thing, as sometimes players want music, and i dont want to dj. But i also am weary of the risks involved since i dont really know him.
  8. Mar 30, 2008

    Such as? I'm willing to say my opinion or my answer on whatever risks you are worried
  9. Apr 9, 2007
    Hell... If Mer thinks the music is Decent, Let him stay.

    Also, I don't see why "Ban Punisher" is part of the vote.
  10. Mar 30, 2008

    that was more of a joke that is done on another forum I am on, there is always one person that is in a poll option and has "Ban" on it, it was either punisher, john, or pebble >< and i chose punisher just cause his name starts with a D, first int he alphabet XD its a multichoice option
  11. Mar 12, 2008
    rets, you're just lazy :grin:

    Lools like slayth gets his wish :grin:
  12. Mar 30, 2008

    Now to try and talk cam into getting me admin eh? XD

    (aka it would just be basic admin with no privs except admin chat for announcing songs, etc)
  13. May 26, 2008
    You should only play techno
  14. Apr 9, 2007
  15. Feb 21, 2007
    give a mouse a cookie...he'll ask for a glass of milk. :down:
  16. Dec 30, 2006
    Buy me a cell phone and i'll think about it.
  17. Feb 21, 2007

  18. Apr 9, 2007

    Nice Find.
  19. Jun 4, 2006
    that's why i don't like the free pF tag...
  20. Jun 4, 2006
    Also in regards to letting slayth have privileges without pay, the only reason I oppose it is because I bet you money somewhere down the line some other paying admin will bitch about it.