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mute, then ban for mic ""Spaming"

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by [Epic] Taco, Sep 4, 2009

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  1. Sep 4, 2009
    Ok first of all, let me just start of by saying this, I was ****ing singing and im sorry, my mic boost was on for some stupid reson, another thing obama and coolbeans you guys are the worst admins iv ever seen........ in a long time...... also iv been on this server long before u a** holes came along. also even though you have admin "powers" that doesnt mean that ur almighty god. get it?!? i shure hope so, and also Peter Griffin agrees with me in that situation.

    O ya i forgot because i wasnt mic "spamming" i wasnt breaking the leaving and coming back to get out of a mute rule.
    Also i might talk to Ray about this.

    Thank you
  2. Jun 30, 2009
    i only muted you cos you called and admin a fucking faggot

    am i wrong in doing that ?
  3. Apr 4, 2009
    Wow if your gonna come to the website and complain don't act like a hard ass, spamming or not you don't sing over your mic.

    Also are u saying u got Muted and Banned at the same time, or muted first then banned after doin it agin.
  4. Aug 22, 2008
    Seriously why are there so many shit heads around here now. Coolbeans and I generally dont get along but I think we can agree that this guy is on some Harvey Milk cock eating level. Apparently we are the worst admins he has seen here so he most know the rules as he can judge our abilities. With that said:

    Guy starts singing a song over the mic. Really badly. So he gets muted.

    Leaves and rejoins. Coolbeans and I tell him that avoiding a mute is illegal and punishable by ban. We dont remute or do ANYTHING

    Buddy starts arguing about how that wasnt his intention and its a stupid rule and how he didnt know his signing was that bad. He doesnt stop for a god 3 minutes so guess what happens? He gets muted.

    He then gets warned to "learn when to shut your mouth"

    Leaves rejoins to say "fuck you obama youre a faggot"

    Coolbeans mutes him and i give him a 30 min ban.

    El Fin (for you indie "the driving bell and butterfly" types)

    The mic boost excuse is a bunch of bullshit, he knows exactly what he was doing and why he was muted. He procedded to carry on being a dipshit and was punished accordingly. I dont know if this is the same spicey taco penis breathe but i dont think any of these guys should be cut any slack. They regularly take their add out on the server with cries for attention and then try to play dumb and innocent when punished. Fuck this kid in the face.
  5. Mar 12, 2008
    according to our rules if you hold the mic key down for longer than 5(?) or so seconds it could be considered spam. unless you are talking to an admin, or are giving orders to teammates (within reason).

    if you rejoin to avoid the mute, then start talking smack again, that is worthy of a temp ban. Everyone that plays in our server agrees to these rules when they log in.

    If you just pass by the MOTD when you log in, it's your fault if you didn't read over them. They are very simple so I don't see why you couldn't take a few moments to skim them.

    so if you were singing and people were complaining about it, especially after our admin team warned you,

    Admin disrespect is up there on that list too.

    also, peter is just one person. he alone doesn't have the right to unban a rule breaker. it's a view of the evidence against this, and a decision between the admins that were present while this went down, and an administrator's opinion.

    you should have stopped. CS:S isn't American idol.
  6. Apr 4, 2009
    Obama you need to rember to fill out "bans" posts.
  7. Aug 22, 2008
    nah, its coo mang
  8. Oct 22, 2007
    Fill it out for a perma you mean... :rolleyes:
  9. May 27, 2008
    I think that 30 minutes is too long.
    Give the guy a chance at least.
    You've blown things way out of proportion today from what I've seen.
    You wanted to get rid of a kid who had a ping of 5-7 and lagged like crazy.
    It could have been fps lag, but no. It's always something bad.
    This is just me saying it, but the guy is a regular. Be a little more forewarning at least.
    I sing over the mic more than anyone. I don't get yelled at or muted. So blame me for starting this shit.
    Not only was he banned, but also ip banned. He couldn't even join after it was concluded.
    But no one wanted to fucking fix that.
  10. Apr 4, 2009
    No, all bans are to be filled out regardless of length.

    Typed out bans are IP and Steam ID but the IP should of been unbanned after 30 mins.
  11. Feb 21, 2007
    IP is unbanned..no steam ID given..
  12. May 27, 2008
    I waited 50 minutes to tell him to rejoin. So you're wrong. It wasn't unbanned at first.
    Also, thank you, Rets.
  13. Apr 4, 2009
    maby it was longer then a 30 min ban...... there is no reason it wouldn't unban after the time is up
  14. Aug 22, 2008
    If this kid is such a regular then what the fuck is he doing? That makes things so much worse. I dont know exactly who your post is directed at because i didnt want to kick a kid who was lagging, that was another admin. I am however the one who gave him a 30 min ban. I ban by IP because banning by name doesn't do anything for me. I go through the admin menu because I dont know the commands and no one has given me an answer. If banning by IP results in a perma ban regardless of time placed on then that sucks for him. If taco is the regular whom you are referring to then fuck him, he choose to carry out a path in order to inflame the situation. He was muted and then weaseled his way around it with out repercussions so he can take that as his first strike. His second was when he mouthed off again and would shut the fuck up. He avoided the next mute and talked shit again, what more do you want? Unless its a console mute then its just a mute, shut up and move on. Why the fuck are the rules so hard to follow, they are fairly simple to understand even for these Corky Thatcher motherfuckers.
  15. May 27, 2008

    Now, I say we just give him a second chance.
    And also, I'm starting to think we should do second opinions before bans if more than one admin is on.
    The one about the kid and the ping was directed at the ones that were on when I was in the server.
    I can't believe you guys think now is a good idea to get rid of players.
    The rate this is going, we're not going to have much of anyone around, both because of school and if you guys continue to fucking kick/ban them.
    They are the only thing we have left, so just lay off and warn them and for shit like this, a 5 minute ban would have been fine.
    I was online and told to come in and help sort it out. He talked to me about it and said he wasn't able to join after his ban period was up.
    Good call brother. Why don't you leave it to the admins that were present?
  16. Mar 12, 2008
    because you are an admin and its in the rules we cant mute each other and shit like that. even if it WERE to happen, you could just unmute yourself.

    why? i am just agreeing with all of obama's points, because he is right. if he is a regular, why would he do that? if he plays here so much, why would he pick right now to start talking shit to people?

    I don't see anything wrong here. He was warned, then muted. he dodged it, then he got banned. Followed the rules in my opinion.

    i'll give my yes for a second chance but it's two strikes you're out with this guy for me at least.
  17. May 27, 2008
    He was muted, then left to get me.
    He came back in when I went in, and was banned on spot.
  18. Apr 9, 2007
    Why are we bickering amongst ourselves? Seriously. His IP was banned for 5minutes, everytime someone joins with a banned steamid it adds their IP to the banlist for 5minutes. This is to prevent the moronic "Lawlercopter has joined the game" flooding.

    Since now we're all just bickering amongst ourselves...
  19. Apr 4, 2009
    So your saying he got muted "once" then got you "not twice" (you wernt in game befor hand) and got banned on the spot on rejoin w/o saying "fuck you obama youre a faggot".
  20. Apr 9, 2007
    God damn it Haplo...
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