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My Introduction

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by johnnyxcore, Mar 1, 2007

  1. Mar 1, 2007
    Hello my name is Johnny. Ill be 18 on april 15th. Ive been playing Counter Strike for more then 6 years now. Since 1.4 Beta. I have taken a few breaks from playing CS and have returned. I have been part of the gynso community. The owner was also the creator of amxmod. Ludwig van. I have been in many different kinds of clans never really kicked out then besides |LiQ|. Im now a Major at WildFire. with limited admin rights on about 10 servers. Looking at the HellsGamers website made me come across Plague Fest. I've only played on the server twice. Im very excited to see the site and server are back up and doing well infact. The management is great and the playing environment is very comfortable and fun to be in. The map rotation is intrested but also fair enough for everyone to basically agree on. I was with pf about almost a year ago. Played for a few months untill the server was sold and went down. I understand i may of had a little bit of problems with abusing my admin rights in the past but id also would like to oppurtunity to prove myself. I would like to be part of the community. Id like to help and do my duties as a server player. Make a funner and better playing environment not just for myself but for people also around me. Id like to be given the chance to redeem myself. Allow me to bring new ideas and plans for the future of Plague Fest gaming and start by giving inputs onto server problems and small desecion making. Im not asking for admin. Tho it would be nice. I first of all things would like to create a good outlook on myself. To prove that im worthy enough of being a good asset to the server and forum.

    On my part. Im going to dedicate most of the time during the day and night playing on the server. To make new friends. Im going to try to active on every topic i feel is best appriotate for me to reply back in and give my thought or input into. Now that this is said. Please take the time to post a little about yourself and thank you for taking the time to read this topic.